So many people have faced a suchlike situation, so if you’ve got interested in reading this article, you’ve probably faced this too.

You wake up in the night, aware, totally paralyzed, unable to move a muscle, breathing with extreme difficulty, taken by an absurdly great fear and clearly feeling the presence of one or sleep_paralisysmore entities in your bedroom next to your bed (or on top of it) and even holding you. You clearly feel a hand holding you by your arm and tries to turn around to see who is but fails. Feels too clearly that another being is manipulating some kind of instrument in the back of your neck, along the nape. Sometimes you even feel the pain caused by the instrument, as if it were penetrating his neck toward the spine. Sometimes you feel like part of the bed to sink, as if someone was above it, next to you and kneeling. The perception of ‘sinking’ in bed is so real that you come to ‘roll’ towards this depression formed by the sinking.

alienigenas_extra_terrestresNot merely a dream

In some cases, the ‘beings’ let themselves be watched and what you see is scary, terrifying. So the feeling of fear becomes fright, panic, terror. If you are able to ‘feel what you feel,’ you will realize that all this fear is not yours, but seems that it was implanted in your nervous system, by using an electronic high-tech device that interacts with your brain and nerves, keeping you paralyzed and tremendously frightened but conscious. All this, takes no more than twenty or thirty seconds, if your perception of time is not deceiving you, and then you regain your muscle control in a split second, as if a switch had been turned on (or off) and when you turn around to see who was there, infringing you so much fear and thumbing your body without the slightest respect, you’re stumped! There is no one! Absolutely no one. But the recollection of the whole experience is fresh in your memory and then you start to pass on everything to make you sure it was not a dream and to your astonishment, you discover that it was not just a dream, it was real and very real because you still feel the pain localized at points that have been recently handled by such beings. You look at your side in bed, and your lifemate is there, sleeping soundly, and did not notice anything at all!

fadiga_muscularYou are being vampirized

You get these impressions harassing you throughout the day and also end up noticing a strange detail. You seem unpowered, weakened, prostrated, as if they had ‘sucked’ much of your vital energy. After two or three days, you’re normal again, no longer feel that sick feeling in the manipulated points of your body, no longer remember the ‘nightmare’ and your energy level is back to a normal level. Shall be ten or fifteen days and some night it happens again, and the periodic repetition of these events begins to leave you emotionally and mentally disturbed. You start to get depressed, get grumpy and upset or hurt by anything small. Obviously, this picture begins to be reflected in your daily life, in your relationships, your relatives, your business… Your life begins to walk back and you do not have a clue why all this is happening.

misinformationThe structure of misinformation.

And what is happening in fact? If you are a person who has succeeded in releasing yourself partially of the alienation inflicted by system (religion, beliefs, etc..), your first action will be to seek information and knowledge. You will question, search for therapists, all to try to know what is happening and why. But in this search for information and knowledge, you will run into, inevitably, the structure of spreading ‘misinformation’ and step through devious ways, will do disconcerting findings, receive conflicting information and after all, continue living with the problem, whose events insist on repeat every ten or fifteen days. And this has been happening for many years, with greater or lesser frequency.

empregoGiving more than receiving

Disinformation aims to keep you away from the real nature of the problem thus preventing you to find solutions. It is very interesting (and profitable) that you continue being ‘sucked’ because there is a horde of regressive beings that feed on your vital energy and desperately need it to continue surviving in the dimension in which they find themselves. You are ‘sucked’ double. In this dimension (physical), you have to work like a horse and pay bills like a donkey, that is, you are sucked into your vitality for a lifetime. In another dimension, when you slept, dreamed, and are in that critical moment that occurs seconds before the awakening, the regressive beings take advantage and ‘connect’ on you, to suck their ‘quota’ of vital energy and leave you still more exhausted.

bla_bla_bla_ENThe explanations you will receive anywhere

When I refer to ‘System’, I am referring to all this secular structure that exists and to which we are accustomed, including the mass media, the education system, therapists of different areas, which, by the way, were formed by the same ‘education system’, so they only know what they learned, nothing more. And you are a hostage of this general system of things, since there is no other. Let us see what you will hear:

Abdução1-Ufology, ufologists (serious or not) and ufo idolaters

They will say that they are aliens, who periodically abduct you, take you somewhere (usually a ship) and perform a series of medical procedures on you, such proce- dures of questionable purpose. Inconsistent explanation, because it always lacks physical evidence to prove the fact. The phenomenon of subsidence in bed is physical, but there is no way to show it, unless you put cameras filming all night, facing you while you sleep. Perhaps the cameras register something substantial. However, never a neighbor witnessed strange activities in your home on nights when the phenomenon occurs. Not even the person who is sleeping next to you or others in the home, realize something, not a sound, not a light, nothing at all. But many people who go through this are led to believe that they are being systematically and regularly abducted. Believing this, they are somewhat satisfied with this explanation, and although they nurture a feeling of revolt, they do not seek any other explanation. This one serves.

