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Spending no fuel, paying no toll, going wherever you want!

This is the first article I write to talk about something that I have devoted myself since my youth: Technology. What I will propose is somewhat strange to many people, even those who deal daily with technology, designs and inventions. But this is the goal: to bring the matter to the discussion and try to add to it new ideas or concepts. If you have any idea about it, please comment. If you disagree with something, comment too, but explain why. I do not seek notoriety or making money with this idea. My intention is that the idea will spread and more and more people begin to think of the possibilities of developing an air vehicle with the concepts shown here.

balao-helio-aerobaloon-flickrSailing on the skies!

Is it possible? Well, I think so. There are some elements and tecnologies that we use in everyday life which can be used to achieve this goal. Have you ever heard about Helium gas and its properties? Helium, as Argon, Xenon and the neon is a noble gas, that is, is a chemically stable and not explosive element. It is also the lightest element of Nature after Hydrogen. A balloon filled with 1 cubic meter of helium can lift off the ground 1 kg of load. If you drop it, it will rise and rise and reach the higher layers of the atmosphere then, it will probably explode and helium, now free, will continue moving away from the planet. By controlling the weight of load or the amount of Helium is possible to maintain the balloon in a specific level. More Helium it goes up, more load it comes down. Thus, a  6 m diameter balloon can lift about 160 Kg of load.

balao-japaoControlling navigation

No one, yet, has given due attention to this. Would it be possible, using the proper applied technology, to control the flight without increasing or decreasing the amount of Helium or discarding some load? Plus, would it be possible to control the direction of flyght no matter of the wind direction? Would it be possible to control how fast the vehicle goes up or down? Would it be possible to choose the moment of takeoff or landing? Would it be possible to control the cruising speed?

balao-helio2Warming the helium

What if we tried to heat the Helium? I wonder if somebody has ever tried this. Imagine a vehicle shaped like a balloon full of helium not enough to get off the ground, but almost close to it. The helium is at the ambient temperature. Similarly the way we heat the air in a hot air balloon to make it go up we could heat the Helium for the same reason. But not using fire as they do in the hot air balloons. How about if we use electronic devices to heat the Helium? Much energy is required to ionize helium, but not so much to ionize the Neon or Xenon.Much energy is required to ionize helium, but not so much to ionize the Neon or Xenon. The neon light is widely used in advertising signs and the xenon is widely used in electronic flahes for photography and strobe lights. Both produce a very bright light and get very hot when ionized. Because they are heavier than helium, if placed in the same container will remain at the bottom separated from the helium like water and oil.  Thus, it is very easy to ionize them electronically and once ionized, their heat will be transmitted to helium, which will also stay warm.

balao-xenonio9Self-regulating system

A single high voltage pulse, less than one millisecond, is sufficient to ionise the xenon. Thirty pulses per second will produce rapid heating and the vehicle will take off. The side effect of this procedure will be a strong light, almost blinding, each time the vehicle takes off. To keep the vehicle in a specific altitude, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the helium at a specific value, sending a pulse every two or three seconds. The warmer is helium, the higher vehicle will remain. This can be accomplished using sensors properly positioned in the gas container, which are connected to the heating control unit which in turn sends high voltage pulses at regular intervals to the ionizer circuit. Sensors detect a decrease or increase in temperature and inform the heating control unit which will reduce or increase the frequency of the pulses. It is therefore a self-regulating system. The operator only needs to adjust the device to the desired altitude.

balao-lifter1dgEletrostatic propulsion

Eleven years ago, in 2003, I did some experiments in electronic circuits and developed one in particular, called lifter. The project is not of my own, I copied the schemes of Jean Louis Naudin (JLN Labs) site. A lifter consists of an asymmetric capacitor which is connected to a source of high voltage (30 kV), which sends pulses at a frequency of 15,750 KHz. But in my experiment I changed things up a bit: insert some components that balao-hexalift3allow me to adjust the frequency making it possible to obtain any frequency between 1 KHz and 24 KHz on a continuous scale. A lifter, as the name implies, is made ​​to rise, but has a greatly reduced capacity. In fact, he is only able to lift himself and no greater cargo than ten percent of its own weight. After many experiments, I started using the lifter in the horizontal position, not to lift anything, but to get some thrust, like a propulsion system. I was very surprised when, by testing various frequencies, at one point the lifter jumped (had an incredible thrust)  on a nearby frequency of 8 kHz.

balao-lifersimsFrequency is the secret

This leap’ was an exact frequency, neither more nor less than a very specific point, but I can not say what exactly was this frequency because at the time I did not have a frequency meter, but I know by calculations with a margin of error that was close to 8KHz. As I increased or decreased the frequency of the pulses sent to the lifter, using a sliding control, there was a very strict point where the jump’ occurred. Point out that, in any other part of the scale, the lifter had a normal thrust, he wanted to fly away but could not because it was hanging by a thread. But when the exact frequency was found, the lifter appeared to have been fired just like a projectile. When in operation, the lifter produces a wind. It is an ionic wind and it behaves as if charged with static electricity and gives off a distinctive smell of ionized air. It is because of this wind that I named this article as WIND OF CHANGE“. I really do hope that this would be the Wind of Change. Now, try to imagine that if the vehicle is at a given elevation, stable and without obstacles ahead, you just need to apply it a thrust and it will move.

balao-airshipMore researches are needed

Well, so far we know that it is possible to take off the vehicle, without spending fuel. We already know that it is possible to control the takeoff and landing as well as cruising altitude. We also know that it is possible to use an electrostatic propulsion system. But there are still some problems to be solved. First, we know how to warm the helium, but we do not know how to cool it. You must expect helium to cool by itself. Or we can do a search to find ways to cool the helium quickly. This will improve maneuverability. Since this type of vehicle will move within the Earth’s atmosphere, it can take advantage of the laws of aerodynamics. This vehicle probably will behave somewhat differently from conventional aircraft. He will helm wings but not necessarily, but if used properly, lifters can replace the helm. Its navigation mode will be more like a ship or submarine than an airplane.

balao-priest-Adelir-Anton_473985aThe priest who flew

Remember the priest who flew balloons in 2008? Yeah, I believe that despite his flight instructor said he was irresponsible and reckless, he was trying to convey a message. And what was that message? It is possible using the appropriate technology, to go from one point to another within the planet without spending fuel and without paying toll. Imagine the implications of an information like that. When I heard the news of the accident‘ this was the first thing I thought. I also believe that he has been shot down and not suffered an unfortunate accident because he was too controversial. On his fateful flight, the sky was heavily overcast and low clouds, which would facilitate the action of an Air Force fighter. No one would ever notice. The mass media made sure to convey an image that the priest was a crazy and irresponsible. But did not mention that a few months before he had made a successful flight, taking off in Ampere / Paraná and landing in the Argentine territory safely. The media used the technique of disqualification of the person and the great mass of the population ignorant of the facts and without any knowledge about aerial navigation, easily believed the version of the mad priest.

This paragraph was written in respect and honor of priest Adelir Antonio de Carli who died in 2008 trying to break a record of flight in gas balloons. 



The drawing above in PDF file






1-Powerful and continuing Nationalism
2-Disdain for human rights
3-Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
4-Supremacy of the military
5-Rampant sexism
6-Controlled mass media
7-Obsession with National Security
8-Religion and government are interwined
9-Corporate power is protected
10-Labor power is supressed
11-Disdain for Intelectuals & Arts
12-Obsession with crime and punishment
13-Rampant cronyism and corruption
14-Fraudulent elections

Author’s note: In a greater or lesser degree, all the signs mentioned above are happening in Brazil and in many other (democratic?) countries for years, but I will only comment on some of them, the most notorious, for the reader to realize how real is the gradual implementation of fascism.

fascista-enWhat is fascism?

First of all, it is neccessary to define what fascism is. Acording to Wikipedia, Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy in the immediate aftermath of World War I, combining more typically right-wing positions with elements of left-wing politics, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, and traditional conservatism. Fascists sought to unify their nation through an authoritarian state that promoted the mass mobilization of the national community and were characterized by having leadership that initiated a revolutionary political movement aiming to reorganize the nation along principles according to fascist ideology. Fascist movements shared certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalism and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations. See more information in the link below.

8-Religion and government interwined


Photo: Inauguration of the Temple of Solomon IURD (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God) by the Shepherd Edir Macedo with the presence of Brasil’s President, Dilma Roussef.

