divide-and-conquer-2Who wins? Who loses?

This is the main objective of the ‘system’. Create dichotomies, opposing opinions, put people on opposite sides to remain in struggling. While people battle it out, fail to see the reality. Not realize they are being manipulated. While discussing if the story of the Garden of Eden is true or not, if it has theological or scientific basis, they do not realize that the three psychological scraps‘ are already inserted deep into their subconscious minds and are already suffering the effects ofprogramming since they were or four years old. While people fight fiercely to defend its side’ of the issue, the ‘system’ profits, and profits greatly.

Irlanda do Norte, Barack Obama, Católicos, Protestantes-Fe-em-JesusThe X and Y of the matter

Atheists want to prove to the religious that God does not exist. Religious want to prove to Atheists that God exists. Materialists want to prove that there is not a spiritual reality. Spiritualists want to prove that materialism is wrong. Muslims want to prove that Muhammad is the true Messiah. Christians want to shove down the throats of everyone else that only the religion of Jesus is correct. Meanwhile, the ‘system’ profits, and profits greatly.

vote-for-nobodyAll are good, but no pay!

In politics, it is offered to cattle, I mean, the people, three or four candidates and voila! Immediately formed groups of defenders of this or that candidate and the fight becomes fierce. One group argues that their candidate is the best because it is intact and not put anything in the pocket’. The other group argues that their candidate will end up with problems all a’ instead. Also the other argues that their candidate is a man who has acted in several fields’. And everyone has the vain illusion that things will change for the better if their candidate is elected. Meanwhile, the ‘system’ profits, and profits greatly.

The Illusion of Free Choice democrats republicansNo matter who wins

And who wins? No matter whether A, B or C, it will remain the same. None, I repeat, no government in any country is above the power structure that really rule the world, not even the U.S. constituted government. All them are submissive to that structure. Therefore, it is futile discussing whether party A is better than B, if democracy or dictatorship, if military or civilian, if Jeff or Jack or if Democrats or Republicans. Whatever the duck(yes, duck), he takes office, will have to follow the playbook dictated by the global power structure, a structure that is present on the entire the planet and that has no homeland, although its main HQ (headquarters) are in U.S. territory. Meanwhile, the ‘system’ profits, and profits greatly.

MaquiavelAncient structure

This structure is ancient and has always used this strategy, divide and rule’. What we have to fight is this structure, and this will only be possible, waking up’ the greatest possible number of people to this reality. Everything else is pure discussing for nothingthat leads nowhere and the ‘system’ loves it because it people occupied and ignorant of who really encourages’ it all. Meanwhile, the ‘system’ profits, and profits greatly.

croc_duckCrocodiles, ducks and sheep

I used the word duck’ because it’s really what happens, rulers are ducks’ traveling in the territory of crocodiles’. And we the people are merely sheep, cattle. And the farmers, who control the cattle, are those represented by the black triangle, the yellow triangle and the red trapezoid in the figure below. Governments and religions are mere instruments of control, to keep the cattle in their place. So fight or overthrow governments, establish new governments or religions fight, is absolutely futile. Sheer waste of time and focus. Meanwhile, the ‘system’ profits, and profits greatly.

divide-and-conquerWhat can we do?

The only thing we can do is wake up, understand how the system works’ and how we can defend ourselves. And once awake, trying to wake the largest possible number of people, our friends, our family, our loved ones. It is a hard work, because of the very efficient brainwashing imposed by the system on all of us (engineering of consent). If you have tried to show your friend or your brother, a different way of seeing things, you know what I mean. The resistance is fierce. People will defend the current state of affairs tooth and nail, even if it costs breakups and enmities. See at end of article WE THE PEOPLE!an important recommendation on how to disseminate relevant information.

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