deus_thumb[5]Jealous and vindictive

You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me… Exodus 20:5 (Is this God?)


mãe repreendendo filhoAfter you dad arrives!

When we are still a little child, about three or four years old, is when we hear about God for the first time in our lives. At that time, we call this God as Mummy’s God, for a simple reason: mothers are usually not trained to deal with a problem child. Even a normal child is very difficult to manage, so they frequently need the father’s support. But that support does not work at all times, especially for mischievous children. So, the wise mummy uses the most ever terrifying and feared personage: GOD!

Photo: After your dad arrives, you’ll be in troubles!

comportamento-castigoWhat a hell is that?

The idea of a burning hell is too much unpleasant and scary for a little child. But the worst is yet to come: Children grow learning a set of very bad concepts of God. In those concepts, God is an executor, bad tempered, and to turn things worst, mummy says that He is omnipotent (all mighty), omnipresent and omniscient. Children become terrifyied, cause there is no way to escape from the hands of such an evil god. At the same time, mummy says that God is good, tender and pure love. Children become very confused. And mummy is talking about the same God in both cases, so what kind of a God is He? Is He good or evil? Perhaps a bipolar psychopath?

Photo: Heavenly daddy becomes upset when you disobey. If you don’t behave, when you die, heavenly daddy will send you to hell and you’ll stay there, burning, for the whole eternity.

mummyreturns007Perhaps, this is what children imagine when adults talk about God! Guess why people fear God?

Hell-is-not-a-real-placeFour-year-old children theology

This is what I call ‘Four-year-old children theology’. Children grow, become adults presently aged 30, 40, 50 or even more, but still believing in Mummy’s God. They still believe in God as being evil, jealoussy, revengeful and executor. They never get a pause to think about it, or even make a review in their beliefs. Besides that, to complete the brainwash, there is another ‘children theology’ history which is told to children when they start to ask ‘difficult’ questions to adults: “The Garden of Eden” history. But this is a matter for another post.



2 ideias sobre “MUMMY’S GOD

  1. Jacques Arongaus

    Great article and very well put and to the point.
    God has been used for ages as an instrument of fear and control, which is preposterous.
    We have to change this paradigm into an all loving and progressive God, and the fact that we are an integral part of He/She, and not separated as much of the religions imply !!!


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