I don’t think it is necessary to write about it. Images talk by themselves. I’ve written about this for a long time, just see my articles THE CHIEF AND THE SHAMAN, WE THE PEOPLE and DIVIDE TO REIGN.

sexismo-publicidade5-Rampant Sexism

This can also be translated as stimulating sex without commitment.” I have written about this in the article “A BIOQUÍMICA DO AMOR (Still in Portuguese)“, but I transcribe some of the text for this article for the reader to form their concepts about it if you do not have them. What happens now is that the ‘system’ through massive propaganda andfascismo-sexismo-en dissemination of television programs that trivialize sexuality and eroticism, caused people would create neural shortcuts that lead straight to the sex. Sex without commitment. Sex without emotional involvement. Sex without affinity. Sex only by sex, i.e., people act solely by the instincts and behave like animals. Actually, worse than animals, because the animals still have a whole ritual of courtship and mating which is divinely respected.

fascismo-policia-en4-Supremacy of the military

We have often seen situations in which human rights have been systematically violated. There is much talk in humans when it comes to criminals rights, but refuses that right when it comes to people who work and contribute positively to society. On the empowerment of the police, one can easily see that when there is a demonstration or strike. The police have a very strong apparatus, both contingent (troops)fascismo-policia-de-choque and weapons to suppress strikes and demonstrations. And when they do, they usually use a higher violence than is used when it comes to common criminals. Obviously this whole police apparatus exists not to protect and defend the good citizen, but to repress it and restrains it in its fundamental rights. The police is there to restrain, contain and repress, using maximum violence, if necessary, the good cfascismo-pm-assassina-enitizens. If ‘someone’ ever told to you that the police function was to protect and defend the citizens, forget it. It is a lie. If you are not a complete blind, you may have even noticed it. When it comes to harass law-abiding citizens, police officers are brave, use and abuse their authority, but when it is to confront thieves and bandits, cower or pretend not to see. And then we often hear through the mass media that police officers who fulfill their duty‘ by shooting some criminals, receive administrative punishments and have to answer surveys about it. So do you still have any doubt about the real and true function of the police? This is the Fascist State. See the article: THE CHIEF AND THE SHAMAN.

fascismo-desprezo-pelas-artes-111-Disdain for Intelectuals & Arts

Also on that aspect I already wrote in the article A BIOQUÍMICA DO AMOR (Still in Portuguese), but I will transcribe a part here, to better illustrate. First, you need to take care of clothing: wear shorts, a tank top (to show the tattooed arm or shoulder), sunglasses (mirrored), a can of beer in hand. And do not forget: you must have an asshole face, if not, it does not work. To complete the trap, you need to have a car with a stupidly powerful sound system, for not playing any music. Just plug the pile driver’ and let him do tum, tum, tum, tum, tum, tum, tum, tum. But how to become a complete asshole if you are already a mature man and grew up in a time when there was still values​​’ and culture? You will have to give up all this, and the best way would be to come to terms with a neurosurgeon (in off) and ask him to remove your brain. The space resultingfascismo-desprezo-pelas-artes from surgery, should be filled with shit. That’s right, shit. Now yes, besides being a real asshole, you have shit for brains and no brain. The text in italics shows that the main objective of the Fascist State is right this: to encourage sex without commitment and imbecilization of the population through a process of deterioration of culture, music and the arts. Also shows that the Fascist State subtracted from the people what they do best, which are their moral values​​, their ability to build caring relationships and form families, their perception of beauty and poetry, and especially their taste for culture and the arts .

fascismo-urna-en13-Rampant cronyism and corruption and 14-Fraudulent elections

Thousands of complaints, just do a search on google and you will have the results. I have always spoken and written that nothing is more subject to fraud than data processing.” The voter has no warranty that data being recorded are the same that were typed. There is no physical evidence, no receipt. I, who am not trained in computer science, I am a mere programmer and develop commercial applications, know that it is perfectly possible to program an application to display an information on the screen or display, while another completely different information is sent to the electronic file. And I do it in two minutes in my commercial application, if I want, of course. But the Superior Electoral Court is irreducible, does not accept even to talk about it. This is the Fascist State. There have been a printing vote project, in02-Pyramids-vote-encluding Leonel Brizola has always been his supporter but was duly shelved under a lot of excuses even after it have passed the Congress. Today I do not see how it would be to implement this, the Supreme Court made ​​it ready by permanent 6-5 and if that was not enough, we still have Lewandowski who says that processes which put under suspicion the fairness of the polls are considered litigation in bad faith and should be hardly restrained. Only one huge campaign on the Internet to change, even so it will take much long, since neither ‘clean slate’ was so clean itself, is full of filth in all ranks of the three powers. Contribution of M.P.Mitasheva


Não tenho nada a ver com isso!
I have nothing to do with this!

Bertolt-Brecht“First of all, they came to take the gypsies
and I was happy because they pilfered.
Then they came to take the Jews and I said nothing,
because they were unpleasant to me.
Then they came to take homosexuals,
and I was relieved, because they were annoying me.
Then they came to take the Communists,
and I said nothing because I was not a Communist.
One day they came to take me,
and there was nobody left to protest.

Bertold Brecht, inspired by Emil Gustav Friedrich Martin Niemöller”

Brecht glassesPrimeiro eles vieram para levar os ciganos
e eu fiquei feliz, porque ciganos furtavam.
Então eles vieram para levar os judeus
e eu não protestei porque judeus não me agradavam.
Então eles vieram para levar os homossexuais
e eu fiquei aliviado, pois estavam a me irritar.
Então vieram para levar os comunistas
e eu não protestei, porque eu não era comunista.
Um dia vieram para me levar
e não havia mais ninguém para protestar.

Inspirado nesse poema de Bertold Brecht, eu acrescentaria:

Extremistas islâmicos se infiltraram em vários países do mundo
e demarcaram ‘zonas controladas pela Shária’
numa atitude de total desrespeito pelas leis dos países que os acolheram.
Começaram a perseguir e molestar pessoas que não seguiam suas leis.
Mas eu não protestei, porque eu não vivo nesses países,
portanto, não tenho nada a ver com isso.
Então, num ato de extrema ousadia, eles tomaram a Inglaterra
e também demarcaram territórios controlados.
Mas eu não tô nem aí, afinal eu não sou cidadão Inglês.
Não tenho nada a ver com isso.
Em breve eles chegarão ao meu país,
que já se encontra fragilizado
devido a tantas mazelas e corrupção.
No meu país, não há sequer leis a serem afrontadas,
pois essas leis já vem sendo há muito desrespeitadas.
Então eles demarcarão territórios controlados
e iniciarão uma perseguição ideológica sem precedentes
aos que forem contrários às suas leis.
E onde eu estarei?
Onde estará você?

Inspired by this poem by Bertold Brecht, I would add:

Islamic extremists have infiltrated many countries worldwide,
staked out ‘Sharia controlled zones’ in an attitude of
total disregard for the laws of the countries that welcomed them’.
They started to persecute and harass people
who did not follow their laws.
But I did not speak up because I do not live in those countries,
therefore, I have nothing to do with it.
Then, in an act of extreme daring, they took England
and also staked their ‘Sharia controlled zones.
But I do not really care, after all I’m not an English citizen.
I have nothing to do with it.
Soon they will come to my country,
which is already weakened due to so many ills and corruption.
In my country, there are not even laws to be affronted
because these laws have already been long disregarded.
Then they will demarcate ‘Sharia controlled zones’
and will initiate an unprecedented ideological persecution
to those who are contrary to their laws.
And where will I be?
Where will you be?

