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Brave new world

I pondered long before writing about this topic because it is something very delicate since it involves values ​​and beliefs that affect the vast majority of people in the Western world, and there are already too many supporters in most eastern countries. I will try to put my questions in a respectful manner, although they are contentious questions. I may be wrong in some cristianismo-mundoof my settings, so I will accept gladly correct me, since the corrections are historical and factual and not based on beliefs and dogmas. Although it is well advised on the top of each page of the blog, I will repeat: I will not accept much less preaching and moralizing. I’m opening this topic for discussion, so those reasonable people who are seeking truth from facts may also comment and do their statments. I try to talk to followers of the Master’s teachings and not with ‘worshipersof Jesus, as the latter like to take things to the fanatical and dogmatic side. The world is full of worshipers . So is the Hell.

jesus-7Emphasis on the suffering and pain

I always wonder why one of the great Masters of mankind always be shown nailed to a cross, all bloodied and with an expression of suffering and pain. In almost all churches and places of worship, much emphasis is given to moments of great suffering. Images of the Stations of the Cross paintings are on viasacrathe walls, stained glass, works of art and even geographic locations, such as the Basilica of Aparecida do Norte/SP (Brazil) where there is a hill where the 14 stations of the via sacra are represented as points of meditation during ascent. There is a hill with these same characteristics also Guaramirim/SC (Brazil) and I believe that there must be many others, both in Brazil and elsewhere in the world. What I always wonder is, why so much emphasis is given to the suffering and pain? Why are shown images and pictures of Jesus on the cross all santa-ceia1bloodied? Why do television and film productions always put emphasis on the suffering and pain, always showing the via sacra and all the pain and suffering of the Master? Why not use images and pictures where the Master appears in moments of His greatest glory? In a church we see only a picture of the Last Supper and fourteen pictures or paintings showing suffering and pain. Answer: Engineering of Consent.

Lincoln_MemorialA great statesman

See for example the case of Abraham Lincoln. Whenever you find a picture or a statue of him, he is depicted at the moment of his greatest glory, sitting in the presidential chair. No doubt he was a great statesman one of the most notable of U.S. Presidents andjesus-5 the tributes to him are merited. Rarely seen, except in some very specific matters, photos or pictures of him dead, dying or being murdered. Nor do we see him in all bloody photos. No one uses a photo or picture of Abraham Lincoln with a shot to the head as a representation of the great statesman and ruler he was. So why one of the greatest Masters that humanity has ever had is always represented at the time he was being punished? Why is used a picture of the Master carrying a crowjesus-4n of thorns, and blood as well as an expression of pain and suffering, to represent the greatness of his teachings? Why do big productions, always put the focus in the part of life of the master when he was suffering the consequences of being caught by the Empire? Why the churches are giving so much emphasis to the via sacra? Why in the churches are not placed images representative of its most memorable moments when he was with the apostles and conversed with people? Answer: engineering of consent.

jesus-2Humility or humiliation?

“Whoever humbles himself will be exalted”. This is also training for slaves. An excellent way for conditioning slaves is to convince them that their primary religious teacher also behaved like one, ie, accepted willingly being humiliated by the Empire right before people. Thus, confuse humble with humiliation. There is an astronomical distance between these two concepts. Humble is a virtue that only the brave have, while humiliation is a form of physical and emotional violence being committed against someone. A Grand Master as Jesus was, surely knew very well the difference of concepts. He did not teach anyone to be humiliated, but ended up leaving as an example his own life, of what is being humiliated by an Empire. Hejesus-diante-de-pilatos never practiced or advised self flagellation or practice of humiliating physical violence against himself. He never taught that let oneself humiliating is a virtue. Humble goes hand in hand with the dignity and is absolutely incompatible with humiliation. The humble look into another’s eyes, does not look over and neither looks down. Looking over is arrogance, looking down is subservience. Obviously those in power knew very well how to make proper use of such subtlety and confused concepts. Engineering of consent applied to mass psychology.

Author’s note: perhaps I’ve made a confusion about the meaning of the words ‘humble’ and ‘humility’ as being a virtue or being a violence or self-depreciating. In Portuguese these two concepts are very well defined by the words ‘Humildade’ being a virtue and ‘humiliação’ being a violence against oneself or another people. I’m not an English native, so this is not so clear to me. Please help me to make this text clear. Tell me the correct meaning for each case and I will make the proper corrections. Thanks.

jesus-8Did he die for us?

This is another big lie, blatant manipulation of facts. A lie that serves well the purposes of those who hold power. It enhances and reinforces the feeling of guilt in people. Increase inferiority complex. Increase conformism. In a subconscious level people feel diminished knowing that someone died for them‘. Part of engineering. The idea that someone freed people from their sins, makes them free to sin more. By nature, people have a disease that is extremely frightening to those in power, and this disease is called: sickly inhibition against killing and torture. Accept the fact that someone died for them makes them less sick, inhibition decreases and people start to feel more natural to kill or torture. It is the engineering of consent applied efficiently.

spartacusThe Empire almost knelt

He died because he annoyed the empire, and bacause of that, 14 laws were flouted for him to be killed as soon as possible. He posed a great danger to the Empire. The Empire had been poached, after all were only a hundred years that a slave named Spartacus had almost put Rome to its knees. Five whole legions of trained soldiers were decimated by a band of rebellious slaves. So it is clear that the Empire was straight ears. Any small rumor was enough to accuse two or three by crimes of sedition and execute them promptly and exemplary. And The Master was no different. From the point of view of the Empire he was just another proselytizing among many insurgents and that the Empire had to deal almost daily. Despite being just one more, he was a danger one. Not long before his death was conveniently exploited by those who hold power. Engineering of consent applied in the very historical moment.