Psychic-en2-psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis

The professionals in these areas, will never tell you something different from what they learned. Besides that they have a name and a reputation to protect and are almost always members of a trade association which impose strict standards for methodologies and therapeutic procedures (remember the ‘system’?). Hardly any professional in this area will investigate the matter thoroughly and with an open mind. Usually, what they do is ‘fit’ your problem within the methodology they were taught to use. And what will they tell you? That is all figment of your imagination, which is the result of past trauma of childhood, which are your contained or uncontained ‘fears’ and that all images and sensations that you report were created by your subconscious to protect you from some trauma or sexual abuse you suffered as a child and blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah … They are also inconsistent explanations, because there is in your accounts for at least one physical, crisp and clear phenomenon. The ‘dip’ in bed and the fact that you ‘roll’ into the sinking. Now, trying to convince you that this is the creation of your mind, is the same as stating categorically that ‘fart weighs’. In the rare times when you had this strange feeling that ‘fart weighs’, you quickly discovered that it was not fart. In my knowledge, emotions such as fear or panic, are not ‘weighable’ and do not show physical phenomena by themselves, unless, by being so scared you run off and break some object that was in the way, but even so you will know what you broke and did so by fear. The fear alone does not break a vase, does not sink. And remember that you were totally paralyzed, with absolutely no muscle control, when the sinking occurred in bed and you ‘ran’ into it.

sessaoespirita-en3-Spiritualism and spiritualists

They will say that these beings are ‘obses-sive’, who are chasing you for something you did (or did not) to them in past lives. Or perhaps enmities you got here even in this life, some disaffected or someone who nurtures a free dislike for you and died and now wants revenge. When questioned, the spiritualists almost always say the same thing: “this is your karma, you’ll have to live with it, but do not mind! This life is not important, important is the life you will live later in spirituality! Do not focus much on the material world and seek to become spiritual, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah … Result: None. Absolute lack of knowledge about the phenomenon. Absolute lack of knowledge about the hierarchy of human needs. Absolute lack of knowledge about human psychology.

monstros-SAWhat it is and what it is not

So far, I have described the phenomenon and gave you some idea of what IT IS NOT. I also gave a brief stroke on what It is. In the following, I will describe how the regressive beings control you, how they affect your emotions (for you generate negative energies) and how they ‘mark you’ to be able to suck your vital energy whenever they want, wherever you are, no matter how many times you move or how far you go to live. I will tell how they induce negative behaviors that inevitably lead you to suffering, because suffering and pain generate negative energy and they feed on the negative energy, and how they ‘connect’ to you, that is, what is the mechanism in your psychic structure that makes you vulnerable.

shadow-people2They need negative energy

Regressive beings desperately need energy to maintain themselves ‘functional’ in their dimension. But not just any form of energy, but energy in a very specific way: negative energy. The living beings in general, and this includes humans, emanates a very strong charge of negative energy when under certain types of emotions. Emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, frustration and pain, especially pain, emanate lot of negative energy. Speaking in terms of frequency, when a living being is under these emotions, it is vibrating in ‘low frequency’. Vibration patterns (frequency) of regressive beings is also very low, that is they also vibrate at ‘low frequency’.

padrao-vibratbrio-enInductive coupling

Beings vibrating at the same frequency or frequencies tend to get very close to ‘reso-nance’, thus causing inductive coupling. There is an electronics behind it, an extremely advanced technology. There is also a physics behind it. Who studied electronics knows very well what is inductive coupling. Likewise, when inductive coupling occurs between two oscillating circuits, is also an induction occurs, that is, occurs a transference of information from one circuit to another and vice versa. Something like also occurs with the vibrational patterns of living beings: if you are vibrating at the same frequency of regressive beings, they can easily attach itself to you (inductive coupling) and establish a connection. Once the connection is established, they can transfer information directly to your brain and induce you to adopt certain behaviors or do things that you normally would not. And being connected to you through this engagement, they can also suck your energy.