Eduardo Lbm


Como funciona o financiamento de veículos

Você vai à loja revendedora e, depois de escolher um determinado veículo, solicita financiamento. Você tem um pouco de dinheiro para pagar a entrada e parcelar o restante e, como se trata de um valor relativamente baixo, você solicita um financiamento em apenas doze parcelas, o que lhe é prontamente negado sob a desculpa de que a ‘financeira’ não tem planos de doze parcelas para aquele veículo daquele modelo e daquele ano. Você tem que aceitar um financiamento de no mínimo 24 parcelas, o que é claro, vai aumentar os custos financeiros, embora o valor unitário das parcelas seja menor. Então vemos ver como é que fica esse negócio. Vou tomar como exemplo um fato que aconteceu comigo em 2011, quando comprei um Automóvel Ford Fiesta ano 98 cujo valor de venda na loja era de R$10.000 (dez mil Reais).

croc_duckDepenando um pato

Como havia alguns pequenos problemas no carro, o vendedor me disse: dou-lhe um desconto de R$1.000 (mil Reais) e você mesmo resolve esses pequenos problemas. Ótimo, o carro saiu por R$9.000 (nove mil reais). Como eu dispunha de R$ 4.500 (quatro mil e quinhentos Reais) para dar de entrada, cinquenta por cento do valor do veículo, pedi-lhe então que calculasse o financiamento do valor restante, R$ 4.500 em doze parcelas. Mas para minha surpresa, o vendedor disse que a financeira não aceitava financiamento em doze parcelas para carros daquele ano, o mínimo seria um plano de 24 parcelas. Muito a contra gosto eu aceitei, pois precisava de um carro para o meu trabalho. Obviamente que nessa época eu não sabia de toda a sujeira que rola por trás do comércio e financiamento de veículos e eu, assim como qualquer outro cidadão, pensei que se tratava meramente de ‘regras’ da financeira.

carne-pagamentosNegócio altamente lucrativo

Depois de passar por toda a burocracia normal para esse tipo de operação, o carro foi liberado e comecei a utilizá-lo e depois de duas semanas recebi o carnê para pagamento das parcelas e então, outra surpresa: o financiamento tinha sido recalculado, sem a minha autorização ou solicitação, para 36 parcelas. Como a burocracia para se resolver esse tipo de problema é extremamente irritante resolvi aceitar temporariamente a situação, até eu poder me organizar no que se referia ao atendimento aos meus clientes e depois, com tempo eu cuidaria disso. Vejamos então como ficou o negócio:

    Valor financiado             4.500,00
    Valor das parcelas (36)        278,96
    Valor total do contrato     10.042,56

Veja que por um financiamento de R$ 4.500,00 eu iria pagar, apenas a título de juros, correções, remunerações e outros, mais R$ 5.542.56 – ou seja, o custo do financiamento é maior do que o próprio valor financiado. Eu entendo que numa economia com inflação relativamente baixa, em três anos, seria justo um acréscimo de aproximadamente 50% no valor financiado e isso já é mais do que 1% ao mês e próximo de 17% ao ano.

propina2O império da desonestidade

Num sistema onde há honestidade e justiça o total do financiamento iria chegar a modestos R$ 6.750,00 e nisso já estariam embutidos os juros, correções, encargos e outras remunerações. Então como é que se chega no valor de R$ 10.042,56? Há algo de muito errado nisso, com certeza. Não vou citar o nome da financeira porque ainda há uma questão em andamento e que ainda não foi resolvida, mas quando questionada, a mesma, através de seu atendente, me informou que aceita normalmente financiar o bem em quantas parcelas o cliente quiser, até em duas se for o caso e que houve má fé do revendedor. Interessante. Como a questão continuou por mais tempo (meses) em uma outra ocasião, a funcionária atendente deixou ‘vazar’ que a financeira ‘comissiona’ o revendedor com um valor fixo por parcela, mas não me informou o valor. entretanto eu presumo, pelos cálculos que esse valor é algo em torno de R$ 45,00 (quarenta e cinco Reais) por parcela e isso explica o porquê do vendedor praticar a ‘empurroterapia’ isto é, forçar um financiamento em muito maisfiesta-98 parcelas do que o cliente deseja e ainda se ‘esconder’ atrás da financeira dizendo que a mesma não aceita contratos com menos de 24 parcelas para aquele tipo de veículo. Ora vejamos, eu solicitei 12 parcelas e isso daria ao revendedor uma comissão de cerca de R$ 540,00 por isso ele não aceitou e me “empurrou” 24 assim ele teria um ganho nessa operação somente a titulo de comissão, de R$ 1.080,00 – mas depois da funcionária da financeira ter feito a checagem de praxe para verificação do endereço do solicitante, o que é feito “in loco” e na minha presença, o revendedor provavelmente deve ter dito à ela: “empurra 36 parcelas nesse otário“. No final, sua comissão seria de cerca de R$ 1.620,00.

nariz_palhacoClientes são otários

Então, a financeira ‘é responsável sim‘ pelo comportamento predatório dos revendedores, pois estimula-os a praticarem a ‘empurroterapia’ em cima dos clientes incautos. Existe uma parceria comercialmente não saudável entre financeira e revendedor, cujo objetivo é ‘depenar patos’. E ainda há mais um detalhe: lembra-se de que o veículo foi negociado por R$ 9.000 (nove mil Reais)? Pois é, nesse valor já está incluída a margem do lojista, então deduz-se que o mesmo lucra duas vezes com a mesma venda. E eu nem mencionei que o lojista, ao comprar esse veículo da pessoa que o vendeu (um coitado), depreciou-o ao máximo, colocando um monte de defeitos e pagando ao antigo dono um valor talvez não maior que R$5.000,00 (cinco mil Reais). Conclui-se que a margem total do lojista, apenas nessa venda foi de cerca de R$ 5.620,00 (cinco mil, seiscentos e vinte Reais) somando-se a venda normal do veículo mais as comissões recebidas da financeira. Um excelente negócio, não fosse o fato de os clientes serem tratados como verdadeiros otários.

Vejamos agora alguns cálculos interessantes:

               Valor total do financiamento:            10.042,56
               Valor que seria justo e correto:          6.750,00
               Diferença normalmente paga pelo otário:   3.292,56

               Parte que fica com o lojista:             1.620,00
               Parte do especulador Wall Street:         1.672,56

mussumTrabalhando como um burro

Ora vejamos: num financiamento de 36 parcelas, você paga 24 para cobrir o valor principal e os juros, encargos e remunerações da instituição financeira. Depois, você fica mais doze meses trabalhando como um burro para sustentar o lojista (que já teve o lucro na venda do veículo) e para sustentar um especulador lá em Wall Street que não produz absolutamente nada, não comercializa absolutamente coisa alguma, mas ganha limpinho o seu dinheiro suado. Todos ganham nessa operação: O lojista, a financeira e o especulador de Wall Street. E sabe quem são os que menos ganham? Os funcionários da financeira e os funcionários do lojista. E sabe que é que toma no “forévis”? Você, eu, e todos os que precisam comprar veículos financiados. Obviamente que essa prática não está restrita somente ao comércio de veículos. Sempre que houver um financiamento para aquisição de um bem qualquer, lá estarão os juros e lá também estarão os achacadores, principalmente os que não produzem e não comercializam, apenas especulam. Em um financiamento de veículo, 60% do valor total dos “juros” corresponde a um dinheiro que você paga, durante 36, 48 ou 60 meses, para sustentar lojistas inescrupulosos e garantir que os especuladores de Wall Street possam comer ‘patinhas de caranguejo’ a US$400 (quatrocentos dólares) o prato, bem como utilizar o serviço de prostitutas de luxo por milhares de dólares e ainda manter seus jatinhos, helicópteros, iates, mansões, etc. É o seu dinheiro suado que paga por tudo isso.


reptilian-bainThe Triune Brain (R-Complex) – Paul MacLean

Reptilian Brain is the most primitive part of our brain. It is responsible by most of what happens (90% average) in our body and mind in our daily activities as well as our relation with the environment and other people and too litle is left to to the other parts which form the most evolved mamalian’s brain (limbic and cortex). It is responsible by the automatic behavior, repetitive behavior and imitative behavior. It has only two basic emotions: atack an fear, which are directily responsible by the living being’s survival. The other emotions as angry, sadness, joy as well as the most refined emotions as afection, empathy and compassion are in the level of limbic brain. The reptilian brain is a paronoid by Nature because to it everything is a threat. Really, it spends twenty-five hours a day surveilling, traking and examinating the environment searching for potential threats. Situations, things, persons, other living beings, beliefs (when conflicting with its own), ideas (when different from its own), everything can be a threat.

marcia-allesAwareness and transmutation

Marcia Alles, Venâncio Aires/RS (Brazil) – When our reptilian brain is activated, it holds total priority over the other two, ‘emotional and rational’. It behaves like a ‘Super-Self’ which does not let us to adapt and evolve. It is cold, rigid, territorial, aggressive and most of times, paranoid. To be free, happy and to escape from that ancient heritage, we should improve our awareness and transmute our primitive emotions. Consciousness creates and changes the reality. No physical act is necessary, just shifting our vision of the world. We are all one, creations of the same creator. We received the life and thankful by that, we should give our best. We should improve ourselves and evolve into a feeling of love and gratitude to all the things and living beings.