sermao_da_montanha1Absurd inconsistencies

Another great masterpiece of the engineering of consent is a set of statements assigned to The Master, known as the ‘Sermon on the Mount‘. If we accept that the master really spoke all that is written in such a sermon, then there is an inconsistency here: The master was against slavery and his messages were transmitted precisely to those underprivileged, to those oppressed by the Empire. So how could he have made ​​a speech that is largely for slavery? A speech that is pretty much a set of precepts to make slavesbest slaves, more obedient, more humble, more resigned, less angry, less likely to fight against the Empire? So we can deduce that the master was an agent of the empire? And if he worked for the empire, IMPÉRIO ROMANOso why the empire even considered the discourses of The Master so threatening and dangerous to the point of disrespecting 14 laws and execute him as soon as possible? Much more, if we admit that the master was against the Empire, so he was against slavery and oppression, then we have to assume that he would never say Blessed are the meek’ orBlessed are the poor in spiritor turn the other cheek. This is a discourse to educate slaves and not to arouse men being oppressed by an empire who must adopt procedures to gain their freedom, even if that means armed struggle. So, dear reader, please note that if we ask two or three questionswe are faced with an absurd amount of inconsistencies. Absurdpilatos-lava-as-mãos inconsistencies. The engineering is to develop a text 80/20, ie, 80% correct and consistent information and 20% of manipulated information. This 20%, in addition is being endorsed by that 80% correct, and go unnoticed, especially by religious fanatics and the worshipers’, those who do not think, do not reason, only obey. But for those who think, these 20% will cause at least, a cognitive dissonance, because they are opposed to the cause. Bottom line: If the master was in favor of the cause and against the empire he would never be the author of many of the statements that are attributed to him. So if he was against the cause and in favor of the empire, he may well have been the author of the speech but would never be executed for the crime of sedition, because then he would be working for the Empire.

Jesus-0Will he return?

This story of the return of Jesus’ has a very serious inconsistency. Lack one parameter: the time, ie, when. When will it happen? In ten years? In a hundred years. In a thousand years? In ten thousand years? And what do we do in the meantime? Will we idly waiting, for when He returns, he will solve everything magically? Will he install the Paradise on Earth? For centuries they say that He will return! And will continue saying this for tens or hundreds of centuries, unless the ‘installed powermahatma-gandhi-anarchist-libertarian-1change its strategy. What if he has already turned and walked among us and no one noticed because the expectation of his return shifts the focus of attention. What if he was a Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi or anyone else? if he was one of these people, certainly religious fanaticism would never admit. The fact is that people are so blinded by the manipulations of the ruling power that, if The Master was at present time, walking among them, they would not recognize him.

jesus-6.cutTeachings of the Master

This was the most difficult article to write, not because of the text or the illustrations, but bacause of the decision to write about something so controversial and contentious. I used the word Master’ instead of the word ‘Jesus’, because that’s how I consider him: a Master. He left valuable lessons for mankind, but most of his teachings were distorted and adapted to serve the interests of those who hold power. Almost everything that is written in the Gospels does not match what he really did or said. The religious structure, instead of forming followersof the teachings of the Master, creates a legion of worshipers’ who just ‘adore‘, but when asked about the teachings, either they know nothing or if they know, do not pratice. And why not practice? Answer: Engineering of Consent.



Caciques_e_pajesThe chief and the shaman

O paradoxo-GLOBALIZAÇÃO2Slaves from birth

People generally think that those who’rules’ are the governments. Certain mistake. Who really rules are the mega corporations. And citizens are mere property (slaves) of those companies, who see in the former, mere instruments of production and objects of profit. Governments, in any country, regardless of ideology, whether capitalist or communist, whether democratic or totalitarian, are mere puppets and are just a part of that power structure. That part is represented by the Chief. The chief is the one who has the police on his side, and therefore can control an entire population through police or military force.

choqueThe Chief has the police

You thought the police mission was to protect citizens? Wrong! The police‘s main mission is to keep the population under control. Surely you’ve noticed that when there is a demonstration or strike, the protesters are violently repressed by the police, with a level of violence that is not normally applied to bandits and other criminals. Once, when asked why this procedure, a high-ranking officer of the Military Police explained: THIEVES AND CRIMINALS DO NOT OVERTHROW GOVERNMENTS, BUT STRIKERS AND DEMONSTRATORS DO!A strike or well conducted event can bring down a government in a very short time and that is why they are 5393020324_8e7afa5183violently repressedHowever, this police structure is not enough to keep tabs on the population to a mere matter of numbers. There are only a few policemen to control a population of millions, and if this population is awake, give out this small number of policemen within minutes, thus destroying any control structure. So why the people do not wake up? The answer to this is quite simple: because they are all hypnotized, programmed to obey. And who programmed them? Because of the second part of that power structure: the Shaman!

ramadanThe Shaman sows the seeds of fear

The Shaman is responsible for brainwashing, controlling the masses through psychology of transgression. He tells some stories in which are placed some rules and precepts almost impossible to fulfill. Manipulation through fear. He is also responsible for convince you that you’re nothing but a filthy sinner, flawed and undeserving of divine grace unless you accept to be converted to a specific doctrine and also accept a specific Saviorthat will save you from a non-specific hell, which is in a unspecified location, to where will you go after you die regardlesshge inferno of whether or not you have committed any previously specified transgressions and where you will remain burning for unspecified  time. So the absolute majority ends, at one time or another, violating the precepts or divine lawsand, on that account, is taken by a strong sense of guilt. Once installed the guilt, plus the fear, the citizen is under full control, and thus is no longer needed the police. The police are there for those few who are, in a way, partially or completely invulnerable to this type of control. Why do you think that a few dozen soldiers manage to control and subdue thousands of people? Have you ever wondered what the meaning of “Civil Obedience?

