reptilian-bainThe Triune Brain (R-Complex) – Paul MacLean

Reptilian Brain is the most primitive part of our brain. It is responsible by most of what happens (90% average) in our body and mind in our daily activities as well as our relation with the environment and other people and too litle is left to to the other parts which form the most evolved mamalian’s brain (limbic and cortex). It is responsible by the automatic behavior, repetitive behavior and imitative behavior. It has only two basic emotions: atack an fear, which are directily responsible by the living being’s survival. The other emotions as angry, sadness, joy as well as the most refined emotions as afection, empathy and compassion are in the level of limbic brain. The reptilian brain is a paronoid by Nature because to it everything is a threat. Really, it spends twenty-five hours a day surveilling, traking and examinating the environment searching for potential threats. Situations, things, persons, other living beings, beliefs (when conflicting with its own), ideas (when different from its own), everything can be a threat.

marcia-allesAwareness and transmutation

Marcia Alles, Venâncio Aires/RS (Brazil) – When our reptilian brain is activated, it holds total priority over the other two, ‘emotional and rational’. It behaves like a ‘Super-Self’ which does not let us to adapt and evolve. It is cold, rigid, territorial, aggressive and most of times, paranoid. To be free, happy and to escape from that ancient heritage, we should improve our awareness and transmute our primitive emotions. Consciousness creates and changes the reality. No physical act is necessary, just shifting our vision of the world. We are all one, creations of the same creator. We received the life and thankful by that, we should give our best. We should improve ourselves and evolve into a feeling of love and gratitude to all the things and living beings.

sermao_da_montanha1Contextualisation as a tool

Incidentally, in the human beings, convictions and beliefs are deeply stored in the reptilian brain and turn themselves into completely automatic behaviors. To introduce a new belief into a person’s core belief is, in fact, very simple: threats, intimidations, constrainings, psychic or physical torture are efficient tools mostly used to implement beliefs into a deep level. This system afects the whole brain structure and this is its best part: reptilian, emotional and rational brain are affected as they were just one (in fact they are). Given a concept, any concept, not regarding if true or false, it goes straight to the rational (cortex) brain. To be accepted, a false or dubious concept must be transmitted into a favourable context. It will be seen as ‘rational’ and ‘logic’ to the one who is hearing. Example: “Whoever humbles himself will be exalted”. This is a totally contradicted, paradoxical information, in fact impossible to be absorbed by the rational brain, but here is used the ‘secret weapon’. Jesus said it in His Sermon of the Mount. jesus-2(ie, they say He said, but most of what they say He said, can be challenged). See my article “THE GRAND MASTER“. So the rational brain ‘rationalizes, that is, it does a mind magic to accept something totally absurd and illogical as it was someting plausible, because this behavioral absurd is endorsed by the fact that it was said by Jesus. There is no better way to introduce conflicting beliefs and make people kindly accept their slave condition than convincing them, by a well elaborated contextualization, that their GRAND MASTER ‘was humiliated before the men by His own will’. After that, emotions are added to the context, by chants, intonations, dances and rituals hge infernowhose main purpose is set people in a kind of trance for they can better absorb such illogical and absurd information. Finally, intimidation and fear are used by saying carefully contextualised threats making people believe that if they do not follow the just learned concepts, even being absurd or illogical, they will suffer the consequences: They will go to hell for the whole eternity with no judgement because they commited a sin against ‘the concept’. Presto! The ‘concept’ is firmly implanted into a deep level containing the emotional associations that will assure to the reptilian brain this should be ferociously defended, even with his own life if needed, in the same way it defendes its territory (atack/fear). Is this familiar to you, reader?

homem_primataTurning into a beast

This is what happens when you try to talk about a new idea to a friend. First he feels threatened and tries to make you constraint by saying expressions like: “uhh, there you go again with your pierced theories!” If you try to talk about his beliefs, in fact, he turns into a beast, literally. Just the reptilian brain defending its territory. The religious leaders and the dictatorships know this fact very well. They use this through a oditador (1)massive propaganda, unifying people around a cause (or against an enemy). They use the gregarious instinct common to most of living beings and mainly in human beings who, due to this instinct, behave like herd, literaly. So, when someone is converted into a new belief system, be it religious, political or any other, if you try to warn him/hers, he/she will react violently as an animal (atack/fear). It is enough to install the new belief or idea into one’s head and after that, he/she by himself/herself will defend it with teeth and nails and with his/her own life if needed.