sermao_da_montanha1Contextualisation as a tool

Incidentally, in the human beings, convictions and beliefs are deeply stored in the reptilian brain and turn themselves into completely automatic behaviors. To introduce a new belief into a person’s core belief is, in fact, very simple: threats, intimidations, constrainings, psychic or physical torture are efficient tools mostly used to implement beliefs into a deep level. This system afects the whole brain structure and this is its best part: reptilian, emotional and rational brain are affected as they were just one (in fact they are). Given a concept, any concept, not regarding if true or false, it goes straight to the rational (cortex) brain. To be accepted, a false or dubious concept must be transmitted into a favourable context. It will be seen as ‘rational’ and ‘logic’ to the one who is hearing. Example: “Whoever humbles himself will be exalted”. This is a totally contradicted, paradoxical information, in fact impossible to be absorbed by the rational brain, but here is used the ‘secret weapon’. Jesus said it in His Sermon of the Mount. jesus-2(ie, they say He said, but most of what they say He said, can be challenged). See my article “THE GRAND MASTER“. So the rational brain ‘rationalizes, that is, it does a mind magic to accept something totally absurd and illogical as it was someting plausible, because this behavioral absurd is endorsed by the fact that it was said by Jesus. There is no better way to introduce conflicting beliefs and make people kindly accept their slave condition than convincing them, by a well elaborated contextualization, that their GRAND MASTER ‘was humiliated before the men by His own will’. After that, emotions are added to the context, by chants, intonations, dances and rituals hge infernowhose main purpose is set people in a kind of trance for they can better absorb such illogical and absurd information. Finally, intimidation and fear are used by saying carefully contextualised threats making people believe that if they do not follow the just learned concepts, even being absurd or illogical, they will suffer the consequences: They will go to hell for the whole eternity with no judgement because they commited a sin against ‘the concept’. Presto! The ‘concept’ is firmly implanted into a deep level containing the emotional associations that will assure to the reptilian brain this should be ferociously defended, even with his own life if needed, in the same way it defendes its territory (atack/fear). Is this familiar to you, reader?

homem_primataTurning into a beast

This is what happens when you try to talk about a new idea to a friend. First he feels threatened and tries to make you constraint by saying expressions like: “uhh, there you go again with your pierced theories!” If you try to talk about his beliefs, in fact, he turns into a beast, literally. Just the reptilian brain defending its territory. The religious leaders and the dictatorships know this fact very well. They use this through a oditador (1)massive propaganda, unifying people around a cause (or against an enemy). They use the gregarious instinct common to most of living beings and mainly in human beings who, due to this instinct, behave like herd, literaly. So, when someone is converted into a new belief system, be it religious, political or any other, if you try to warn him/hers, he/she will react violently as an animal (atack/fear). It is enough to install the new belief or idea into one’s head and after that, he/she by himself/herself will defend it with teeth and nails and with his/her own life if needed.

mulher_brava3Self submiting to survive

Reptilian brain has been programmed by Nature to self submit or to submit others (in both cases by fear or threateningness). Generally males dominate (submit) and females are dominated (self submited). But even among males, if one of them screams loudly (alpha male) others will self submit to him. The same happens with females. If a female screams loudly and convincedly, even the strongest males get quiet and frightened Ovelhas(and other females too). This is an automatic behaviour, not depending on rational processes or even conscious thinking. It is directly related to our necessity for survival (To survive, sometimes is convenient to self submit to a leader, a dictatorship or even to a stronger male or female). Again the religious leaders and dictatorships know this fact very well. That’s why is so easy to seduce a horde of faithful people and turn them submited like sheep.

arrogante2Remainging in the confort zone

Due to its main function (preserve life), reptilian brain sometimes assumes some extremely annoying behaviours. Exemple: attain itself to unsignificant details before acknowledging the whole content of an issue, ie, stop in an irrelevant part or frase demanding explanations. Once its main function is to protect its owner from the ‘threat’ of new ideas, this procedure serves to not using the most evolved parts of the brain (emotional and rational). One of the reptilian brain’s most used way to ‘not acknowledge’ the issue is to shift the focus of a conversation. See my articles “HOW TO IDENTIFY (AND AVOID) TROLLS” and “HARASSMENT AND PSYCHOLOGICAL GAMES AT WORK“. It changes the focus from the issue to the person who is talking about the issue. Instead of speaking about the matter, it talks about the person. This is used to disqualify the person. It waits until the matter is exposed and then ask an irrelevant question: “Why do you make a lot of gestures while speaking?” Presto! From this moment on, the matter is about “making gestures while speaking”. One has to explain the ‘why’ of so crencas-slide-enmany gestures. About the main matter? Irrelevant. It was turned into trash and thrown away. The most important now is talking about the person, so the reptilian brain wins the discussion and keep itself off from the possiblity of learning a new idea or knowledge once new knowledges are ‘threatening’. Incidentally, one of the most important functions of the reptilian brain is to keep its owner into a very absolute confort zone. It does it very efficiently. Try to communicate a new idea to a fanatic religious follower, to an convinced atheist or to a scientific materialist and you will see how the reptilian brain reacts.

crocodiloatacagnu1Arguing with crocodiles

Compare this to the act of trying to take a Gnu from a crocodile. You will be wiped out in just a second. No matter about the cultural or academic degree of the person in question, one will always react just like an animal in defense of its pre-installed concepts or ideas. Normally one doesn’t mind about hurting beloved people or turning them into enemies. What really matters is the defense of the territory (in this case, ideas, concepts and beliefs). Still no matter if the concepts or beliefs one defends are plausible or not, because in such a case reason is not applied. Reason, rational thinking and analyse are tasks given to the rational brain (cortex) but the later is never used by persons whose reptilian brain is predominant.

melissa-tobiasThe ten per cent mith

Melissa Tobias – Some charlatans like to state a mith that we use only ten per cent of our brain capacity. It is a lie! We just need to make a magnetic ressonance to see that the whole brain is being used at every single moment. There is not a mega supernatural power hiding in the deepness of the brain. We are human beings, physically limited and that is all. And it is a bless! The Nature or whatsoever has been created us, has been very smart in maintaing us in a very limited body. If just having a very crude brain in a limited body, we are able to create bombs to explode innocent children’s heads, try to imagine if we owned super powers as the cartoons heroes? Power without love is too dangerous, is the very evil in earth. Each living being has the body it deserves and the brain it deserves. What makes a creature better than another one is its inner values and not its super hero powers. Not even a medium who has its skill because of a great number of cristals in its pineal gland, is good and humble as the famous “Chico Xavier”. Many use this ability to work for regressive beings of shadows. First of all, we must learn to love. A powerful body and brain will come after. This way is the safest for all. No! We don’t use only ten per cent of our brain. We use it at all. Remove just a little piece of it by surgery and see what happens! The neurologists only understand ten per cent of the brain functioning. That’s why the mith.

gaza-genocide-enIncreasing the area of influence

The reptilian brain is obsessed with always wanting more. More territory, more possessions, more influence, more power. For it, less of everything is unacceptable, it wants everything, wants to control everything. It is sick for control, wants absolute control. All that is within reach of its sight or its senses have to be under control. And the control has to be absolute. Does this sound familiar to you, reader? The reptilian brain always wants to expand all the time. So an entrepreneur who has ten trucks and in the next year wants to have fifty and after that he wants to have three hundred trucks. This is not business growth but increasing possessions, increasing territory, increasing control. For the same reason a woman has ten pairs of shoes and in the next month she wants to have two hundred and fifty and after that she wants more and more The wife of the former dictator of the Philippines had no less than eight hundred pairs of shoes. And she was not satisfied, she congestionamento_avioeswanted more. It is not about having a varied wardrobe, because she will never wear all those shoes. It’s just the reptilian brain in action, increasing control, increasing territory, increasing possessions. That’s it. That is why a man constitutes one company and after one year the company turns into two and after two years the company turns into ten and after three years it turns into fifty and then it never comes to an end. It is also why a speculator on Wall Street has 76 jets and helicopters and has five mansions and controls at least thirty financial institutions between banks and insurance companies. And it is not enough. He wants more. Only here there is a small detail, almost no one knows. He (the speculator) got all that and more at your expense, dear reader, because a speculator produces absolutely nothing, sells nothing. His money is got from others. Do you know that abusive interest you pay, embedded in the monthly payments of your car? Do you know that Royalty taxes you pay when purchasing a product that should cost $100.00  into acaranguejo logic of market but is priced at $650.00? This is the portion of the Wall Street speculator. You work like a donkey so he can eat crab pawspriced at $400.00 (four hundred U.S. dollars) a dish, not considered the shipping. And also he may have sex with luxury prostitutes who charge several thousand dollars for the service, once the money comes from the same suckers, ie, me, you and everyone who works hard. Why does the reptilian brain want more and more? Fear. Fear of lack, fear of missing. Why it expands more and more? Aggression, territory, control, power.