Irlanda do Norte, Barack Obama, Católicos, Protestantes-Fe-em-Jesus…and fosters discrimination

The main role of the Shaman is to foster discord and discrimination. That’s why there are shamans of various denominations. The shaman ‘A’ convinces his followers that they are the chosen ones of a particular deity. Have the shaman B, tells his followers that the deity it represents is the only true and that all others are false and, so, all the followers of other deities are heretics and therefore should be exterminated. Yes, and they must be exterminated in aholy war’ in the name of the deity he represents. And so, the Shaman can put you against your friends and even against your family members who do not follow the same shaman you decided to follow.

media-manipulationAnd both have the media

To perform their jobs, Chief and Shaman are greatly aided by the third part of this structure of power: the media. This is responsible for the implementation of mass hypnotism through ongoing programs (soap operas), circus shows (football) and, of course, is most responsible for the spread of fear, conveying and placing the focus on news of crimes, tragedies, catastrophism, etc.. So that’s how the structure of repression works. On one side you are stimulated to freedom without responsibility, through the dissemination of distorted values ​​that will slowly and gradually but effectively dumbing down the population. On the other hand, there is a collection that practically determines social customs. And the citizens are totally confused in the middle of it all. And this is exactly how it should be, because this whole mess is carefully planned to leave people bewildered, so that the citizen will never know who is driving all this. Divide and control, that’s the goal.

I recommend you, reader, if you have not read it yet, read the other articles of this blog, because the main objective of those is the awakening of consciousness in people. Recommend to your friends. Feel free to share this widely by all means at your disposal.


cerveja-e-rosasFemale psychology

After posting two articles talking about the violence being committed against the woman, now I’ll talk a little about how the woman (Western) is positioned in relation to men. With some humor, of course! Obviously this is a result of a research based on human psychology and it makes a lot of sense. For women, there are only three kinds of men:

cerveja-e-rosaTypes of men

1Friends (therapists, hairdressers, gay)

2Lovers (those who want her only to sex)

3Undesirable (those who she doesn’t want to see, no way)

mulher-homem-apenas-amigos-ela-deve-pagar-cerveja-ENWho are the friends?

These categories are, in most of the cases, almost immutable. If a woman classify a man as a friend, that is, if she address him using the phrase just friends”, he will be in serious trouble. He can no longer express intentions of dating or sex with her. Friend doesn’t puts his hand on her. Friend doesn’t have sex. Friend doesn’t even touch. (except for a formal embrace [two feet away], or peck on the cheek). This man, I say, friend, will only serve to listen patiently to her, talk about how she has been treated with contempt and humiliated by her lover. He listens carefully and thinks to himself: how can someone be so boor? How can she get involved with a guy like that? Why did not she give me a chance? Doesn’t she see that I‘m a nice guy, I treat her well? That I respect and consider? So why is  HE and not me who is going to bed with her? The fact is that when a woman feels horny, she NEVER want a friend to have sex. She want a MAN, a male. This means that, from her point of view, friend is not a man, I say, is not a male. Friend is not seen by the woman as a sexual option.

bad-boys-for-m4-largeWho are the lovers?

If you ask a hundred women, what kind of man they consider ideal for a long-term relationship, probably a hundred and one will answer: a guy like that, so that way, with these characteristics, with such behaviorBut the description she gives, generally agrees with the characteristics of the nice guy’ or friend. Then you ask for these hundred women: How is the guy you are dating now and a hundred and one will respond: Too bad! A deception! He treats me badly, despise me, just wants me only for sex and so on. The question is: If the woman consciously’ want the nice guy’, why is she always ends up getting involved with the bad guys’?” Biologically, instinctive view, there is a logical explanation. For men, the attraction is a matter of choice, but not for women. For a woman, the attraction is instinctive. The man is attracted by the beauty, appearance, as the woman is attracted to aspects of personality and character. And the bad guys are usually the most heavies, more dominant, are more daring. They are the ones who rule others and are almost always more successful financially, features that are attractive to women because she instinctively seeks protection, safety, and someone with the ability to provide shelter and food for herself and her offspring. These guys are usually the archetype of the alpha male and this is highly attractive to women.

pegadinhacarro1Faking values

It turns out that the woman does not reason with logic but with feelings and emotions. Logical reasoning is a guy thing. Woman is instinctive and emotional. Therefore she gets involved so easily with the bad guys, mainly because some of the features mentioned above can be easily spoofed and thus cause a great impression on women. For example, the guypresents itself with a big car (borrowed from a friend), beautiful clothes (leased) and behaves like someone very confident (is representing) and voila! A woman is easily picked up. Below you can see a short video (2 minutes only) that shows how easy it is to fake features that make a man more attractive to a woman and also shows how a woman falls in blow with ease. Some men (chauvinists) will even say, “the woman likes to be deceived.” Seeing this video, I get to think they‘re right!

Richard-GereWhere are the ladies?

This type of classification, creates serious problems in male / female relationships, because a man who does not understand this (and the overwhelming majority doesn’t), and takes a liking to a certain woman, he will try to approach her playing the role of nice guy , thinking naively that this way will work. And that does not work, because in doing so, this man is immediately classified by the value system of women as ‘friend’. Presto! He just gone wrong. He will never get closer and much less an intimacy with her. If he really wants her, he will try in various ways and at some point he will offend her. Now yes, he got it wrong, definitely, because for a woman, is unacceptable a friend  to force intimacy, and if he passed’ she loses all confidence in him and now classifies him as an undesirable man, ie, someone she does not want around anymore. In other words, our ‘friend has just moved from category 1Friends to the category 3Undesirable, without even having gone through category 2Lovers. Dating, intimacy and sex never happened and never will. It’s over!

Many women wonder where chivalry is nowadays. But there is also another question:

Where are the ladies?”

cara legal-ENBiological programming (instinct)

Why does it have to be that way? Remember what I wrote in a previous topic, SLAVERY PROGRAMMING?“. Besides the biological programming, which is conveniently exploited by mega-corporations through advertising, there is still the traditional, cultural and religious programming, in which people unconsciously believe that the woman is responsible for the pain of the worldand thus, women themselves , believing that in a subconscious level, seek punishment on their own, putting themselves in situations and getting involved with men who make them suffer. Have men, in turn, believe in the same litany, and end up acting in accordance with their beliefs. And so, humanity does not progress, does not advance, does not evolve. And so we go on!


