apple_menos_bugs-enCatechization = programming

Continuing a previous post, SLAVERY PROGRAMMING, I’ll write a bit more about the people who received that basic programming, ie, that story called Garden of Eden“. This programming is usually inserted into the child’s little head at around the age of three of four. Later, around the age of seven or eight, the child receives a positive reinforcement ie it is catechized. Why do people have to go through catechization‘? Simple, catechization aims to equalize the programming that was inserted at the age of three or four. Of course, because, every family, every father or mother when telling the story to the child, they can do it with some inconsistencies or flaws. In the catechism, this is corrected itself and all programming is perfect. The basic‘ program is now installed and configured. How is this setting? Consider:

Obedience, acceptance, conformity, not questioning, repress women, work hard, do not study, keep yourself in poverty

casinha_solitariaSupported by the system’

Children grow up, become adults and will face life’s challenges with this deeply embedded programming in their subconscious mind. For people who are indoctrinated’ by the system, there will be no problem. One way or another, the system’ supports these people. For them, never miss one job, which receive a demeaning salary with which they can buy a car, pay rent on a house Also will never miss a housewife (or husband). Everything very restricted. Yes, because that is the doctrine. They spent many years listening sub programs (in programming, we call subroutines) containing restrictive instructions, like “God loves the poor ‘,’ Work dignifies man(never say the woman), so they work, work, work work hard for nothing!

empregoSelf-regulated system

There comes a day when the person feels that something is wrong. So she is looking for a therapist, either: psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst. In their absence, or lack of money to pay for overpriced visits and subsequent treatments, serves a spiritualist, or voodoo. And what happens? The therapist, whether it is that specialty, was also educated and ‘catechized’ on the same system. Its diagnosis is to classify the patient according to a methodology learned in college. Typically the therapist has an ethical code and that code there is a rule of thumb that says the following:


homem_lendoCan you see, dear reader, how the ‘System’ is self regulated? The same system that inserts beliefs in children (basic programming), form therapists with a basic guideline of do not mess with beliefs. Can you now understand, dear reader, why therapies usually last for five, ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years and with results most of the time, questionable? It is easier to believe that a change has occurred, if any, as a result of any course or training that the person did over the years than the actual therapy.

cursos-brCourses that do not teach

Oh, good thing I talked about courses. The many courses and training that person does throughout life are nothing more than attempts to insert a new program‘, a program that can lead it to success, prosperity, better relationships, that is, to overcome oneself. But no one says to the person, by installing a new program, you must uninstall the old program, due to incompatibility of the programming goals. Incidentally, no one ever, therapist or not, will say that. And you know why?


What program should be uninstalled? The basic program. The one who set the person to believe that knowledge is dangerous, job is a punishment and all evil entered the world through the woman. That program which set up the person so that it accepts the world as it is, without question. A program that is constantly reinforced with specific instructions’ of type: In this life we have to understand that one is born to suffer, while the other laughsIt is impossible, run’ on the same hcabo-de-guerra-enardware, two contradictory programs. The first is slavery, its goal is to keep the person always restricted. The second (course, training) is liberating, stimulates growth, leads to personal progress. That is why the practical effects of the various courses and training that a person does, do not last long and bring little or no results. The basic program’ is prevalent, is much more powerful because it is there for many years. Year after year of brainwashing, and still one has the people around it to help, because everyone also received the same brainwashand end up making the person feel displaced . So is business as usual, nothing changes.

programadoFollowing the script

Pure engineering of consent. How does the person want to be happy, prosper, have money, earn a good living condition, good relationships, if it has an installed program that takes exactly the opposite way? One was conditioned to believe that this basic program‘, installed in its mind since the age of three or four, is going to take her to heaven. One is educated to believe that if it follows the scriptprogram properly, it will have a secured room there in heaven with God, but if not… well, it wil go to Hell, and stay there for the eternity! There is no miracle: if the person really wants to change lives and circumstances, it first needs to recognize that there is an extremely restrictor program installed, but 99.99999% of people have not the slightest notion of being programmed from birth and during the whole time. They are already being prepared even to retire and die. See the symbols below: Note that the symbols that represent thesimbolo-idoso pregnant woman, the woman with child in arms and the disabled person, are ‘normal’ symbol, but the symbol that represents the elderly always conveys the idea of association between age and decrepitude, senility, disease, lack of force or energy, slow movements, etc. Although there are numerous reports and evidence of people living with extremely advanced age that are not consistent with this symbol, the general idea that is present in people’s minds corresponds exactly to the “icon of old”. When a person, man or woman travels by subway or other public transportation, it is exposed to the programming’. One sees the image and introjects it at a subconscious level. In a deep sense, one conforms with the idea that will grow old and will be senile and decrepit, will need assistance from others, will get sick, will need many remedies (laboratories enjoy it). Children usually travel with parents, so they are exposed to the idea, and to ensure that this is so, the symbol is everywhere. So a person ages, retires and dies (usually two year after retiring). Of course! During Thirty-five years she has contributed to the pension plan with 20% of your salary (data from Brazil). Making an idoso-enaccount of simple arithmetic, after retiring in seven years the person has rescued what has been paid during life. If one has a life expectancy longer than seven years after retirement, it becomes a cash problem. Then the person is programmed’ to die two years after retirement. So there will be spare cash to the thieves, say, administrators of the pension system. I did not take in account the cases when people die before, long before retiring. Subway trains in São Paulo have several of these symbols in each car. So, guaranteed exposure. Pure engineering of consent.


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