Igreja primitiva x atual-ENSpreading the word

Speaking of expansion, this is exactily what religious leaders do when they convince its followers to recruit more adepts to their churches or temples. After conveniently convinced that their religion is the only true and all those who follow other religions should convert to this, otherwise they are committing heresy, the faithful come out to the streets in search of new adepts. And they are very well trained for this, they know the fine art of persuasion through fear and intimidation as they will be talkiIgrejas ricas IIng most of the time with people with little or no education and even less knowledge of theology. They are really convinced that they are bearers of ‘the truth’ and so they go door to door to preach the ‘word’. Have you ever seen any religious leader going to preach door to door? No, of course not. He puts his employees to do so. Each religion, in the figure of its leaders and adepts, is convinced that it is the only true and so it assumes the missionary task of sending the ‘word’ to the ends of the world and expand their territories of influence using their adepts’ reptilian brains.

carlos-torresMore fear, more control, more power

Carlos Torres, Writer and Speaker The more violence, more fear, the more fear, more equipment for private security people consume and more businesses to insurance companies. The more fear people feel, more they stay at home, the more they stay home, more they will be easily conditioned and the more conditioned, more they watch open TV. So the more they watch TV, more audience, and more sales, more control and more share of market performance, The God Market. Not to mention of course the aggregate that is captured for religions. So simple.

Forbbiden knowledge

the-triune-brainThis study about the reptilian brain is so very important. I guess that’s why the medicine book which describes the functioning of the whole brain (Paul MacLean – The Triune Brain [R-Complex]) is so much expensive. Its price is prohibitive. In the I’ve found it by the price of US$ 335,20 (three hundred, thirty five US dollars). That is it! It is a matter of fact that the objective of it is to discourage who wants to buy it by selling the book with a prohibitive price. Obviously I don’t have this book, but at this moment I’m saving for it. So the entire content of this article is based on some excerpts downloaded from the Internet as the John S. Price issue. For this is an important matter, I have placed two links below for the reader can see a little more about the Triune brain.

The triune brain-I – Issue – John S. Price

The triune brain-II – Issue – excerpted from the book pages 185-189


katia-ricardiThe Karpman Drama Triangle

To write on this subject, I did some research on the internet and to my luck, I found a very well written, very didactic and instructive text about how toxic can be the relationships between people. The text was written by Katia Ricardi de Abreu, graduated in Psychology from PUCCAMP, clinical specialist in Transactional Analysis by ALAT and UNATBrazil, a business consultant, speaker and writer. I took all of the text and just to differentiate, I wrote my comments in italics and in blue color.

triangulo_de_karpamUnderstanding the roles

Transactional Analysis teaches how to understand the toxic relations between people. Eric Berne classified the types of unhealthy standard procedures on three roles: Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim. Karpman, disciple of Berne, created a diagram to understand and simply visualize this dynamic of interpersonal relationships, which is the Drama Triangle and received the Eric Berne Award for this valuable contribution to the theory of Transactional Analysis. First we have to differentiate the roles of Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim from the same roles of real life. An authentic Rescuer can be for example, a nurse or a doctor who saves a life. An authentic Persecutor can be the cop who chases a villain. And an authentic victim may be a person who was assaulted by the villain.

relacionamento-toxicoToxic relationships

In Karpman Drama Triangle, these papers are used in a representative manner, to understand toxic relationships between people, distorted communications that lead to conflict, the so-called psychological games. Psychological games occur when communication is not direct, but full of hidden messages.

To better understand how and under what circumstances Psychological Games occur, is appropriate that the reader knows the concept of Ego States” also by Eric Berne. For this see my article: GAMES PEOPLE PLAY

super-protetorThe rescuer

The Rescuer then, is one that has adopted as basic existential position to feel superior to other people and to do so, he needs to help them when they are not asking or needing help. Can be understood as overprotection. An example is when a person does something to another, not by caring or efficiency, but, in a subliminal way,  to show that he can do it better and to charge something later in return. Because every Rescuer is a potential Persecutor.

EMPRESTIMOA person who is extremely helpful, always offering to help, even when he is not asked anything, is also an accomplished player, be it the employee or the employer. He will always throw in your face or the face of anyone, you should help more, offer spontaneously, and even guess the needs of other and always be ready to help them. This is an extremely unhealthy behavior very common in people who like to victimize themselves, being poor things. Their position in the drama triangle is, at the same time, the Victim (complain for not having their expectations met), Persecutor (create embarrassment to the other by claiming their lack of initiative) and also Rescuer, because in order to collect or complain, they usually help without being asked first.

perseguidorThe Persecutor

The Persecutor is the one that charges vehemently, critical and in an authoritative manner, much more than necessary. The extreme of this is called moral harassment and in Brazil, is a matter that is attracting the interest of professionals. People who are slaughtered daily, persecuted to the point of damaging their physical health, given the frequency and intensity of a relationship with this standard, are reacting in order to uphold through communication or through common law. The existential position of the Persecutor is also generally superior to the others, but can also occur in this position be just the facade. That is, in a deep level, the Persecutor feels so inferior that he needs to do by upper playing the role of Persecutor. See more about Persecutor” in EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHIC VIOLENCE

arrogante2The big problem of habitual Trackers is that they are self referenced, ie, take themselves as ideal reference behavior and obviously think that everyone around them should behave according to this reference. When someone does not behave this way, for spontaneity or conscious avoidance, they tend to get angry. And they try in all ways to disqualify people who do not follow the pattern. Take advantage of glitches of the colleagues (or employees) to sabotage them and thus create embarrassment before other colleagues making clear with this, that if the employee or colleague would behave within the standard reference, this would not happen to him. They love preaching moral lessons in the others. When they call the colleague (or employee) to talk, their conversation often begins with one of these phrases: YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THATor YOU SHOULD LEARN THIS It is always the others who need to understand or learn something. It is amazing how these people have a fondness for themselves as the bearers of truth.” Only they know things, only they are educated, only they are life experienced, anyway … only they are all. They usually play the role of Persecutor, but when confronted, immediately exchange their dialogue1-ptrole, moving to the Victim and accuse heckler of being a smartass, the most experienced, the nerd, etc. And usually do so in a sarcastic or mocking tone. Another insidious way that usually Persecutor often uses  is the Concept of Zero Time‘, ie the concept that the time to perform certain tasks simply does not exist. He delivers two or three tasks at the same time for an employee, but calculates the time required to perform only one and then he charges the employees, wife or anyone else in a ruthless and aggressive form why certain tasks have not yet been fulfilled. And never accept excuses. Incidentally, the Persecutor is one of the hardest people to keep a dialogue with. They are always right. And before the unlikely event of another (the victim) is right, the Persecutor disqualifies him quickly with just one question: You came here to discuss why? Or so say jokingly: There you go with your theories pierced! The most difficult task for any sensible person is trying to convince the Persecutor that he is a sick person with a psychic disease and who needs help. If you try it, you can be sure that will be triggered World War III just because you tried.

assedio-moral2The Victim

The position of Victim is one where the person has never done anything to deserve anything. He does not take responsibility for their actions. He did so because the other did so. If he misses, will always seek a justification on the other. When people talk about him, usually always put the word poor in mid-sentence: “a wench, poor soul, has no mouth for nothing“. And so the victim protects itself using a cane for not being called to think and act independently or to answer for their acts.

funcionario-dedicadoDo you know one employee who works more than others, that is after hours, assuming tasks that others do not always agree, which is very helpful, always offering to do what others do not, or even making by their own initiative tasks that were not requested and that would not normally be done by other employees? Yeah … that employee is not always a good employee, most of the time he is an accomplished player of mind games. He creates situations that make other employees feel embarrassed or guilty for not having done a certain task or for not having taken the initiative. He is at the same time playing the role of Rescuer (he is saving the boss), in the role of Victim (subliminally passing a message to customers of the establishment that the employer is overwhelming) and also in the role of Persecutor (creates embarrassment and guilt in colleagues).