Awakening-SedonaAwakening Awareness

Much has been said about awakening’ of humanity about humanity wake up and realize that is inserted into an exploitative and enslaving system, where only a small portion of humanity, a privileged few (the elite) is that really enjoy the profit and planet while all the others exist just to work and make profit to a few. I myself have been a harbinger of these messages of awakeningthrough the posts on this blog. But how to know if you are already arousing or are still sleeping, as the vast majority of the world population? Well, one thing you can be sure: if you were asleep would not be reading this article, then you can now consider yourself as an individual a little above average. These days, I found an article that points 25 characteristics of people who are waking up (or already aroused). I leave here the links for those who want to see the full articles.

palestine-israelTense moment globally

Given the complicated moment for which we are passing, I decided to transcribe a passage from a book by Gregg Braden, THE DIVINE MATRIX‘. There is a heavy atmosphere in the air, due to the conflict between Israel and Palestine as well as between Russia and Ukraine and this has led many people into what they believe, to pray individually or forming prayer chains for victims of the areas of conflict. But here’s a question: Pray for the victims really works? Yes it works, but you need to understand the mechanics behind the phenomenon. The text below shows the science behind prayer and meditation. I have mentioned in other texts of previous blog articles that it is enough a small portion of people (critical mass) for a change at the level of an entire population may occurs. But even I did not knew that this small amount, is actually quite small, as you’ll see below, but there needs to be a small change in the posture of one who makes the prayers and / or meditations. read out:

MustardSeedThe Power of a Mustard Seed

The minimum number of people required for “starting” a shift in consciousness is the square root of 1% of people in the population root cause. The pioneering work of Karl Pribram and studies of other researchers who succeeded him show that the brain works like a holographic processor. This being true for us as individuals, it is understandable that our collective mind and our conscioKarl-Pribramusness also work well. Today inhabit the planet over seven billion humans (and minds). Inside the Divine Matrix, all the minds of all individuals are part of a single larger awareness. Regardless of the great difference seems to have a mind of one another, each of which contains the pattern of all consciousness. Through this link, each of us has direct access to the entire pattern. In other words, we all have the power to change the hologram of our world. Although for some people this is an unconventional way of thinking about who we are, for other it is a perfectly consistent manner with their beliefs and experiences.

The minimum number of people required for “starting” a shift in consciousness is the square root of 1% of people in the population root cause.

John-HagelinMaharishi effect

Scientific studies support these principles and found that when people within a group share common experiences of consciousness, the effects can be detected beyond the group itself and even outside the building where the individuals are doing the meeting. Without a doubt, inner experiences are happening through subtle ways and so that they are not restricted by the so-called laws of physics, nor limited by immediate vicinity. An example of this phenomenon is evident when observing the effect that the Transcendental Meditation (TM) can have on large populations. In 1972, 24 U.S. cities with over 10,000 inhabitants experienced significant changes in their communities when only about 1% (100 people) of its population participated in the studies. Those who participated in specific meditation techniques used to create inner experiences of peace which were reflected around them. This is called the Maharishi Effectin honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the author claim that when meditation methods that he promoted were performed by 1% of a population, a reduction in rates of violence and crime of that population would be observed .

pazDo not pray for peace, be the peace!

This study and similar studies led to the historic International Peace Project in the Middle East“, published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988. During the IsraeliLebanese war of the early 1980s, practitioners were trained in accurate transcendental meditation techniques to promote peace in their bodies, instead of just thinking about it or pray for it to happen. On specific days of the month and at certain times of the day, these people were placed in areas devastated by war in the Middle East. During the brief interval when they were alone and in peace, there was a marked decline in the number of terrorist incidents, crimes against the population, entries in emergency aid and traffic accidents. When participants interrupted the meditation, statistics regressed. Studies have confirmed the results initially: when a small percentage of the population achieved inner peace, this peace was reflected in the world around them.

destaque-300x199Few worth for many

The results took into account the weekdays, holidays and even lunar cycles. They were so consistent that the researchers were able to identify the minimum number of people with inner peace that had to be before the effect be reflected in the surrounding world: it was equal to the square root of one percent of the population. This is just the basic number needed for the effect to start. The more people participate, the more evident the results. While we may not understand why the effects are present, the correlations and the results show that they are there. We can apply this principle to our lives for any group of people, regardless of whether it is a small community, the congregation of a church in a big city or an entire planet. The sequence of actions suggested to determine how many people square-rootneed to be fulfilled for obtaining peace and healing within a certain group is:

1. Determine the total number of people present.
2. Calculate one percent of the total number.
3. Calculate the square root of the number found.

This sequence of operations as a result gives lower numbers than we might expect. For example, in a city of millions the total is about 100. In a world of six billion people, the result is only 8,000. This calculation represents only the minimum necessary for the process to be initiated. The more people involved, the faster the effect will be noticed. Although these studies and the like obviously deserve a broader analysis, they indicate thatholograma the results can not be attributed to luck. Maybe this is the reason why there are so many traditional recommendations emphasizing the importance of each individual to the whole. Jesus made ​​use of the holographic principle in one of his best-known parables, referring to the power of belief to illustrate how just a little faith is enough to open the door to greater possibility. Truly I tell you,” He said, “If your faith is the size of a mustard seed and you say to this mountain, ‘Move‘, it will move, for you, nothing is impossible“.

sete-bilhoesBe the change you want

As the reader can see, it’s not so difficult to get a change of consciousness on a planetary level. So why is it so difficult to achieve this change? Because there is a strong campaign in the opposite direction, promoted by a small group of people (elite) that holds power in the world. Obviously they know very well this principle and use it skillfully, through advertising and mass media, promoting the distraction and numbness of the population away from the opportunities to acquire the knowledge that will make it free. To a world of just over seven billion inhabitants, it is sufficient that we were just TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE totally engaged in becoming aware of themselves, their abilities and potential and committed to understand how the system works. TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE who fully believe in themselves and in their abilities for changing the planetary consciousness. Henceforth this awareness would spread like a wildfire across the planet.

