Caciques_e_pajesThe chief and the shaman

O paradoxo-GLOBALIZAÇÃO2Slaves from birth

People generally think that those who’rules’ are the governments. Certain mistake. Who really rules are the mega corporations. And citizens are mere property (slaves) of those companies, who see in the former, mere instruments of production and objects of profit. Governments, in any country, regardless of ideology, whether capitalist or communist, whether democratic or totalitarian, are mere puppets and are just a part of that power structure. That part is represented by the Chief. The chief is the one who has the police on his side, and therefore can control an entire population through police or military force.

choqueThe Chief has the police

You thought the police mission was to protect citizens? Wrong! The police‘s main mission is to keep the population under control. Surely you’ve noticed that when there is a demonstration or strike, the protesters are violently repressed by the police, with a level of violence that is not normally applied to bandits and other criminals. Once, when asked why this procedure, a high-ranking officer of the Military Police explained: THIEVES AND CRIMINALS DO NOT OVERTHROW GOVERNMENTS, BUT STRIKERS AND DEMONSTRATORS DO!A strike or well conducted event can bring down a government in a very short time and that is why they are 5393020324_8e7afa5183violently repressedHowever, this police structure is not enough to keep tabs on the population to a mere matter of numbers. There are only a few policemen to control a population of millions, and if this population is awake, give out this small number of policemen within minutes, thus destroying any control structure. So why the people do not wake up? The answer to this is quite simple: because they are all hypnotized, programmed to obey. And who programmed them? Because of the second part of that power structure: the Shaman!

ramadanThe Shaman sows the seeds of fear

The Shaman is responsible for brainwashing, controlling the masses through psychology of transgression. He tells some stories in which are placed some rules and precepts almost impossible to fulfill. Manipulation through fear. He is also responsible for convince you that you’re nothing but a filthy sinner, flawed and undeserving of divine grace unless you accept to be converted to a specific doctrine and also accept a specific Saviorthat will save you from a non-specific hell, which is in a unspecified location, to where will you go after you die regardlesshge inferno of whether or not you have committed any previously specified transgressions and where you will remain burning for unspecified  time. So the absolute majority ends, at one time or another, violating the precepts or divine lawsand, on that account, is taken by a strong sense of guilt. Once installed the guilt, plus the fear, the citizen is under full control, and thus is no longer needed the police. The police are there for those few who are, in a way, partially or completely invulnerable to this type of control. Why do you think that a few dozen soldiers manage to control and subdue thousands of people? Have you ever wondered what the meaning of “Civil Obedience?

Irlanda do Norte, Barack Obama, Católicos, Protestantes-Fe-em-Jesus…and fosters discrimination

The main role of the Shaman is to foster discord and discrimination. That’s why there are shamans of various denominations. The shaman ‘A’ convinces his followers that they are the chosen ones of a particular deity. Have the shaman B, tells his followers that the deity it represents is the only true and that all others are false and, so, all the followers of other deities are heretics and therefore should be exterminated. Yes, and they must be exterminated in aholy war’ in the name of the deity he represents. And so, the Shaman can put you against your friends and even against your family members who do not follow the same shaman you decided to follow.

media-manipulationAnd both have the media

To perform their jobs, Chief and Shaman are greatly aided by the third part of this structure of power: the media. This is responsible for the implementation of mass hypnotism through ongoing programs (soap operas), circus shows (football) and, of course, is most responsible for the spread of fear, conveying and placing the focus on news of crimes, tragedies, catastrophism, etc.. So that’s how the structure of repression works. On one side you are stimulated to freedom without responsibility, through the dissemination of distorted values ​​that will slowly and gradually but effectively dumbing down the population. On the other hand, there is a collection that practically determines social customs. And the citizens are totally confused in the middle of it all. And this is exactly how it should be, because this whole mess is carefully planned to leave people bewildered, so that the citizen will never know who is driving all this. Divide and control, that’s the goal.

I recommend you, reader, if you have not read it yet, read the other articles of this blog, because the main objective of those is the awakening of consciousness in people. Recommend to your friends. Feel free to share this widely by all means at your disposal.


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