estados-de-ego-enPredominant ego states

The Persecutor’s State of Ego is Critical Parent‘, the Rescuer’s state of ego is ‘Nurturing Parent‘ and the Victim’s state of ego is ‘Adapted (conforming) Child‘, ie, are the archetypal figures of Father, Mother and little child in the strict sense of the words. Note that there is no state of Ego Adult’ in this environment. No person processes information form a factually and realistic point of view, only subjectively. In practice, no person behaves in fact as an Adult, and in the point of view of the Persecutor or the Rescuer, all those around them, Either are unprotected and innocent children or are rebellious and messy children. Some need protection and others need ear pulling. The Rescuer often start from the premise that the Victim’ is an unprotected and fragile child who needs help even if not asking, even if the alleged victim is not necessarily in the role of victim, ie, the Rescuers creates’ their own victims to meet their own needs to be superior to the others. About the Persecutor? He sees a potential victim in any person: a delivery of goods that commits a small gaffe, an employee who forgets something, a friend who says something he does not want to hear, the wife who not readied the lunch in time … Anyway, the Persecutors also create‘ their own victims. And any reason serves: Either a lamp that was lit or a door that was forgotten opened, the fact is that there will always be reasons for the Persecutor comes into action. So we can deduce that the person in the role of Victim, is not always by its own choice, conscious or unconscious. Using a well-trivial expression, in some cases the victim may even be someone who was made a fool’, because a having sincere desire to try to improve the environment, based on knowledge and factual examples, eventually triggered the wrath of those who are long in the cabeca_vaziaDrama Triangle. Unfortunately, the person who is on the outside of the Drama Triangle, most often, finds as its best existential option, remain in his Square’ and let the triangle turns into a Circle’. A Vicious Circle of games where the hidden psychological and malicious communications will generate more and more conflicts and conflicts will predominate. Only left to an outsider, watching saddened how often the Triangle becomes into a true ‘Circus’ of offending, insulting, shouting, emotional aggression and in some cases, even physical aggression.

king_fotiliaDisqualifying people

People who are inside the Triangle, especially when in the role of Persecutor, not having to take responsibility for their actions, and also not recognize that they are bearers of a psychopath, usually disqualify those who comes with the legitimate aim to help or clarify things, treating them like children, putting them forcibly in the State of Ego child’, because so they need not take seriously the advice or guidance, after all, is a child who is speaking, not an adult. For this, they use the phrases in a sarcastic or mocking tone, like “ihh, there you go again with your pierced theories or, preach a moral lesson in the subject, but also placing it in the State of ego Child’: You’re studying hard, it is loucomaking you sick,” or you’re seeing these things on the Internet, this will end up driving you nuts.Realize, dear reader, that the goal of the Persecutor is taking the focus off the main subject and put the focus on the person who is talking about the issue. Instead of debating the issue, debate is about the persondenigrating it, belittling it, embarrassing it, ridiculing it. So, (Persecutor) do not need to change, do not need to improve, do not need to recognize that something needs to be discussed, understood and improved. Do not even need to take seriously the person talking, after all, who is talking? A child? A crazy? A neurotic? This is the modus operandi of the Persecutor. That’s the way he avoids becoming aware that he is playing the role of Persecutor. And the chase continues

consequenciasHarmful consequences

The three positions were placed by Karpman at the vertices of an inverted triangle, with two-way arrows to indicate that people change their position in the triangle, but may remain in a basic position, most of the time. Persecutor left, Rescuer right and Victim in the lower vertex of the triangle. The psychological game happens when the person who is in a position of the Triangle, changes its position, confusing the listener. The final addition is always a feeling of malaise, a fight, an uproar. For example, the Rescuer gets tired of rescuing and, in a given day, charges exaggerated and aggressively, then moving himself to position Persecutor. Then, the same person can enter the Victim position, and say in a melodramatic way that “nobody pities me”, “everybody exploit me”, “nobody is interested in doing anything to me”, when it is not real.

30-China-trabalho-escravoOne of the direct consequences of these pathologies is the high turnover of staff in some companies. Normally, it is the owner or boss which is the main ill, but is unaware of it. As the toxic environment is normal for him, he usually accepts employees that ‘make the game‘. Law of Attraction. Usually the role of the boss is the Persecutor and the majority of his employees is the Victim. But as always there is exchange of roles, there will always be an employee (or boss‘s wife) that reverses its role to Rescuer and will try to defend this or that. I do not think I need to keep explaining, it is obvious that this highly toxic environment is always boiling. There will always be someone asking the bills or being fired. And for those who stay in the company, the prevailing atmosphere is one of fear and embarrassment. Interestingly, some companies survive for years with internally extremely toxic environments. And some workers adapt so well to this environment, which remain long years in the company. Each employer has employees who deserves to have, and by reciprocity, each employee has the boss he deserves to have.

afeto-barganhadoBargained affectivity

And why do people play or why people enter the Karpman Drama Triangle? There are several reasons. The main one is: to avoid intimacy. Ie, people who do not develop their potential to love get scared at the prospect of being in front of people who do not hide cards up his sleeve, which can be a rich exchange of cuddles, an authentic and profound friendship. That scares them for being a form of relationship that was not internalized, was not learned. They are people who have learned the love of trading, bargaining and feel vulnerable in the face of a proposed communication where there is no traps. They do not believe this to happen, due to their experiences, their history, their introjected messages very early in life.

Aprovacao-compulsoriaMany people (if not most) have been created in an unhealthy family environment, living daily with these types of toxic behaviors, so for those people it is perfectly normal. The Drama Triangle is present in all human relationships then it is obvious that people have learned from very small to adapt to roles within the triangle. They are unaware psychopaths, have no idea of the harm they do (to themselves and others). The great tragedy is that none of us gets emotional education, so even feeling’ that something is wrong, we carry forth to future generations what we learned in family life, since we had no other reference. The school and academic education does not prepare us to have healthy relationships. In fact, schools are also highly toxic environments in emotionally and psychic sights. Doubt it? So try to remember how were your teachers and principals of schools where you studied. Not to mention many of your colleagues.

pazYes it is possible get out of it!

Who entered the Drama Triangle can and should get out of it, if one wants to live in peace and have quality in their interpersonal relationships. Berne and Karpman teach how. Developing a direct communication, speaking the language of feelings intelligently is the way. This means not playing. Many can at least most of the time. Generally, when there is a period of emotional fragility, the person can enter a game, falling in the Triangle, but if it becomes aware, know leave quickly and rescue the healthy communication, returning to the existential position of well-being.

homem_lendoIt is very difficult, particularly if you live every day in an environment with a high level of toxicity, but not impossible. The main weapon is knowledge. Self knowledge. First, you must identify yourself in harmful behaviors and self correct. Once you understand how harmful relationships work, you can more easily defend yourself and help others combat their harmful behaviors. Do not kid yourself: no one will have absolutely any change in behavior just because you want to or because someone prayed’ for the person. The only way to resolve the conflicts that arise due to the toxicity of the environment is aware‘, ie become conscious of the hidden or subliminal causes that give rise to conflicts. Studying is the main tool.

crianca-livreRescuer, go have fun!

Who is in the position of Rescuer, can learn to get out of it by no more helping people who ask not to be helped, believing in the ability of people to exist autonomously and believing that you can be loved for what you are and not just what you do for people . I always say to Rescuers:go have fun, take care of you.”

Awakening-SedonaPersecutor be less critical!

To exit the Persecutor position, the person can use their time and energy to consider all people and not just their flaws or errors. You can also find a way to feel important, you can build your existence of glory without necessity of destroying what has been built. You can exercise your power without humiliate or denigrate the qualities of others. You can point out errors instead of criticizing harshly.

largando-as-muletasVictim, drop the crutches and walk!

To exit the position of victim, the person can exercise its logical thinking. How can I take care of myself? What can I do for me? How can I fix it myself? Give up having canes, give up establishing permanent symbiosis with people who are always ready to support your shortcomings and seek to strengthen your weaknesses, is the way.

relacionamento-saudávelGive up the war and make love!

The Karpman Drama Triangle, therefore, shows the pathology of interpersonal relations. Wear it causes in relationships result is guaranteed, and may come up with something called painful end. According to Eric Berne, healthy relationships are those where people meet one another to share what they are in an atmosphere of spontaneity, creativity and autonomy. transacao-complementar-enStill according to him, the intimacy is the riskiest and most rewarding form of human relationship. Who does not practice it, will play psychological games, the only negative form of structuring time to fill its battery with negative stimuli, since it lacks the positive. And Psychological Games guarantee this supply. The most serious of them is called war. I have dedicated most of my life working against the war that is established in the heart of the people that, hurt, come to me because one day came and still not managed to get out of the Drama Triangle. I think so, I’m doing my part to make this world better.

My thanks to Psychologist Katia Ricardi de Abreu, by having promptly authorized the use of her text for this article.


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Que o ‘Grande Aligator’ o receba!