I recommend you, reader, if you have not read it yet, read the other articles of this blog, because the main objective of those is the awakening of consciousness in people. Recommend to your friends. Question, request Information, seek. We all want a better world. So let us do something that is in our power, even if it is little, but with our thoughts and feelings fully geared to the ultimate goal: A better world for ourselves and for those who will come after us.


Awakening-SedonaDespertar da consciência

Muito tem se falado sobre ‘o despertar’ da humanidade, sobre a humanidade acordar e perceber que está inserida em um sistema explorador e escravizante, onde somente uma pequena parcela da humanidade, uns poucos privilegiados (elite) é que realmente lucram e usufruem do planeta enquanto todos os demais existem apenas para trabalhar e dar lucro. Eu mesmo tenho sido um arauto dessas mensagens de ‘despertar’ através das publicações deste blog. Mas como saber se você já está despertando ou se ainda está dormindo, como a grande maioria da população do planeta? Bom, uma coisa você pode ter certeza: se você estivesse dormindo não estaria lendo este artigo, então já pode considerar a si mesmo como um indivíduo um pouco acima da média. Dia desses, encontrei um artigo que aponta 25 características das pessoas que estão despertando (ou já despertaram). Deixo aqui os links para quem quiser ver os artigos na íntegra. 

Artigo traduzido:

Artigo original:

palestine-israelMomento tenso a nível global

Tendo em vista o momento complicado pelo qual estamos passando, decidi transcrever aqui um trecho de um livro de Gregg Braden, ‘A MATRIZ DIVINA’. Há um clima pesado no ar, devido ao conflitos entre Israel e Palestina bem como entre a Rússia e a Ucrânia e isso tem levado muitas pessoas, dentro daquilo que elas acreditam, a orar individualmente ou formar correntes de oração em favor das vítimas das áreas de conflito. Mas aqui fica uma pergunta: Orar pelas vítimas realmente funciona? Sim, funciona, mas é preciso entender a mecânica por trás do fenômeno. O texto abaixo mostra a ciência por trás da oração e da meditação. Tenho mencionado em outros textos de artigos anteriores no blog, que basta uma pequena parcela de pessoas (massa crítica) para que ocorra uma mudança a nível de uma população inteira. Mas nem eu mesmo sabia que essa pequena parcela, é realmente bem pequena, como você verá a seguir, mas é preciso que haja uma pequena mudança na postura de quem faz as orações e/ou meditações. Leia:

MustardSeedO poder de uma semente de mostarda

A quantidade mínima de pessoas necessárias para “dar partida” a uma mudança de consciência é a raiz quadrada de 1% do total de pessoas da população em causa. O trabalho pioneiro de Karl Pribram e os estudos de outros pesquisadores que o sucederam mostram que o  cérebro funciona como um processador holográfico. Sendo isso verdadeiro para nós, como indivíduos, é compreensívelKarl-Pribram que nossa mente coletiva e nossa consciência também funcionem assim. Hoje habitam o  planeta mais de sete bilhões de seres humanos (e mentes). Dentro da Matriz Divina, todas as mentes de todos os indivíduos fazem parte de uma consciência única mais ampla. Independentemente da grande diferença que uma mente pareça ter da outra, cada uma delas contém o padrão de toda a consciência. Por meio desse elo, cada um de nós tem acesso direto ao padrão inteiro. Em outras palavras, nós todos temos o poder de alterar o holograma de nosso mundo. Ainda que para algumas pessoas essa seja uma maneira não convencional de pensar sobre quem somos, para outras trata-se de uma maneira perfeitamente concordante com suas crenças e experiências.

A quantidade mínima de pessoas necessárias para “dar partida” a uma mudança de consciência é a raiz quadrada de 1% do total de pessoas da população em causa.

John-HagelinEfeito Maharish

Os estudos científicos apoiam esses princípios e descobriram que, quando as pessoas dentro de um grupo compartilham experiências comuns de consciência, os efeitos podem ser detectados além do grupo propriamente dito e até mesmo fora do edifício onde os indivíduos estão fazendo a reunião. Sem sombra de dúvida, experiências interiores estão acontecendo por meio de caminhos sutis e de maneira a não ficarem restritas pelas assim chamadas leis da física, tampouco limitadas pela vizinhança imediata. Um exemplo desse  fenômeno fica evidente quando se observa o efeito que a Meditação Transcendental (MT) pode ter sobre as grandes populações. Em 1972, 24 cidades dos Estados Unidos com mais de 10.000 habitantes experimentaram mudanças significativas em suas comunidades quando apenas cerca de 1% (100 pessoas) de suas populações participou dos estudos. Os que participaram usaram técnicas de meditação específicas para criar experiências interiores de paz que se refletiram em torno deles. Chama-se a isso “Efeito Maharishi” em homenagem a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, autor da afirmativa de que, quando os métodos de meditação que divulgava fossem praticados por 1% de uma população, seria observada uma redução nas taxas de violência e crimes dessa população.

pazNão ore pela paz, seja a paz

Esse estudo e estudos semelhantes levaram ao histórico “Projeto de Paz Internacional no Oriente Médio”, publicado no Journal of Conflict Resolution em 1988. Durante a guerra israelense-libanesa do início da década de 1980, os praticantes foram treinados em técnicas precisas de meditação transcendental para promover a paz em seus corpos, em vez de simplesmente pensarem sobre isso ou orarem para que isso acontecesse. Em dias específicos do mês e em determinados momentos dos dias, essas pessoas eram colocadas em áreas devastadas pela guerra no Oriente Médio. Durante o breve intervalo em que elas estavam em paz, era sensível o declínio no número de incidentes terroristas, crimes contra a população, entradas em pronto socorros e acidentes de tráfego. Quando os participantes interrompiam a meditação, as estatísticas regrediam. Os estudos confirmaram os resultados encontrados inicialmente: quando uma pequena porcentagem da população conseguia a paz interior, essa paz era refletida no mundo em torno delas.

