30-edward_bernaysPropaganda is the weapon’ of business!

There are many unprotected entries in the human mind and they can be accessed at various levels. One of these ways is the use of archetypes. Images, sounds, situations and pre-existing conditions that are easily recognized by our subconscious while we are not aware of it and did not even have the knowledge to do so. Archetypes in our brains trigger the production of several neurotransmitters that influence our emotions and moods. This happens automatically and is independent of our consent or our knowledge. See HUMAN AUTOMATION. We are all susceptible to this external influence, a phenomenon already known before 1930 and that was the subject of two books written by Edward Louis Bernays (Propaganda, 1928) and (Crystallizing Public Opinion, 1923), in which later he wrote: The people while in crowd behave like herd. They act and react like herd and are therefore treatable as herd when the objective is to lead their opinions and moods.

See the video below for a great explanation of how marketers manipulate you, using your own faults or weaknesses to take advantage and profiting much.

30-empresa-de-segurançaHow to control a nation

Advertising puts both a problem and its solution. By presenting archetypal scenes that bring our serotonin to lower levels, our emotional state is depressed. An example is the systematic display of tragedies, murders, robberies and assaults and natural or not natural disasters. These are scenes or circumstances that depress us, discourage us, undermine our ability to work or to make investment and job creation. It is widely used when you want the country to stay with their production and growth reduced, depending on imports from other countries even for basic consumer goods. So place the image of a product that will change this emotional state for better and for this they use images, or scenes of joy and happiness (or safety) associated30-CougarOnTree with the product. Bingo. Interestingly advertisements of security equipment or companies offering equipment installation are displayed after the newscast reporting a wave of robberies and burglaries. You can control a whole country that way. For example, when we want entrepreneurs to invest and hire again, just switch on alternate days and times some documentaries about the animal world with special emphasis on cats. The archetype of the cat induces people to action and then they re-invest, hire, buy equipment for the production and make loans. Is not it cute? See more about this in HUMAN AUTOMATION.

30-wake-up-enUnified field

How to escape this vicious circle? Realizing that we are being manipulated. Seeking to understand how the ‘system’ works. We have to wake up to ourselves and after awaken, trying to wake the largest possible number of people. No need to wake billion people, but it is important to reach a critical mass of a few million. After reaching this number, other people will wake up by themselves, due to the morphogenic field (Rupert Sheldrake) or Akashic field (Ervin Lazlo) or unified field (Albert Einstein) or energy field30-Nikola-Tesla (Nikola Tesla), strongly denied by official science. Do you know why this is strongly denied? Because therein lies the solution. According to the theory of morphogenetic field if a certain number of people (critical mass) knowingly accessing relevant information, automatically the whole population of the planet will become aware of such information. Imagine the power of that. Imagine the fear that those in power have to this become reality. Then they deny  the phenomenon through disqualification and ridiculing those who study it. Also use the stardom in science to spread the counter-information. See more about this in CIÊNCIA DAS ESTRELAS OU CIÊNCIA DE ESTRELAS? But the same ‘system’ that denies this vehemently, makes use of this phenomenon to manipulate the masses through propaganda. Enough that advertising reaches a small number of people so that all people of a region or country, start to approve the use of a particular product or to accept as normal a concept or anything else you like. Edward Bernays wrote about it in his books Crystallizing Public Opinion“, 1923 and Propaganda”, 1928.

30-willful-ignoranceWillful ignorance

Corporations engage in systematic cruelty on a gigantic scale, either with animals or people and no one feels guilty, nobody feels responsible for this cruelty, either who provides the raw materials or who produces, or who employs slaves, or those who consume the goods produced by them. How is this possible? This is only possible because we are all conditioned to pretend not to see. We do not want to know what happens during the process30-China-trabalho-escravo of production, storage, transport and distribution until a smartphone arrives in our hands, is not it? Obviously I‘m not going to stop using my computer (mother board made ​​in China) and also, I will not stop buying an LED TV (made in Thailand), but it would be interesting to begin to question the use of slave labor for the assembly of these devices. I’m accepting suggestions. I invite you, the reader to submit some idea about how to change it. Be aware that this happens now is a big step, because the vast majority of people in the world, even imagine that.

 See the video below and realize how advertising shifts our focus, to keep us feeling well, pretty well, while millions of people lose their lives to produce our ‘daily use toys’.


Note that although exposing the appalling working conditions of those who produce the toys’, despite being complaint’ video, he focuses only on the issue of exposure to benzene and not the fact that people work as slaves from 8: 00 to 23:00 hs daily. Young teenagers who have not even begun to live and have already lost their lives. It’s propaganda, it is a misuse of focus. Place the blame on benzene. And so we all forget the systematic cruelty on a gigantic scale’.

30-Obsolescencia-programada-enPlanned obsolescence

Due to the massive use of propaganda associated with the engineering of consent, humanity was literally transformed into cattle, serving only to be exploited in every possible way by the landowner. Mankind has lost all ability to reason, discernment and action, and such as animals just react to stimuli and impulses that are sent to them through well designed ads. Corporations pay demeaning wages to workers and convince them through advertising, to buy more and more. In the endconsumismo exagerado mno Brasil the workers’ wages returns to corporations and they always remain the same: with debt and having to work more and more. But you might question: yes, they buy consumer goods and spend their money, but are left with the goods. Yes, they get the goods, supposedly durable but not as durable as well, because corporations create planned obsolescence. After six months, one year or at most two, depending on the durable’ this is obsolete and then comes the propaganda and convince the person to buy a new one. The operating system of your computer is outdated and you need to get a new update (service pack), your car will go offline and lose market value and you are convinced to buy a new one, women buy more and more dresses, more and more shoes, young teenagers want a new cell every month.

30-credit-debitYour credit is your debt

One of the best uses of propaganda is to keep an entire population forever indebted, making people believe that things can only be obtained through active debt. The ad never shows the negative result of the debt, only positive consequences. Remember: if you have a credit card, you actually have debt card. Its name should be ‘Debt Card’. Credit is debt. And when you’re in debt, you have to use most of your energy just to pay debts and so will not thrive,30-juros-en are always jammed and skating. This is the best way ever found by the system to keep people enslaved. Even if you reduce everything in your life to essentials, you still have to pay bills for electricity, water and rent. If you have your own house, have to pay taxes for a lifetime and if not, there is an excellent option for you to lose the most important and productive part of your life paying for a house: mortgage. You’ll be paying on average 30 years and if today you are 25, you will be 55 when payments finish and will have spent the best time (and more productive) of your life with much of your salary committed. And about the banking system? Each time you go to an ATM, there is an announcement on the main screen offering easy, quick and pre approved credit. Just click on <Enter> and presto, you’re in debt. If you were already, you’re now even more. Still looking for a stuff to earn big money? You don’t know how to earn money, you know just to waste it. Corporations know how to make big money at your expense.

The hidden power





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