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reptilian-bainThe Triune Brain (R-Complex) – Paul MacLean

Cérebro reptiliano (ou Complexo-R) é a parte mais primitiva de nosso cérebro. É responsável direto por mais de noventa por cento de tudo o que acontece em seu corpo (e mente) no dia a dia, bem como sua relação com o meio-ambiente e as demais pessoas, restando muito pouco para as outras partes que formam o cérebro mais evoluído dos primatas (cérebro límbico, córtex e neo-córtex). É responsável pelo comportamento automático, comportamento repetitivo e comportamento imitativo. Possui duas emoções básicas: agressão e medo, diretamente responsáveis pela sobrevivência do indivíduo (ser vivo). As demais emoções, como raiva, tristeza, alegria, bem como emoções mais refinadas como, afeto, empatia e compaixão, estão no nível do cérebro límbico. O cérebro reptiliano é paranóico por natureza, pois para ele tudo é ameaça. Na verdade, ele passa cerca de vinte e cinco horas por dia rastreando e examinando tudo ao seu redor em busca de alguma ameaça em potencial. Situações, objetos, pessoas, outros seres vivos, ideias (diferentes das suas), crenças (que não sejam as suas), tudo pode ser uma ameaça.

marcia-allesConscientização e transmutação

Marcia Alles, Venâncio Aires/RS – Quando nosso cérebro Reptiliano se ativa, tem total prioridade sobre os outros dois, “Emocional e Racional”. Se comporta como um “Super-EU”, que impede de nos adaptarmos e evoluirmos. Ele é frio, rígido, territorial e agressivo e por vezes paranoico. E para sermos livres, felizes e escapar desta herança ancestral, só mesmo um ato de conscientização e transmutação. A Consciência cria e muda a realidade. Nenhum ato físico é preciso. Só mudar a visão “de mundo”, Somos todos um, filhos do mesmo Criador. Recebemos esta Vida, e agradecidos por isto, devemos dar o máximo, para tentarmos nos melhorar e evoluir no Amor e no Sentimento de Gratidão a tudo e a todos.

sermao_da_montanha1Contextualização como ferramenta

Interessante é que nos seres humanos, as crenças e convicções ficam profundamente armazenadas no cérebro reptiliano e se tornam comportamentos automáticos. Para se introduzir uma nova crença em uma pessoa, é bem simples: Ameaças, intimidações, constrangimentos, tortura física ou psicológica, são formas eficientes de se implantar crenças a nível profundo. E o bom dessas técnicas é que elas envolvem a estrutura cerebral por inteiro, nos três níveis: reptiliano, emocional e racional. Transmite-se um conceito, qualquer conceito, não importando se esse conceito é válido ou não e isso vai direto ao cérebro racional (córtex). Para dar validade a um conceito ‘duvidoso’ usa-se uma técnica simples: a contextualização. Basta transmiti-lo dentro de um contexto favorável. Isso irá parecer ‘racional’ e ‘lógico’ para quem ouve. Exemplo: “Aquele que se humilhar será exaltado“. É uma informação, totalmente contraditória, paradoxal, praticamente impossível de ser absorvida pelo cérebro racional, mas é aí que entra a contextualização: “foi Jesusjesus-2 quem falou isso, no famoso Sermão da Montanha (ou melhor, dizem que ele falou, já que grande parte do que é atribuído a Ele é passível de ser contestado. Vide meu artigo O GRANDE MESTRE). Então o cérebro racional ‘racionaliza’, isto é, faz um malabarismo mental para aceitar algo totalmente ilógico como sendo algo totalmente plausível, pois esse absurdo comportamental está endossado pelo fato de que “foi Jesus quem falou”. Não existe melhor maneira de se introduzir crenças conflitantes e condicionar as pessoas a aceitarem de bom grado a condição de serem escravos, do que convencê-las, através de uma contextualização bem elaborada, de que seu maior mestre “se humilhou perante os homens por vontade própria”. Depois, acrescenta-se emoções ao contexto, através de cantos, entoações, danças e rituais que tem por finalidade colocar as pessoas numa espécie de transe para que elas absorvam melhor essa informação totalmente ilógica e absurda. E por fim, usa-se a intimidação e o medo, através de ameaças cuidadosamhge infernoente ‘contextualizadas’ fazendo as pessoas crerem que se não aceitarem ou não seguirem os conceitos ensinados, por mais absurdos e ilógicos que sejam, sofrerão graves consequências, tipo: ir para o inferno por toda a eternidade sem direito a julgamento, porque estarão pecando contra o ‘conceito’. Pronto. O conceito está firmemente implantado a um nível profundo, já contendo as associações emocionais e conceituais que irão garantir que o cérebro reptiliano interprete esse conjunto de emoções e conceitos como algo a ser ferozmente defendido, até com a própria vida se necessário, tal qual ele defende o território (medo/agressão). Isso parece familiar para você, leitor?

homem_primataVirando o bicho

É por isso que quando você tenta transmitir uma nova ideia a um amigo, inicialmente ele se sente ameaçado e tenta desqualificar você, dizendo coisas do tipo: “Ih, lá vem você com essas suas ideias mirabolantes” ou ainda: “Ih, lá vem você com essas suas teorias furadas”. Se você tentar mexer nas crenças dele então, aí ele vira ‘o bicho’, literalmente. É o cérebro reptiliano em ação, defendendo o território. Os líderes religiosos e os ditadores sabem muito bem como utilizar isso, através da propaganda massiva, da unificação da população em torno de uma causa (ou contra um inimigo) e da inteligente utilização do instinto oditador (1)gregário, natural em grande parte dos seres vivos e, principalmente, nos seres humanos, que por conta desse instinto, se comportam literalmente como gado. Por isso, quando alguém é convertido a um novo sistema de crenças, que pode ser de cunho religioso, político ou outro qualquer, se você tentar alertá-lo, o convertido reagirá violentamente, como um animal (medo/agressão). Assim, basta ‘instalar’ a crença ou ideia na cabeça do ‘sujeito’ e depois, ele próprio se encarregará de defendê-la, com unhas e dentes.

mulher_brava3Submetendo-se para sobreviver

O cérebro reptiliano foi programado pela Natureza para submeter os demais ou submeter-se. Normalmente os machos dominam (submetem) e as fêmeas são dominadas (submetem-se). Mas mesmo entre os machos, se um deles rugir mais forte, os demais submetem-se a ele (macho dominante, Alpha). O mesmo acontece com as fêmeas. Se uma fêmea rugir com convicção, até os machos mais fortes ficam quietinhos (e as Ovelhasoutras fêmeas também). Isso é um comportamento automático, independe dos processos racionais ou do pensamento consciente. Está diretamente relacionado à nossa necessidade de sobrevivência (para sobreviver, às vezes é conveniente submeter-se a um líder, a um ditador ou simplesmente a um macho ou fêmea mais forte). Os líderes religiosos e ditadores também sabem muito bem disso, por isso é tão fácil seduzir uma horda de fiéis e torná-los submissos como cordeirinhos.

arrogante2Permanecendo na zona de conforto

Devido à sua função principal (garantir a sobrevivência), o cérebro reptiliano às vezes assume comportamentos extremamente irritantes. Por exemplo: Ater-se à picuinhas antes de tomar conhecimento de um assunto por inteiro, isto é, travar em alguma parte ou frase irrelevante, exigindo explicações, evitando assim tomar conhecimento do assunto, já que sua principal função é proteger seu dono da ‘ameaça’ de novas ideias e com isso evitando também que seu dono tenha que usar as partes mais evoluídas do cérebro (emocional e racional). Uma das formas mais utilizadas pelo cérebro reptiliano para ‘não tomar conhecimento’ de um assunto ou uma nova ideia, é mudar o foco (vide meus artigos JOGOS QUE AS PESSOAS JOGAM e TRIÂNGULO DRAMÁTICO E JOGOS PSICOLÓGICOS. Muda-se o foco do assunto para a pessoa. Em vez de se falar do assunto, fala-se da pessoa que tenta trazer o assunto à discussão. Para isso, qualquer coisa serve: espera-se a pessoa falar ou expor uma ideia e depois pergunta-se a ela: “Por que você gesticula tanto quando está falando?” Pronto! o foco foi desviado e desse momento em diante o assunto passa a ser o porquê da pessoa gesticular enquanto fala. E o assunto principal? Irrelevante. Foi jogado no lixo. O crencas-slide_8importante agora é falar da pessoa, assim o cérebro reptiliano consegue ‘vencer a discussão’ e permanecer totalmente afastado da possibilidade de adquirir um novo conhecimento, já que novos conhecimentos são ‘ameaçadores’ para sua zona de conforto. Aliás, uma das principais funções do cérebro reptiliano é manter seu dono na mais absoluta ‘zona de conforto’. Nisso, ele é extremamente eficaz. Tente comunicar uma nova ideia ou conceito a um fanático religioso, um Ateu convicto ou um Materialista científico e verá como o cérebro reptiliano reage.