destaque-300x199Poucos valem por muitos

Os resultados levavam em conta os dias da semana, os feriados e até mesmo os ciclos lunares. Eram tão coerentes que os pesquisadores foram capazes de identificar o número mínimo de pessoas com paz interior que era preciso ter antes do efeito se espelhar no mundo circunvizinho: era igual à raiz quadrada de um por cento da população. Esse é apenas o número básico necessário para o efeito ser iniciado — quanto mais pessoas participarem, mais evidentes serão os resultados. Ainda que não possamos entender as razões pelas quais os efeitos estão presentes, as correlações e os resultados demonstram que eles estão lá. Podemos aplicar esse princípio a nossa vida para qualquer grupo de pessoas, independentemente de se tratar de uma comunidade pequena, da congregação de uma igreja, de uma cidade grande ou de um planeta inteiro. A sequência de ações sugerida para se determinar quantas pessoas precisam estar reunidas para asquare-root obtenção da paz e da cura no seio de certo grupo é:

1.  Determine o número total de pessoas presentes.
2.  Calcule um por cento do número total.
3.  Calcule a raiz quadrada do número encontrado.

Essa sequência de operações dá como resultado números menores do que poderíamos esperar. Por exemplo, em uma cidade de milhões de pessoas o total é de cerca de 100. Em um mundo de seis bilhões de pessoas, o resultado é de apenas 8.000. Esse cálculo representa apenas o mínimo necessário para que o processo se inicie. Quanto mais pessoas estiverem envolvidas, mais rapidamente o efeito se fará notar. Ainda que esses estudos e outros semelhantes obviamente mereçam uma análise mais ampla, eles indicam que os resultados não podem ser atribuídos à sorte. Talvez essa seja a razão pela qual existam hologramatantas recomendações tradicionais enfatizando a importância de cada indivíduo para o todo. Jesus fez uso do princípio holográfico em uma de suas mais conhecidas parábolas, referindo-se ao  poder da crença para ilustrar como apenas um pouco de fé basta para que se abra a porta a uma possibilidade maior. “Em verdade vos digo”, disse Ele, “se vossa fé for do tamanho de um grão de mostarda e se disserem a essa montanha: ‘Mova-se’, ela se moverá; para vós, nada será impossível”

sete-bilhoesSeja a mudança que você deseja

Como o leitor pode perceber, não é assim tão difícil de se obter uma mudança de consciência a nível planetário. Então por que é que não se consegue essa mudança? Porque há uma forte campanha no sentido contrário, promovida por um pequeno grupo de pessoas (elite) que detém o poder no mundo. Obviamente que eles conhecem muito bem esse princípio e o utilizam com maestria, através da propaganda e da mídia de massas, promovendo a distração e entorpecimento da população, afastando-a das possibilidades de adquirir o conhecimento que a tornará livre. Para um mundo de pouco mais de sete bilhões de habitantes, bastaria que tivéssemos apenas DEZ MIL PESSOAS totalmente engajadas no sentido de se tornar conscientes de si mesmas, de suas capacidades e potenciais e comprometidas em entender como o sistema funciona. DEZ MIL PESSOAS que acreditassem plenamente em si mesmas e em suas capacidades de mudar a consciência planetária. Daí por diante essa consciência se espalharia feito um rastilho de pólvora por todo o planeta.

Recomendo ao leitor, caso não tenha ainda lido, que leia os demais artigos do blog, pois o principal objetivo dos mesmos é o despertar da consciência nas pessoas. Recomende aos amigos. Questione, tire suas dúvidas, busque. Todos queremos um mundo melhor. Então, façamos algo que esteja ao nosso alcance, ainda que seja pouco, mas com nosso pensamento e sentimentos voltados totalmente para o objetivo maior: Um mundo melhor, para nós e para os que virão depois de nós.


Prime Directive x Power

Since I was a child I hear a statement, usually made by fanatical religious people who do not think and do not make use of reason: The Master will return.” When he comes back, there will be no more wars, no hunger or poverty. Paradise on Earth will be installed. People who speak itdo not realize that is missing a parameter in this equation: When? When will it happen? In two years? In ten years? In a hundred years? In a thousand years? In ten thousand years? These people tend to get angry when I ask this, and then I do a few more questions: What do I do while the Master is not around? I’m idly waiting for? No need to do anything to improve the world we live in? Guess not, huh? But these same people also do not realize that a master, whoever he is, will never disrespect the Prime directive’. Unless they are waiting for a Celestial Dictator‘. Will it be?

luz-e-trevasLight versus Darkness

The staff of light’ (Ascended Masters and their assistants) is committed to compliance with the Prime Directive’ of noninterference in free will and self determination of peoples. However, the staff of darkness‘ or ‘negative’ are those who are in charge here on the planet only have a policy that they take very seriously: Power. The people of the light desperately needs volunteers and the people of darkness have plenty of slaves. So you realize that there is an imbalance of forces. Each time the people of the light send someone here to help, to wake us up, what happens? The sound you hear in the video below explains everything.

oditador (1)Heavenly dictator

As much as people think (and wish) that an Ascended Master will come here on the planet and solve everything as if by magic, magically, it will never happen. Unless they were ‘heavenly dictatorsin that case they could come here and impose’ order with iron fist’. Obviously they would not be Ascended Masters. The negative would not have the slightest problem in deploying a dictatorship and rule with an iron fist. In fact, they already do this, but chose a more lenient approach to such. They separated the population of the planet into two major groups.

dharavi1The group of hunger

The first is the group of starving’. They are people who work sixteen hours a day, eat only a meal a day and live in sub human dwellings. Receive less than two dollars a day to produce the electronic toys that will be used by the other group, the middle class. Those have no prospect of progress and gain a better life because they have been conditioned to believe that they properly belong to a lower caste and their role in the world is the slave. To them is denied even the right to study. They are born, grow, live and die only for work.

mortgageThe group of I have it’

The second group is the middle class. They consume all that is produced by large corporations using the manpower of consenting slaves‘. This group is handled by an insidious form by the negative, which makes them believe that happiness is consuming’. Convince them that having is more important than being‘. And in the pursuit of ‘having’ they become increasingly indebted. Those who compose this group do not realize that they ‘havenothing, because almost everything they own actually belongs to banks and finance companies that are the tentacles’ of the negative. By stimulating an increasing indebt and with the use of a structure of interest that makes much of almost debts unpayable, they have the second group totally under control.