elevando-FRaise your frequency

I think you start to realize that it is not so difficult to defend yourself against regressive beings. Just keep you in a high vibration pattern, cultivating good emotions and higher states of mind, such as joy, good humor, optimism, listening to good music, and especially ‘love’. Yes, love is the main and most powerful way to raise your frequency. So love, but love much. Love yourself and others and everything else. Avoid being bombarded by noxious and pestilent information that ‘lower’ your frequency, such as TV news, scenes of violence, disasters, tragedies of all kinds and crimes. Why do you think the media explores the negative news? Who do you think is in charge of the ‘system’? During the day the ‘system’ keeps you in a very low vibration pattern, bombarding you with bad news, dramas, tragedies, catastrophism, bad music, very low moral quality programs where the best human values ​​are reduced to trash and so on. At night, you’re with the ‘batteries’ charged with negative energy: discouragement, frustration, depression, anger, and so on. At night, during your sleep, sponsors of all this negativity come to collect their share of energy. They wait for that very moment when you are about to wake up, because it is the exact moment to obtain a coupling. But now is a capacitive, electrostatic coupling. So you feel severe chills pass throughout your entire body, chills of fear, dread. That’s why you become paralyzed. And then the energy is transferred from you to a receptacle that is connected to your subtle body and stored for future use.

implantes1You’ve been tagged

To prevent failures, the beings had previously marked you by an implant. This implant, a small wonder of electronics, is placed in your subtle body (perispirit) and interacts effectively with your nervous system. Using a remote control, they paralyze you. But why does it have to be done with you conscious? If they just want to ‘steal’ your energy, why not do it while you are asleep and unconscious? The reason is quite simple: while you are paralyzed and very scared, you still exudes more negative energy. A predator that values itself leads the prey to a frightened, scared, terrified and petrified condition before devouring it. In the case of regressive, they will not devour you, but feed themselves from your fear, your dread, your terror. After they ‘take’ what they want, simply turn off the electronic equipment that keeps you stuck and leave. And you stand there, with a donkey face, looking around, and without understanding anything!

bom-humorHow to avoid harassment?

Keeping yourself in a high vibration pattern is not difficult. Just change some procedures, change some attitudes. Instead of watching horror movies, watch a good comedy. Laugh a lot. Laughing releases endorphins, makes you feel good and elevates your frequency! If you are female, watch a romantic movie, this will emerge in you romantic feelings because which are much better than feelings of indignation, anger or fear.

assalto_geladeiraDo not sleep hungry

(excerpt added 06/09/2014)

I forgot to mention an important fact: when blood sugar levels drop dramatically, the whole body and brain biochemistry is affected and this opens a door in our psyche, making us vulnerable to attacks by the negative’. I remember that at all times when the attacks occurred shortly after I recover from the condition of fear, terror and panic I realized that I was very hungry’ almost to the point of weakness or physical frailtyand even shaking. So I ate something and went back to sleep. Very afraid, of course! Obviously the experts’ attempt to disqualify the situation, saying that the imbalance in the levels of glucose and insulin produces hallucinations’. Very convenient to increase the profits of laboratories. In a way, the application of insulin closes the door’ and attacks (negative) cease, but you become the slave of medicine forever. Other than that, still have the nasty side effects. Watch the movie A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe and you will get an idea of what happens. For obvious reasons, you should not go to sleep on a full stomach, but avoid sleep hungry because the fall in glucose levels during sleep facilitates the occurrence of the phenomenon.

tv-esgotoTurn off the television

Almost all the TV schedule is carefully planned to keep you in a low vibrational pattern, even very low, leaving you susceptible to all kinds of negative suggestion. Why do you think the TV program is called ‘programming?’. It is just for that, to ‘program’ you. So step away of it. Search for things and people that make you feel better. Avoid, and if you can, stay away from people who damage your self worth. If you can not get away from certain people, due to professional and / or family issues, restrict access. Search for cheerful things, be fun, sing. When I’m alone, I like to watch the video which link is below, and still sing along with it (aloud). Crazy, but it raises my levels of dopamine and other endorphins to the heights! Try to imagine Eduardo Lbm singing like a cat!

prayerSay a prayer

I particularly In addition to changing a number of attitudes and procedures in my daily life, I employ a specific prayer, which I hear every day, for over a year. Not religion, not dogma, but science. Use what works for you. If you praying Our Father works for you, then use it. If you you like the Prayer of Caritas, so recite to pray. If you you prefer to repeat a certain mantra, do it! Whatever makes you feel better, is better than doing nothing. The link below is for the video of the prayer that I use and recommend. (prayer video)

If you know how to do, make a psychic cleansing, if not, get help from someone who knows. To get rid of the implants, do the clearing and shielding with Archangel Michael. (Shielding video)

10268457_740570042632345_72084421671742824_nAsk for protection and sleep well

Yes, regardless of religion (I do not follow any), we all have a protector, someone in another dimension that takes care of us. But he is not a superman, he needs your consent and your help. Then ask for protection anytime you think it is necessary, especially before bedtime. And try not to give work to your protector, he can not protect you from your own negligence.