crocodiloatacagnu1Argumentando com crocodilos

Compare isso ao ato de tentar tirar o Gnu que está sendo comido por um grupo de dez crocodilos. Você será comido em um segundo. Não importa o nível cultural ou acadêmico da pessoa, ela sempre reagirá igual a um animal em defesa das ideias e conceitos ‘pré-instalados’, não se importando nem mesmo de se indispor com pessoas queridas ou arrumar inimizades. O que importa mesmo é a defesa do território (nesse caso, das ideias, conceitos e crenças). E pouco importa se os conceitos que a pessoa defende são válidos ou não, porque nesse caso a razão não se aplica (Razão, raciocínio e análise, são tarefas do cérebro evoluído, (racional), mas ele raramente é utilizado por pessoas cujo cérebro reptiliano é predominante).

melissa-tobiasO mito dos dez por cento

Melissa Tobias – Um mito que alguns charlatões adoram é afirmar que usamos apenas 10% da capacidade do nosso cérebro. Mentira! Basta fazer uma ressonância magnética para ver que todo nosso cérebro é usado. Não existe nenhum mega poder sobrenatural escondido nas profundezas do cérebro. Somos seres humanos, seres fisicamente limitados e ponto. E ainda bem que somos assim. A natureza, ou seja lá o que nos criou, foi muito inteligente em nos manter presos num corpo bem limitado. Se com um cérebro primitivo e tosco como o nosso, o ser humano cria bombas para explodir cabeças de crianças inocentes, imagine se possuísse poderes sobrenaturais de heróis de quadrinhos!? O poder sem amor é muito perigoso, é o mal encarnado. Cada um tem o corpo que merece. O cérebro que merece. O que faz uma criatura ser melhor que a outra é sua índole e não seus poderes de super heróis. Nem todo médium, que possui tal habilidade por ter grande quantidade de cristais na glândula pineal, é humilde e bondoso como Chico Xavier. Muitos usam esta habilidade para trabalhar para seres sombrios. Primeiro temos que aprender a amar. Um corpo e um cérebro mais poderoso virá em seguida. Assim é mais seguro para todos. E, não! Não usamos apenas 10% do nosso cérebro. Usamos ele todo. Tire um pedacinho de nada para ver o que acontece! Os neurologistas só entendem 10% do funcionamento do cérebro. Foi aí que surgiu o mito.

gaza-genocideAumentando a área de influência

O cérebro reptiliano é obsessivo por querer sempre mais. Mais território, mais posses, mais influencia, mais poder. Para ele, menos que tudo, é inaceitável, ele quer tudo, quer controlar tudo. Ele é doente por controle, quer o controle absoluto. Tudo o que está ao alcance de sua vista ou de seus sentidos tem que estar sob controle. E o controle tem que ser absoluto. Isso parece familiar para você, leitor? O cérebro reptiliano quer expandir sempre, o tempo todo. Por isso um empresário que tem dez caminhões, no ano seguinte quer ter cinquenta e no outro ano quer ter trezentos. Não se trata de crescimento empresarial e sim de ‘amealhar’ posses, território, controle. Pelo mesmo motivo uma mulher tem dez pares de sapato e no mês seguinte ela quer ter cinquenta e no outro mês duzentos pares e depois… Ela não para nunccongestionamento_avioesa de comprar sapatos, vestidos, calças, mesmo que nunca vá usar. A esposa do ex-ditador das Filipinas tinha nada menos que oitocentos pares de sapatos. E não estava satisfeita, ela queria mais. Não se trata de ter um guarda roupas variado, até porque ela nunca irá usar todos esses sapatos. É apenas o cérebro reptiliano em ação, buscando ter cada vez mais, controlar cada vez mais, expandir o território cada vez mais. Só isso. É por isso que um homem constitui uma empresa e depois de um ano a empresa vira duas e depois de dois anos a empresa vira dez e depois cinquenta e depois… nunca chega a um fim. É por isso também que um especulador de Wall Street tem 76 jatos e helicópteros e possui cinco mansões e controla pelo menos trinta instituições financeiras entre bancos, financeiras, seguradoras, etc. E não é o suficiente. Ele quer mais. Só que aqui há um pequeno detalhe, que quase ninguém sabe. Ele (o especulador) amealhou tudo isso e muito mais às suas ccaranguejoustas, caro leitor, porque um especulador não produz absolutamente nada, não comercializa absolutamente nada. Vive apenas do dinheiro dos outros. Sabe aquele juro abusivo que você paga, embutido nas parcelas de seu carro? Sabe aquele royalty que você paga quando adquire um produto, que pela lógica de mercado deveria custar R$ 100,00 mas custa R$650,00? Essa é a parcela do especulador de Wall Street. Você trabalha e sua a camisa para que ele possa comer ‘patinhas de caranguejo’ a US$400,00 (quatrocentos dólares) o prato, fora o frete. E também para que ele possa se deitar com prostitutas de luxo que cobram alguns milhares de dólares pelo programa, já que o dinheiro é dos trouxas mesmo, ou seja, meu, seu e de todos os que trabalham. Por que o cérebro reptiliano busca ter mais e mais? Medo. Medo de ficar sem, medo de faltar. Por que ele expande mais e mais? Agressão, território, controle, poder.

Igreja primitiva x atualLevando a palavra

E falando em expansão, assim também agem os lideres religiosos quando convencem seus fiéis a aliciarem mais adeptos para suas igrejas ou templos. Depois de convenientemente convencidos de que a sua religião é a única verdadeira e que todos os que seguem outras religiões devem se converter para esta, sob pena de estarem cometendo heresia, os fiéis saem para as ruas em busca de novos adeptos. E são muito bem treinados para isso, sabem como ninguém a arte do convencimento através do medo e da intimidação, já que estarão falando na maior parte do tempo com pessoas com pouca ou nenhuma instrução e nenhum conhecimento de teologia. Duvida do que eu digo? Apenas observe como o número de igrejas é inversamente proporcional ao nível cultural, econômico e financeiro das comunidades onde elas se instalam. Quanto maisIgrejas ricas II pobreza, mais igrejas. Eles estão realmente convencidos de que são portadores da ‘verdade’ e por isso eles vão de porta em porta levar a ‘palavra’. Você já viu algum líder religioso indo fazer pregação de porta em porta? Não, claro que não. Ele coloca seus ‘empregados’ para fazer isso. Cada religião, na figura de seus líderes e adeptos, está convencida de que ela é a única verdadeira e por isso ela assume a tarefa missioneira de levar a ‘palavra’ aos confins do mundo e expande seus territórios de influência usando os cérebros reptilianos dos seus seguidores.

carlos-torresMais medo, mais controle, mais poder

Carlos Torres – Escritor e PalestranteQuanto mais violência, mais medo, quanto mais medo, mais artifícios de segurança privada as pessoas e empresas consomem e mais as empresas de seguro faturam. Quanto mais medo as pessoas sentem, mais elas ficam em casa, quanto mais elas ficam em casa, mais facilmente elas serão condicionadas e quanto mais condicionadas, mais elas assistem TV aberta. Portanto quanto mais assistem, mais audiência elas têm, mais faturamento, maior controle e maior share de atuação no mercado, O Deus Mercado. Sem contar é lógico no agregado que se consegue captar para as religiões. Simples Assim.

the-triune-brain-in-evolutionConhecimento proibido

Esse estudo sobre o cérebro reptiliano é tão importante, que o livro de medicina de Paul MacLean – The Triune Brain (R-Complex), que descreve pormenorizadamente o funcionamento do cérebro, custa (no Brasil) a simples bagatela de R$ 1.340,90 (preço de 01-set-2014). Isso mesmo, mais de mil e trezentos Reais. Percebe-se que o objetivo disso é dificultar ao máximo o acesso ao conhecimento através da prática de preços proibitivos. Presume-se que esse livro não será traduzido para o Português, então os interessados terão que importá-lo. Obviamente que eu não tenho esse livro (ainda não, mas estou juntando dinheiro), então todo o conteúdo deste artigo é baseado em trabalhos de outros autores que por sua vez desenvolveram seus trabalhos com base no trabalho de Paul MacLean como por exemplo, John S. Price, de cujo artigo eu extraí alguns trechos para compor este meu trabalho. Por se tratar de um assunto fascinante, coloco à disposição para download dois links de artigos em PDF (em inglês). São artigos curtos, de poucas páginas, mas que ajudam bastante no processo de compreensão do funcionamento do cérebro em suas três partes principais: instintivo, emocional e racional.

The triune brain-I – Issue – John S. Price

The triune brain-II – Issue – excerpted from the book pages 185-189

Luta-pela-menteComo sua mente é controlada!

Este é um livro importantíssimo pois descreve em detalhes as técnicas de conversão religiosa e política. Muito do que escrevi acima está melhor descrito neste livro. Clique no link para free-download.

Luta pela Mente – William Sargant.pdf