smartphonecrowdedtrainSubgroups: the on-liners

To keep people in this group in complete ignorance of their own situation, the staff of darkness engenders a whole system of distractions and trivialities, through one of its tentacles, the media. Competitive sports, novelasnonsense type movies and bad music. And the latest invention of the negative’ is working in full swing: the on-liners! People who are almost one hundred percent of the time connected and totally dependent on their mobile’ devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets). People no longer talk to each other, walk in the street, feed, travel and even work (gasp) looking at their devices without never disconnect themselves. Great way to keep all them alienated. And for all this to be accepted as good‘, negative systematically corrupt moral values ​​and family group dividing it into several sub groups through dissemination of opposing and conflicting concepts.

 MaquiavelOpposite and conflicting

Atheist and theist, creationist and evolutionist, materialist and spiritualist, gnostics and agnostics, political and apolitical, Situationists and oppositionists, traditionalists and modernists and many other ists‘ and ‘isms’. And for those who do not fit into any of the above, the negative artfully created and nurtured some derogatory labels’ that make them feel a “fish out of water’ by being not part of the sub groups above: Conspiracy Theorists‘ and ‘New Agers’. Thus the negative keeps people in constant conflict with each other and while they are discussing sex of angels‘, they do not realize thar who is fueling all this discussion is backstage laughing in droves (and profiting from it, of course).

Aprovacao-compulsoriaBad education

Also part of the strategy of the negative, to keep both groups locked’, one in hunger and another in the pursuit of ‘having’ more and more, is the spread of misinformation and the dumbing down’ the population by degrading the quality of education. They also use religious teaching to transmit misleading concepts to the population and thus keep them subservient. Religion brings the concept that all people are sinful, unclean and unworthy of divine grace’ and science passes them the concept that people only use 10% of their brain. The goal is to keep people with a very low self-esteem and conformed to the condition of slaves. And it works!

deus_thumb[5]The big shot

The real masterstroke of the negative is the confusion created in the minds of people with regard to such of ‘God’. A god who has a chosen people’ and that it is therefore a racist God and fosters discrimination. A god who wipes out the population of a portion of land to give to his chosen people and that it is therefore a genocidal god and fosters war and destruction. A God who hardens the heart of their opponents’ to be greater his glory, and it is therefore a Machiavellian megalomaniac god and encourages what is worst in every human being. A god who demands worship and is jealous and vindictive and that it is therefore a god unresolved adolescent‘, temperamental and with crises of humor. I can not see anything in that god (with g’) that would cause me to believe that he is a God (with ‘G’). They can call it whatever they want, even ET, but never God. And people, confused, think that this is the same benevolent and pure love God. And lead their lives believing in the benevolence’ of this God.

shadow-people2Multidimensional exploitation

The negatives that I refer are multidimensional. Within this dimension (physical) are represented by large corporations and in the other dimension (spiritual) are beings that comes bother people during sleep, robbing them of their life energy (chi). In the physical dimension, exploiting people physically demanding them many hours of work and paying them demeaning wages. That’s here where people are conditioned to give more than they receive. They give their vital and organic energy and because of that, are afflicted with various diseases and age much earlier than they should because they are literally sucked. See more details in WE THE PEOPLE! During night they are sucked in their beds while they sleep, ie, people are doubly sucked. See my article THE GREAT MISTAKE for more details. To ensure that there will always be a good stock of negative energy at theis disposal, the negative foment wars, killings, tragedies of all kinds, slavery and misery, so much misery. Can you see, dear reader, who is in charge of the planet? His power network extends around the globe and is multidimensional.

homem_lendoHow to defend yourself from all that?

To defend itself, the first thing that people need is to get rid of the romantic view of life’. People need to stop believing that someone will come and fix everything magically. People need to begin to understand how the system works’. Only then people will know to defend. Otherwise they will continue to be exploited and thinking they are gaining from it. In my article WE THE PEOPLE in its second half, there is a set of procedures that should be adopted by all people who want to live fully and not be slaves of the system. I reproduce here only the last paragraph.


Every time people tried to organize themselves around a group they were defeated. All groups were smashed. Every time a person alone, tried to invite a lot of people to a cause, the person was arrested and the group was dissolved under acusations of several crimes, prostitution, sexual perversions, selling or use of drugs, spy, etc. It is enough the group start annoying the ‘System’. History tells us that this way is the wrong way. The right way is talking person to person. Little groups with no more than 20 or 30 persons. There should never be a leader or somebody who articulates the actions. Actions should happen everywhere, into small cells, few persons in each one, with no responsible one, so they couldn’t be easily tracked. Internet is the most efficient tool for this. Forget NGOs, institutions and groups with too much people. In such groups there is always one or more spies. They can be easily deactivated. Inquisition did not finished, jut changed its ‘modus operandi’. Today people are no longer sent to burn on fire, they just disappear, murdered or ‘suicided’. So, be careful.




30-edward_bernaysPropaganda is the weapon’ of business!

There are many unprotected entries in the human mind and they can be accessed at various levels. One of these ways is the use of archetypes. Images, sounds, situations and pre-existing conditions that are easily recognized by our subconscious while we are not aware of it and did not even have the knowledge to do so. Archetypes in our brains trigger the production of several neurotransmitters that influence our emotions and moods. This happens automatically and is independent of our consent or our knowledge. See HUMAN AUTOMATION. We are all susceptible to this external influence, a phenomenon already known before 1930 and that was the subject of two books written by Edward Louis Bernays (Propaganda, 1928) and (Crystallizing Public Opinion, 1923), in which later he wrote: The people while in crowd behave like herd. They act and react like herd and are therefore treatable as herd when the objective is to lead their opinions and moods.

See the video below for a great explanation of how marketers manipulate you, using your own faults or weaknesses to take advantage and profiting much.