My experience

I speak of this phenomenon with a certain property, because for many years I myself have suffered this type of disturbance, and still suffer the consequences that endure today. The reports that I made up, were experienced by me countless times, as far as I can remember, since I was twenty or twenty-two years. There were times when the phenomenon was more complex. much like that description Agent Mulder does in the first episode of the first season of The X-Files, when he recounts his experience on the day when his sister’s abduction occurred. And it is precisely this, the influence of the media, which confuses us and makes us think we are dealing with a type of problem when in fact the problem is another. And so the solution is postponed. I can say to all of you, that I found the solution and it definitely ALMOST got rid of the disorder. I say almost, because before this used to occur at regular intervals of about ten to twenty days each time, and after I ‘wiggled my chopsticks’, only three instances ocurred in over a year and the beings no longer did not suck my vital energy, just bothered me a bit.


4 ideias sobre “THE GREAT MISTAKE

  1. Mandy

    I just want to thank you for your effort to clear our mind regarding these kind of experience . I had these experiences since i was 15 years old. Off and on happened to me , with very high frequency that who ever used to sleep in my room knew that when my breathing sounded strange they must wake me up because that was the only way i could control and ask for help. I was locked in , paralyzed could see what is happening around me ,shouting and asking for help but couldnt make a sound.horrible experiences which made me to seek medical attention when i was a medical student .
    My teacher only offered me sleeping pills and said you have anxiety.
    I must say that some of my experiences were very beatiful and full of nice adventures while flying in the sky and even between stars , commets and… And sometimes going to other worlds when i started to realise that instead of fear i can use it to fly .
    I could see the entity holding me once. Strangely i felt that he( very strong body with kind of strange face like aliens picture you used) has intention to help me to stay alive. He was trying to keep my soul inside my body .As soon as i told him i can see you and you are here to help me he disappeared and i woke up . That make me think that not all the entities has the intention to suck your energy.
    I am sharing this to ask your opinion. Most of your experiencs match mine and I feel so happy to realise that I am not the only person who has it.
    Thank you again .

    1. Eduardo LBM Autor do post

      Mandy, I’ve been experienced this phenomena in my life so many times that I can’t remember when it started to happen. Let’s differentiate what are good dreams, lucid dreams, bad dreams, nightmares and “sleep paralyse followed by the presence of entities. In my article, I talked about the later. I think good entities won’t make you feel scared or terrified. Good entities often walk at your side in your good dreams or lucid dreams. Some times they may have the appearance of a brother, sister, uncle or someone else of your relatives. Usually you’ll feel good when in its presence. When you dream of being flying, there is always someone flying with you, even if you don’t see it, you feel its presence and its presence is good, your feelings about its presence is good. Usually you feel like being in joy, as you were in paradise. But when you feel paralysed, terrified, with an amount of fear, be sure it is not good. Certainly your energies are being sucked. I couldn’t indentify, by your text, if you are a girl or a boy. By you name (Mandy) and the politeness of your text, I presume that you are a girl. Please, forgive me if I’m wrong. Just by curiosity. I would like to know Which country you come from. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Mandy

    I am female and from Iran,46 . please excuse my lack of english language. Trying my best :)). I understand your point.
    As you said there is always some good entities accompanying you while flying , I dont see it but I feel it is holding my hand. It all starts with my full consciousness first and i start flying .after awhile i lose my awareness and it disolves in normal dreaming .
    On the other hand I had bad experience with bad ones too. Once I even saw it going through my spine and came out of back of neck which was severely painful .it had strange shape , short stature , big head , laughing and trying to scape from me catching him. Then I saw huge amount of its seeds all around the room with different sizes .
    It sounds so strange and sick ,I know . When i try to share this with people around me they look at me as if I am crazy or lost my mind completely.So I started to keep it with me .
    Anyway I can not ignore it. i have tried different references available, like Carlos castaneda ‘s books which were very helpful.But still so many questions are unanswered .
    I must say frequency of these experiences are much less in the last 2 years . And locking inside experience is much much less .
    I thought there might be a way to use all kind of these beings to serve you to explore the other side of these huge world .
    I appreciate your knowledge regarding these entities and definitely nice practical recommendation in your article.
    Thank you.

    1. Eduardo LBM Autor do post

      I was right when I supposed you to were a woman. Your English is very good. Even English Native people make some mistakes once in a while. The worst thing regarding this phenomena, is that we can’t count on people who live around us, even if they are our best relatives. I’m happy of being capable to help you. The first thing you have to do for avoiding the harassment of bad entities, is to raise your frequency. Avoid problematic (sick) people. Read my articles, HOW TO IDENTIFY (AND AVOID) TROLLS and HARASSMENT AND PSYCHOLOGICAL GAMES AT WORK. These two articles, will give you a good idea about who are the sick people and the healthy people who live around you. Sick people are always acompanied by bad entities and if you tune the same frequency of them, you’ll surely be in troubles, either in this dimension (physical) or in the other dimension (spiritual). The sick people, if we can’t help them, we should avoid them, for the sake of our health. Good Luck, Mandy.


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