mulher_brava3Self submiting to survive

Reptilian brain has been programmed by Nature to self submit or to submit others (in both cases by fear or threateningness). Generally males dominate (submit) and females are dominated (self submited). But even among males, if one of them screams loudly (alpha male) others will self submit to him. The same happens with females. If a female screams loudly and convincedly, even the strongest males get quiet and frightened Ovelhas(and other females too). This is an automatic behaviour, not depending on rational processes or even conscious thinking. It is directly related to our necessity for survival (To survive, sometimes is convenient to self submit to a leader, a dictatorship or even to a stronger male or female). Again the religious leaders and dictatorships know this fact very well. That’s why is so easy to seduce a horde of faithful people and turn them submited like sheep.

arrogante2Remainging in the confort zone

Due to its main function (preserve life), reptilian brain sometimes assumes some extremely annoying behaviours. Exemple: attain itself to unsignificant details before acknowledging the whole content of an issue, ie, stop in an irrelevant part or frase demanding explanations. Once its main function is to protect its owner from the ‘threat’ of new ideas, this procedure serves to not using the most evolved parts of the brain (emotional and rational). One of the reptilian brain’s most used way to ‘not acknowledge’ the issue is to shift the focus of a conversation. See my articles “HOW TO IDENTIFY (AND AVOID) TROLLS” and “HARASSMENT AND PSYCHOLOGICAL GAMES AT WORK“. It changes the focus from the issue to the person who is talking about the issue. Instead of speaking about the matter, it talks about the person. This is used to disqualify the person. It waits until the matter is exposed and then ask an irrelevant question: “Why do you make a lot of gestures while speaking?” Presto! From this moment on, the matter is about “making gestures while speaking”. One has to explain the ‘why’ of so crencas-slide-enmany gestures. About the main matter? Irrelevant. It was turned into trash and thrown away. The most important now is talking about the person, so the reptilian brain wins the discussion and keep itself off from the possiblity of learning a new idea or knowledge once new knowledges are ‘threatening’. Incidentally, one of the most important functions of the reptilian brain is to keep its owner into a very absolute confort zone. It does it very efficiently. Try to communicate a new idea to a fanatic religious follower, to an convinced atheist or to a scientific materialist and you will see how the reptilian brain reacts.

crocodiloatacagnu1Arguing with crocodiles

Compare this to the act of trying to take a Gnu from a crocodile. You will be wiped out in just a second. No matter about the cultural or academic degree of the person in question, one will always react just like an animal in defense of its pre-installed concepts or ideas. Normally one doesn’t mind about hurting beloved people or turning them into enemies. What really matters is the defense of the territory (in this case, ideas, concepts and beliefs). Still no matter if the concepts or beliefs one defends are plausible or not, because in such a case reason is not applied. Reason, rational thinking and analyse are tasks given to the rational brain (cortex) but the later is never used by persons whose reptilian brain is predominant.

melissa-tobiasThe ten per cent mith

Melissa Tobias – Some charlatans like to state a mith that we use only ten per cent of our brain capacity. It is a lie! We just need to make a magnetic ressonance to see that the whole brain is being used at every single moment. There is not a mega supernatural power hiding in the deepness of the brain. We are human beings, physically limited and that is all. And it is a bless! The Nature or whatsoever has been created us, has been very smart in maintaing us in a very limited body. If just having a very crude brain in a limited body, we are able to create bombs to explode innocent children’s heads, try to imagine if we owned super powers as the cartoons heroes? Power without love is too dangerous, is the very evil in earth. Each living being has the body it deserves and the brain it deserves. What makes a creature better than another one is its inner values and not its super hero powers. Not even a medium who has its skill because of a great number of cristals in its pineal gland, is good and humble as the famous “Chico Xavier”. Many use this ability to work for regressive beings of shadows. First of all, we must learn to love. A powerful body and brain will come after. This way is the safest for all. No! We don’t use only ten per cent of our brain. We use it at all. Remove just a little piece of it by surgery and see what happens! The neurologists only understand ten per cent of the brain functioning. That’s why the mith.