30-empresa-de-segurançaHow to control a nation

Advertising puts both a problem and its solution. By presenting archetypal scenes that bring our serotonin to lower levels, our emotional state is depressed. An example is the systematic display of tragedies, murders, robberies and assaults and natural or not natural disasters. These are scenes or circumstances that depress us, discourage us, undermine our ability to work or to make investment and job creation. It is widely used when you want the country to stay with their production and growth reduced, depending on imports from other countries even for basic consumer goods. So place the image of a product that will change this emotional state for better and for this they use images, or scenes of joy and happiness (or safety) associated30-CougarOnTree with the product. Bingo. Interestingly advertisements of security equipment or companies offering equipment installation are displayed after the newscast reporting a wave of robberies and burglaries. You can control a whole country that way. For example, when we want entrepreneurs to invest and hire again, just switch on alternate days and times some documentaries about the animal world with special emphasis on cats. The archetype of the cat induces people to action and then they re-invest, hire, buy equipment for the production and make loans. Is not it cute? See more about this in HUMAN AUTOMATION.

30-wake-up-enUnified field

How to escape this vicious circle? Realizing that we are being manipulated. Seeking to understand how the ‘system’ works. We have to wake up to ourselves and after awaken, trying to wake the largest possible number of people. No need to wake billion people, but it is important to reach a critical mass of a few million. After reaching this number, other people will wake up by themselves, due to the morphogenic field (Rupert Sheldrake) or Akashic field (Ervin Lazlo) or unified field (Albert Einstein) or energy field30-Nikola-Tesla (Nikola Tesla), strongly denied by official science. Do you know why this is strongly denied? Because therein lies the solution. According to the theory of morphogenetic field if a certain number of people (critical mass) knowingly accessing relevant information, automatically the whole population of the planet will become aware of such information. Imagine the power of that. Imagine the fear that those in power have to this become reality. Then they deny  the phenomenon through disqualification and ridiculing those who study it. Also use the stardom in science to spread the counter-information. See more about this in CIÊNCIA DAS ESTRELAS OU CIÊNCIA DE ESTRELAS? But the same ‘system’ that denies this vehemently, makes use of this phenomenon to manipulate the masses through propaganda. Enough that advertising reaches a small number of people so that all people of a region or country, start to approve the use of a particular product or to accept as normal a concept or anything else you like. Edward Bernays wrote about it in his books Crystallizing Public Opinion“, 1923 and Propaganda”, 1928.

30-willful-ignoranceWillful ignorance

Corporations engage in systematic cruelty on a gigantic scale, either with animals or people and no one feels guilty, nobody feels responsible for this cruelty, either who provides the raw materials or who produces, or who employs slaves, or those who consume the goods produced by them. How is this possible? This is only possible because we are all conditioned to pretend not to see. We do not want to know what happens during the process30-China-trabalho-escravo of production, storage, transport and distribution until a smartphone arrives in our hands, is not it? Obviously I‘m not going to stop using my computer (mother board made ​​in China) and also, I will not stop buying an LED TV (made in Thailand), but it would be interesting to begin to question the use of slave labor for the assembly of these devices. I’m accepting suggestions. I invite you, the reader to submit some idea about how to change it. Be aware that this happens now is a big step, because the vast majority of people in the world, even imagine that.

 See the video below and realize how advertising shifts our focus, to keep us feeling well, pretty well, while millions of people lose their lives to produce our ‘daily use toys’.


Note that although exposing the appalling working conditions of those who produce the toys’, despite being complaint’ video, he focuses only on the issue of exposure to benzene and not the fact that people work as slaves from 8: 00 to 23:00 hs daily. Young teenagers who have not even begun to live and have already lost their lives. It’s propaganda, it is a misuse of focus. Place the blame on benzene. And so we all forget the systematic cruelty on a gigantic scale’.

30-Obsolescencia-programada-enPlanned obsolescence

Due to the massive use of propaganda associated with the engineering of consent, humanity was literally transformed into cattle, serving only to be exploited in every possible way by the landowner. Mankind has lost all ability to reason, discernment and action, and such as animals just react to stimuli and impulses that are sent to them through well designed ads. Corporations pay demeaning wages to workers and convince them through advertising, to buy more and more. In the endconsumismo exagerado mno Brasil the workers’ wages returns to corporations and they always remain the same: with debt and having to work more and more. But you might question: yes, they buy consumer goods and spend their money, but are left with the goods. Yes, they get the goods, supposedly durable but not as durable as well, because corporations create planned obsolescence. After six months, one year or at most two, depending on the durable’ this is obsolete and then comes the propaganda and convince the person to buy a new one. The operating system of your computer is outdated and you need to get a new update (service pack), your car will go offline and lose market value and you are convinced to buy a new one, women buy more and more dresses, more and more shoes, young teenagers want a new cell every month.

30-credit-debitYour credit is your debt

One of the best uses of propaganda is to keep an entire population forever indebted, making people believe that things can only be obtained through active debt. The ad never shows the negative result of the debt, only positive consequences. Remember: if you have a credit card, you actually have debt card. Its name should be ‘Debt Card’. Credit is debt. And when you’re in debt, you have to use most of your energy just to pay debts and so will not thrive,30-juros-en are always jammed and skating. This is the best way ever found by the system to keep people enslaved. Even if you reduce everything in your life to essentials, you still have to pay bills for electricity, water and rent. If you have your own house, have to pay taxes for a lifetime and if not, there is an excellent option for you to lose the most important and productive part of your life paying for a house: mortgage. You’ll be paying on average 30 years and if today you are 25, you will be 55 when payments finish and will have spent the best time (and more productive) of your life with much of your salary committed. And about the banking system? Each time you go to an ATM, there is an announcement on the main screen offering easy, quick and pre approved credit. Just click on <Enter> and presto, you’re in debt. If you were already, you’re now even more. Still looking for a stuff to earn big money? You don’t know how to earn money, you know just to waste it. Corporations know how to make big money at your expense.

The hidden power