apple_menos_bugs-enThe story of Creation

(Garden of Eden)

I will not tell the story here, because everyone already knows. What matters here are the psychological messages that are passed to the child upon hearing this story. This works as a program, which is implanted deep in the subconscious level of the child.

knowledge_is_dangerousFirst message: knowledge is dangerous

While Adam and Eve had no knowledge of good and evil, they lived happy’ in the Garden of Eden. They had no concerns. But from the moment they ate’ the fruit of the tree of knowledge, they were expelled from “paradise”, they were punished. This message conveys the idea that to be right with God, you must not seek, much less acquire knowledge. Also you should not question, because questioning is seeking answers and seeking answers is to seek knowledge.

 job_punishmentSecond message: the job is a punishment

Will earn your bread by the sweat of thy face. Because of this, they are very rare people who gets pleasure and personal fulfillment through their work. The majority sees the work as a necessary evil’ and work just to work. And to be consistent with their beliefs (slavery programming), they always put themselves in situations where they have to work hard, as a punishment. Their life comes down to work and pay bills, work and pay bills, work and pay bills, ad infinitum… Many people complain: Oh, if I had listened to my mother when she told me to study if I had studied today I would not have to work like a donkey..” But studying means acquiring knowledge and knowledge is dangerous, because it conflicts with the first message. So they do not study. And not studying, they do not enhance professional situation, much less their financial and economic situation. And so they keep punishing themselves.

SERPENTE FALA COM EVA_VISUAL COLORThird message: All evil came through the woman into the world

Therefore, women should be controlled, repressed and punished. Yes, because it was the woman who was there to hear the fibs’ a talking snake, and because of that, seduced Adam. In this part of the story, all the blame lies with the woman, leaving the man in the role of innocent victim. Convenient, no? Therein lies the root of chauvinism. And even the woman subconsciously think that she should be punished. That is why she gets involved in relationships that make suffering by choosing men who treat her with contempt, practicing physical and emotional violence.

fim-namoroA life of hardship and disappointments

How relationships between man and  woman can succeed with this ‘program’ the unconscious level? How can a man expect to find a woman that makes him happy, if deep (in the unconscious level), he considers she is guilty for his suffering? How a woman can expect to find the prince charming’ of their dreams, if deep (in the unconscious level) there is a slavery programming that tells her that she should be punished and controlled? And you (woman) still wonders why you only engages with the bad guys’ or the frets? And then you say, visibly frustrated, that men are all alike.

bride-shrinkNo therapy will resolve

Years later, when the child becomes an adult, not even ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years of therapy or psychoanalysis will be enough to heal it. One will be a slave of this programming for the rest of one’s life. One will always be a problematic person, will never have good relationships, will never have good jobs and even having them, will always be mired in debt. Also one will never study or seek to understand what is happening to it, and thus find solutions, because one will be in such a committed way with their daily business that will have no time to even read a book. After all, one needs to work like a donkey to pay endless bills. Oh, I almost forgot: reading a book is the same of acquire knowledge and knowledge is dangerous, because it conflicts with the first message and, of course, displeases God. So one is condemned to be a slave ad infinitum

escravidão-religiosaRelease yourself from this prison

And this is the way how the ‘installed powerkeeps humans as slaves, controlled by a slavery programming inserted in childhood and constantly reinforced (positive reinforcement) by the sacred structure(churches. temples. etc.) that are all at the service of that power. Those who are in command have no respect about you and your needs. No matter if you live an entire life just for giving them lots of profit. No matter if you are unhappy. No matter if you get sick as you age. No matter if you die in poverty. They don’t care about you. The only thing they matter is how much profit you will give them while you are alive.


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