Prime Directive x Power

Since I was a child I hear a statement, usually made by fanatical religious people who do not think and do not make use of reason: The Master will return.” When he comes back, there will be no more wars, no hunger or poverty. Paradise on Earth will be installed. People who speak itdo not realize that is missing a parameter in this equation: When? When will it happen? In two years? In ten years? In a hundred years? In a thousand years? In ten thousand years? These people tend to get angry when I ask this, and then I do a few more questions: What do I do while the Master is not around? I’m idly waiting for? No need to do anything to improve the world we live in? Guess not, huh? But these same people also do not realize that a master, whoever he is, will never disrespect the Prime directive’. Unless they are waiting for a Celestial Dictator‘. Will it be?

luz-e-trevasLight versus Darkness

The staff of light’ (Ascended Masters and their assistants) is committed to compliance with the Prime Directive’ of noninterference in free will and self determination of peoples. However, the staff of darkness‘ or ‘negative’ are those who are in charge here on the planet only have a policy that they take very seriously: Power. The people of the light desperately needs volunteers and the people of darkness have plenty of slaves. So you realize that there is an imbalance of forces. Each time the people of the light send someone here to help, to wake us up, what happens? The sound you hear in the video below explains everything.

oditador (1)Heavenly dictator

As much as people think (and wish) that an Ascended Master will come here on the planet and solve everything as if by magic, magically, it will never happen. Unless they were ‘heavenly dictatorsin that case they could come here and impose’ order with iron fist’. Obviously they would not be Ascended Masters. The negative would not have the slightest problem in deploying a dictatorship and rule with an iron fist. In fact, they already do this, but chose a more lenient approach to such. They separated the population of the planet into two major groups.

dharavi1The group of hunger

The first is the group of starving’. They are people who work sixteen hours a day, eat only a meal a day and live in sub human dwellings. Receive less than two dollars a day to produce the electronic toys that will be used by the other group, the middle class. Those have no prospect of progress and gain a better life because they have been conditioned to believe that they properly belong to a lower caste and their role in the world is the slave. To them is denied even the right to study. They are born, grow, live and die only for work.

mortgageThe group of I have it’

The second group is the middle class. They consume all that is produced by large corporations using the manpower of consenting slaves‘. This group is handled by an insidious form by the negative, which makes them believe that happiness is consuming’. Convince them that having is more important than being‘. And in the pursuit of ‘having’ they become increasingly indebted. Those who compose this group do not realize that they ‘havenothing, because almost everything they own actually belongs to banks and finance companies that are the tentacles’ of the negative. By stimulating an increasing indebt and with the use of a structure of interest that makes much of almost debts unpayable, they have the second group totally under control.

smartphonecrowdedtrainSubgroups: the on-liners

To keep people in this group in complete ignorance of their own situation, the staff of darkness engenders a whole system of distractions and trivialities, through one of its tentacles, the media. Competitive sports, novelasnonsense type movies and bad music. And the latest invention of the negative’ is working in full swing: the on-liners! People who are almost one hundred percent of the time connected and totally dependent on their mobile’ devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets). People no longer talk to each other, walk in the street, feed, travel and even work (gasp) looking at their devices without never disconnect themselves. Great way to keep all them alienated. And for all this to be accepted as good‘, negative systematically corrupt moral values ​​and family group dividing it into several sub groups through dissemination of opposing and conflicting concepts.

 MaquiavelOpposite and conflicting

Atheist and theist, creationist and evolutionist, materialist and spiritualist, gnostics and agnostics, political and apolitical, Situationists and oppositionists, traditionalists and modernists and many other ists‘ and ‘isms’. And for those who do not fit into any of the above, the negative artfully created and nurtured some derogatory labels’ that make them feel a “fish out of water’ by being not part of the sub groups above: Conspiracy Theorists‘ and ‘New Agers’. Thus the negative keeps people in constant conflict with each other and while they are discussing sex of angels‘, they do not realize thar who is fueling all this discussion is backstage laughing in droves (and profiting from it, of course).

Aprovacao-compulsoriaBad education

Also part of the strategy of the negative, to keep both groups locked’, one in hunger and another in the pursuit of ‘having’ more and more, is the spread of misinformation and the dumbing down’ the population by degrading the quality of education. They also use religious teaching to transmit misleading concepts to the population and thus keep them subservient. Religion brings the concept that all people are sinful, unclean and unworthy of divine grace’ and science passes them the concept that people only use 10% of their brain. The goal is to keep people with a very low self-esteem and conformed to the condition of slaves. And it works!

deus_thumb[5]The big shot

The real masterstroke of the negative is the confusion created in the minds of people with regard to such of ‘God’. A god who has a chosen people’ and that it is therefore a racist God and fosters discrimination. A god who wipes out the population of a portion of land to give to his chosen people and that it is therefore a genocidal god and fosters war and destruction. A God who hardens the heart of their opponents’ to be greater his glory, and it is therefore a Machiavellian megalomaniac god and encourages what is worst in every human being. A god who demands worship and is jealous and vindictive and that it is therefore a god unresolved adolescent‘, temperamental and with crises of humor. I can not see anything in that god (with g’) that would cause me to believe that he is a God (with ‘G’). They can call it whatever they want, even ET, but never God. And people, confused, think that this is the same benevolent and pure love God. And lead their lives believing in the benevolence’ of this God.

shadow-people2Multidimensional exploitation

The negatives that I refer are multidimensional. Within this dimension (physical) are represented by large corporations and in the other dimension (spiritual) are beings that comes bother people during sleep, robbing them of their life energy (chi). In the physical dimension, exploiting people physically demanding them many hours of work and paying them demeaning wages. That’s here where people are conditioned to give more than they receive. They give their vital and organic energy and because of that, are afflicted with various diseases and age much earlier than they should because they are literally sucked. See more details in WE THE PEOPLE! During night they are sucked in their beds while they sleep, ie, people are doubly sucked. See my article THE GREAT MISTAKE for more details. To ensure that there will always be a good stock of negative energy at theis disposal, the negative foment wars, killings, tragedies of all kinds, slavery and misery, so much misery. Can you see, dear reader, who is in charge of the planet? His power network extends around the globe and is multidimensional.

homem_lendoHow to defend yourself from all that?

To defend itself, the first thing that people need is to get rid of the romantic view of life’. People need to stop believing that someone will come and fix everything magically. People need to begin to understand how the system works’. Only then people will know to defend. Otherwise they will continue to be exploited and thinking they are gaining from it. In my article WE THE PEOPLE in its second half, there is a set of procedures that should be adopted by all people who want to live fully and not be slaves of the system. I reproduce here only the last paragraph.


Every time people tried to organize themselves around a group they were defeated. All groups were smashed. Every time a person alone, tried to invite a lot of people to a cause, the person was arrested and the group was dissolved under acusations of several crimes, prostitution, sexual perversions, selling or use of drugs, spy, etc. It is enough the group start annoying the ‘System’. History tells us that this way is the wrong way. The right way is talking person to person. Little groups with no more than 20 or 30 persons. There should never be a leader or somebody who articulates the actions. Actions should happen everywhere, into small cells, few persons in each one, with no responsible one, so they couldn’t be easily tracked. Internet is the most efficient tool for this. Forget NGOs, institutions and groups with too much people. In such groups there is always one or more spies. They can be easily deactivated. Inquisition did not finished, jut changed its ‘modus operandi’. Today people are no longer sent to burn on fire, they just disappear, murdered or ‘suicided’. So, be careful.


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