cerveja-e-rosasFemale psychology

After posting two articles talking about the violence being committed against the woman, now I’ll talk a little about how the woman (Western) is positioned in relation to men. With some humor, of course! Obviously this is a result of a research based on human psychology and it makes a lot of sense. For women, there are only three kinds of men:

cerveja-e-rosaTypes of men

1Friends (therapists, hairdressers, gay)

2Lovers (those who want her only to sex)

3Undesirable (those who she doesn’t want to see, no way)

mulher-homem-apenas-amigos-ela-deve-pagar-cerveja-ENWho are the friends?

These categories are, in most of the cases, almost immutable. If a woman classify a man as a friend, that is, if she address him using the phrase just friends”, he will be in serious trouble. He can no longer express intentions of dating or sex with her. Friend doesn’t puts his hand on her. Friend doesn’t have sex. Friend doesn’t even touch. (except for a formal embrace [two feet away], or peck on the cheek). This man, I say, friend, will only serve to listen patiently to her, talk about how she has been treated with contempt and humiliated by her lover. He listens carefully and thinks to himself: how can someone be so boor? How can she get involved with a guy like that? Why did not she give me a chance? Doesn’t she see that I‘m a nice guy, I treat her well? That I respect and consider? So why is  HE and not me who is going to bed with her? The fact is that when a woman feels horny, she NEVER want a friend to have sex. She want a MAN, a male. This means that, from her point of view, friend is not a man, I say, is not a male. Friend is not seen by the woman as a sexual option.

bad-boys-for-m4-largeWho are the lovers?

If you ask a hundred women, what kind of man they consider ideal for a long-term relationship, probably a hundred and one will answer: a guy like that, so that way, with these characteristics, with such behaviorBut the description she gives, generally agrees with the characteristics of the nice guy’ or friend. Then you ask for these hundred women: How is the guy you are dating now and a hundred and one will respond: Too bad! A deception! He treats me badly, despise me, just wants me only for sex and so on. The question is: If the woman consciously’ want the nice guy’, why is she always ends up getting involved with the bad guys’?” Biologically, instinctive view, there is a logical explanation. For men, the attraction is a matter of choice, but not for women. For a woman, the attraction is instinctive. The man is attracted by the beauty, appearance, as the woman is attracted to aspects of personality and character. And the bad guys are usually the most heavies, more dominant, are more daring. They are the ones who rule others and are almost always more successful financially, features that are attractive to women because she instinctively seeks protection, safety, and someone with the ability to provide shelter and food for herself and her offspring. These guys are usually the archetype of the alpha male and this is highly attractive to women.

pegadinhacarro1Faking values

It turns out that the woman does not reason with logic but with feelings and emotions. Logical reasoning is a guy thing. Woman is instinctive and emotional. Therefore she gets involved so easily with the bad guys, mainly because some of the features mentioned above can be easily spoofed and thus cause a great impression on women. For example, the guypresents itself with a big car (borrowed from a friend), beautiful clothes (leased) and behaves like someone very confident (is representing) and voila! A woman is easily picked up. Below you can see a short video (2 minutes only) that shows how easy it is to fake features that make a man more attractive to a woman and also shows how a woman falls in blow with ease. Some men (chauvinists) will even say, “the woman likes to be deceived.” Seeing this video, I get to think they‘re right!

Richard-GereWhere are the ladies?

This type of classification, creates serious problems in male / female relationships, because a man who does not understand this (and the overwhelming majority doesn’t), and takes a liking to a certain woman, he will try to approach her playing the role of nice guy , thinking naively that this way will work. And that does not work, because in doing so, this man is immediately classified by the value system of women as ‘friend’. Presto! He just gone wrong. He will never get closer and much less an intimacy with her. If he really wants her, he will try in various ways and at some point he will offend her. Now yes, he got it wrong, definitely, because for a woman, is unacceptable a friend  to force intimacy, and if he passed’ she loses all confidence in him and now classifies him as an undesirable man, ie, someone she does not want around anymore. In other words, our ‘friend has just moved from category 1Friends to the category 3Undesirable, without even having gone through category 2Lovers. Dating, intimacy and sex never happened and never will. It’s over!

Many women wonder where chivalry is nowadays. But there is also another question:

Where are the ladies?”

cara legal-ENBiological programming (instinct)

Why does it have to be that way? Remember what I wrote in a previous topic, SLAVERY PROGRAMMING?“. Besides the biological programming, which is conveniently exploited by mega-corporations through advertising, there is still the traditional, cultural and religious programming, in which people unconsciously believe that the woman is responsible for the pain of the worldand thus, women themselves , believing that in a subconscious level, seek punishment on their own, putting themselves in situations and getting involved with men who make them suffer. Have men, in turn, believe in the same litany, and end up acting in accordance with their beliefs. And so, humanity does not progress, does not advance, does not evolve. And so we go on!


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