cervejas-e-mulheres3Or, how they manipulate the masses to obtain obscene profits


See in this article how well placed advertising leads millions of people to a compulsive / obsessive behavior, whose main result is the rampant consumption of products that generate much higher profits for corporations.

obedient-business-man-remote-controlled-15838613Moments of illusory pleasure

It all starts with the advertisement, which functions as a remote control’ in which the owner presses a button and a command is sent to the viewer’s brain. All advertising is a promise:

Buy this and get it“, Buy this and have it“, Drink beer brand and win many such moments of pleasure.” A TV commercial having just fifteen seconds is enough to trigger a reaction in the viewer that will culminate with his trip to the market, a bar or the beach.

bar-da-boa1Subjective reward

For advertising works, it uses a highly efficient psychological resource, but little known, even by those who study psychology: it is called neuroassociation’. The owner puts a beautiful woman in sexually provocative poses or postures, and of course, next to her is the product to be sold. Then the silly, I say, the viewer makes a mental and neural association between the woman and the product. In his brain takes action the reward mechanism that is triggered by an increase in some substances (neurotransmitters), such as dopamine and norepinephrine, and hormones (testosterone) and a significant decrease in the level of serotonin. This combination creates an obsessivecompulsive behavior. At a subconscious level, the subject feels a strong need to consume a certain product (beer) believing (deep down) he will receive a reward (a woman).

CongestionamentoPraiasThe cattle drive

So it’s easy to understand how two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, four hundred thousand people or more, much more, decide to go to the beach at the weekend, facing monsters jams, wasting fuel and paying expensive tolls. On a long weekend or national holiday, that number more than doubles (in São Paulo this number can reach an incredible 4.5 million). What those people will do at the beach? Drink beer, eat barbecue and have sex (reward).

Lucros-enUnconscious obedience

Is there anything wrong with that? No, of course not. The question is: People are doing this by their own decision, a thought decision? No, they are not. They are obeying a command that was deeply embedded in their neuropsychological system and are acting unconsciously, by sheer compulsion. Once on the beach, each person drinks an awful lot of beer (breweries thank them). I’ve had reports of people who drink alone several cases of beer on a weekend. This can only be compulsion. What benefit a person receives form it? None. Before returning home (up the mountain), it has peed all this, so it did not take anything, a little belly, maybe. But breweries thank them (again). Have you ever heard the expression net income’ (in Brazil we say ‘Liquid Profit’)?

pedagio_caro-enCorporations thank you

And the consumption of meat? During a weekend on the beach, meat sales soar and go to the clouds (Slaughterhouses thank you). And in a ride will sales of charcoal. Also mineral water. Also CocaCola. The suppliers thank them. After all this, people face another monster jam to return to their cities. More fuel more and more toll. Oil companies thank you, as well as the toll concessionaires. Have you noticed that the tolls on roads that descend to their coastlines are the most absurdly expensive? (In Brazil, at least)

as_dez_maioresFew control everything

These days, I saw an article in the Internet where a group of college students, involving nineteen universities around the world, made ​​a new work: They took a group of 76,000 (yes, seventy-six thousand) mega companies around the world and began to study the relationships between them: who is party to which company, who runs what and so on. After many reductions, they reached an impressive number: 3,136 (three thousand one hundred thirty-six) holding companies (controllers) which control all the others. Not satisfied, the young university went further: they investigated the relationship between those 3,136 big companies and astonishingly they reached an even more impressive number! 147 (yes, one hundred and forty-seven) large holding companies that control everything that occurs, all services, the entire financial system, oil, food, laboratories, electronic, air and land transport, the food you eat, the water you drink, the ground you walk on, the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, your perfume, the shoes that you wear, and especially communications and the mass media, be it television, press, or internet. Therefore, this small group controls everything, even what you think and feel. Is it little ? As some materials published on the Internet strangely change their sources, now the same study appears as a Swiss Study‘.

I was hoping they would be a little more obscene.Real net income (‘liquid profit’)

Thus, it would not be surprising if you discovered that the shareholders of breweries (all) have stock of large slaughterhouses and they are also shareholders of oil companies, toll concessionaires , bus companies, and so on. As everything is cut from the same cloth, all the money you spend in this prank goes to a few pockets. Oh, I almost forgot: They are also shareholders of the banks and credit card operators. So no matter what you do or how you do, the money goes to the same pockets. And so they have always obscene profits. Just only one group do well prepared ads (advertisements) and explores the very low capacity of questioning and self management of people: Brewers. Just an ad on Thursdays (the day before the friday, which was conveniently marked as the ‘International Day of beer’ [in Brazil at least]) in prime time, and it is enough for a mass of people go into an obsessive compulsive state and all they go to the bars and the beaches . Net Income quite right.

1_ano_sem_dividas-ENPeople always blame the government

And the people still believe that the governments are blamed. All governments are at the service of this group. Either they follow it or they are deposed. And we? Well, we are merely slaves. We play two roles in this context. Either we work for them (in exchange for insulting wages) or generate profits for them, consuming what they sell us. One way or another, they always profit and we remain the same: only bills to pay. To better understand this, see the related articles:



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