This subject (slavery) is so vast that many posts are needed to scrutinize a little about it. Although many people think that slavery is a thing of ancient times, or in the case of Brazil, is a thing of the last century, the truth is that the thing is much more serious than you think. We think it’s okay, because much of the information that is released (or should be released) on the subject, is omitted or withheld, or at least manipulated to look less impressive.

Sexual_slave1False promises of legitimate work

In this post, I’ll talk a little bit, just a little, about the sexual slavery (sex slaves). This is a phenomenon whose occurrence is present worldwide. I leave here some links so that the reader becomes aware of some of the facets of this sordid (and highly lucrative) trade. Did you know that in Serbia there is a market of women, called Arizona Market? And also leave a video I found on Youtube by chance, which is not exactly about this subject, but it has everything to do with the topic. I do not know if it was intentional on the author’s part, but this video is pretty much a metaphor for the situation by who pass young girls who are deceived with false promises of job or career and then realize later that they fell into a trap and are treated as mere merchandise. The video gives a perhaps still far from reality, rough idea of how the girls are ‘conditioned’ to then be sold in Arizona Market and in many other markets around the world. The dialogue that takes place between the assembler and the robot is very representative of what happens to girls when they are examined’ for later to initiate the services for which they were programmed, I say, deceived. The requirement of the German, French and Japanese languages ​​is directly related to the main countries of destination of this trade in sex slaves Network: Germany, France and Japan. Perhaps that was what the author wanted to convey in the lines’once the problem is well known, but very difficult to be solved, because it involves very powerful trafficking networks maintained by highly influential people, whose power extends over several countries.

Photo: The Arizona Market, young girls who were previously tricked, deceived and abducted, are exposed as a commoditytotally naked to be palpated, tight, examined and bought!

Sexual_slave2A powerful and influential network

In fact the problem is worse: the girls are completely naked and exposed and every buyer gropes, pinches, runs a hand here and there (and there too), to see if the merchandise’ is good and will bring many profits. And you, probably horrified at this time, think if it only happens there? Cheating. Here in Brazil, there are thousands of points of trafficking of sex slaves in federal and state highways. And needless to say that behind this network there are strong influential people who profit from it. But for a market to exist, there must be search for the product or service, that is, people who buy the goods’ or use the services’. So as you can see, the problem is very serious and very difficult to solve.

Photo: The young Ukrainian, Russian and Albanian, are deceived with false promises of employment and then sold into prostitution networks.

Sexual_slave3Below barbarism

The images I published in this post are unable to convey to the reader even a hint of the tragedy that this represents to us as human beings and as a species on the planet.

Photo: Each girl would have a life, would have a dream should never become slaves had their lives stolen and their dreams become their biggest nightmares

12507253_523921707786876_7630716716222318695_nAn (un)glorious work

Rangu Souriya from Panighatta, located in the Darjeeling hills of north Bengal. She has saved more than 8,000 girls from sex slavery (kids given injections and raped 20 times a day) at the Nepali border and prevented 20,000 children and girls most of them under the age of 18 from being trafficked, who had been trafficked from Sikkim, north Bengal, Nepal and Assam and sold into bonded labour or flesh trade. Rangu’s life’s mission is to rescue these girls and put an end to the inhuman practice altogether. Rangu’s life is not easy. She gets death threats every day.  “I was threatened by goons and mafia on several occasions and even lured with handsome sums of money, but my aim and vision is to free women from their bondage,” Rangu told PTI (source – Free Press Journal). Rangu first undertook the initiative to rescue trafficked girls and women in 2004. She says that her attitude towards life changed when she along with a few others rescued a 13-year-old girl from the clutches of a Delhi-based businessman who had held her captive as a bonded labourer. She has not looked back ever since. Even after saving hundreds of young north-eastern girls from cities across India, she thinks that the situation has only worsened. In an interview with The Alternative, Rangu said, “Whatever we’ve seen so far is just the tip of an iceberg. The latest trend is that young girls from sick and closed tea gardens of North Bengal are smuggled out to Gulf countries.” She is the real hero. She isn’t celebrity she is ordinarily human with extraordinary compassion and empathy for humanity. God bless her with strength. I think She deserves some respect and a little bit recognition. so please like and share with Inspiring Young India – Vikram Maiya

People who do not respect women, are, on the evolutionary scale, below the barbarism

Lirio-Star-GazerAuthor’s note: Whenever I review or add something to this article, tears come to my eyes and I feel ashamed to be inhabitant of this planet and know that this kind of thing happens daily with our young girls, our sisters, who later will be our women, our mothers, our grandmothers. What kind of barbarians are capable of enslaving and even killing a woman, regarding that we are all born of a woman?

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