gaza-genocide-enIncreasing the area of influence

The reptilian brain is obsessed with always wanting more. More territory, more possessions, more influence, more power. For it, less of everything is unacceptable, it wants everything, wants to control everything. It is sick for control, wants absolute control. All that is within reach of its sight or its senses have to be under control. And the control has to be absolute. Does this sound familiar to you, reader? The reptilian brain always wants to expand all the time. So an entrepreneur who has ten trucks and in the next year wants to have fifty and after that he wants to have three hundred trucks. This is not business growth but increasing possessions, increasing territory, increasing control. For the same reason a woman has ten pairs of shoes and in the next month she wants to have two hundred and fifty and after that she wants more and more The wife of the former dictator of the Philippines had no less than eight hundred pairs of shoes. And she was not satisfied, she congestionamento_avioeswanted more. It is not about having a varied wardrobe, because she will never wear all those shoes. It’s just the reptilian brain in action, increasing control, increasing territory, increasing possessions. That’s it. That is why a man constitutes one company and after one year the company turns into two and after two years the company turns into ten and after three years it turns into fifty and then it never comes to an end. It is also why a speculator on Wall Street has 76 jets and helicopters and has five mansions and controls at least thirty financial institutions between banks and insurance companies. And it is not enough. He wants more. Only here there is a small detail, almost no one knows. He (the speculator) got all that and more at your expense, dear reader, because a speculator produces absolutely nothing, sells nothing. His money is got from others. Do you know that abusive interest you pay, embedded in the monthly payments of your car? Do you know that Royalty taxes you pay when purchasing a product that should cost $100.00  into acaranguejo logic of market but is priced at $650.00? This is the portion of the Wall Street speculator. You work like a donkey so he can eat crab pawspriced at $400.00 (four hundred U.S. dollars) a dish, not considered the shipping. And also he may have sex with luxury prostitutes who charge several thousand dollars for the service, once the money comes from the same suckers, ie, me, you and everyone who works hard. Why does the reptilian brain want more and more? Fear. Fear of lack, fear of missing. Why it expands more and more? Aggression, territory, control, power.

Igreja primitiva x atual-ENSpreading the word

Speaking of expansion, this is exactily what religious leaders do when they convince its followers to recruit more adepts to their churches or temples. After conveniently convinced that their religion is the only true and all those who follow other religions should convert to this, otherwise they are committing heresy, the faithful come out to the streets in search of new adepts. And they are very well trained for this, they know the fine art of persuasion through fear and intimidation as they will be talkiIgrejas ricas IIng most of the time with people with little or no education and even less knowledge of theology. They are really convinced that they are bearers of ‘the truth’ and so they go door to door to preach the ‘word’. Have you ever seen any religious leader going to preach door to door? No, of course not. He puts his employees to do so. Each religion, in the figure of its leaders and adepts, is convinced that it is the only true and so it assumes the missionary task of sending the ‘word’ to the ends of the world and expand their territories of influence using their adepts’ reptilian brains.

carlos-torresMore fear, more control, more power

Carlos Torres, Writer and Speaker The more violence, more fear, the more fear, more equipment for private security people consume and more businesses to insurance companies. The more fear people feel, more they stay at home, the more they stay home, more they will be easily conditioned and the more conditioned, more they watch open TV. So the more they watch TV, more audience, and more sales, more control and more share of market performance, The God Market. Not to mention of course the aggregate that is captured for religions. So simple.

Forbbiden knowledge

the-triune-brainThis study about the reptilian brain is so very important. I guess that’s why the medicine book which describes the functioning of the whole brain (Paul MacLean – The Triune Brain [R-Complex]) is so much expensive. Its price is prohibitive. In the I’ve found it by the price of US$ 335,20 (three hundred, thirty five US dollars). That is it! It is a matter of fact that the objective of it is to discourage who wants to buy it by selling the book with a prohibitive price. Obviously I don’t have this book, but at this moment I’m saving for it. So the entire content of this article is based on some excerpts downloaded from the Internet as the John S. Price issue. For this is an important matter, I have placed two links below for the reader can see a little more about the Triune brain.

The triune brain-I – Issue – John S. Price

The triune brain-II – Issue – excerpted from the book pages 185-189


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