The structure of sexual repression

Reich and Lilly, led in the early years of the 50, experiments that led to amazing discoveries about human sexuality. We know that they lived and worked at the same time and in the same country, but it is unclear whether one even has aknowledge the work of the other and vice versa, due to the fact that the entire Reich’s work was confiscated and incinerated, soon after he was led to prison, where he remained for about a year and a half and died of heart attack, a few days before receiving parole. But why Reich was persecuted and imprisoned and died, while his contemporary colleague stayed alive and continued research and died in 2001 of old age? Why does the main work of Lilly remained practically hidden, despite their very strong implications? Lilly is currently known as the father of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based on their findings during their experiments with dolphins. The experiment he conducted with monkeys is completely unknown and it is about this experiment that I write this article, as well as the experiments that were conducted by Reich. To be properly understood, regarding Reich‘s experiments, I must first describe the experiments of Lilly.

johnlilly3John C. Lilly 1915/2001

Was a physician and psychoanalyst. He made contributions in the fields of biophysics, neurophysiology, electronics, computer science, and neuroanatomy. He is the father of neuro linguistic. Its main experiment, with implications that involve deep human sexuality, is not even mentioned. If you want to know, need to do a ‘panning’ on the Internet to get this information: See the matter on the lik below:

Well, someday I knew the Lilly’s page showing his work on monkeys would be taken off from Internet, so I saved a full copy in pdf format. Click in the link below: (09/03/2016)

Mapping of the brain – Lilly.pdf

macaco-facesBrain mapping

In his experiments, Lilly managed with great care and by the cost of much trial and error, enter deeply, around 610 wafer-thin electrodes in a monkey brain. So, it was possible, thanks to this experiment, make a complete mapping of a primate brain. Each tiny part of the brain could be accessed and stimulated by weak electric currents and a set of switches. After some time it was possible to learn how to control each part of the body of the monkey. He pressed a switch and the monkey moved a finger, another switch and the monkey lifted a leg, another switch and the monkey made a motion with its head. It didn’t take long to discover that by triggering certain switches, one could deploy’ primary emotions in monkeys, such as an irrational fear without any reason, or aggression, also for no reason. He also discovered that it was possible to deploy’ pain, lots of pain, and also it was discovered that it was possible to deploy’ states of joy or pleasure. All this through the 610 electrodes and a set of switches (keys) that made circulate weak electric currents at the monkey brain.

Fast-ejaculationDisconcerting findings

One of the most disconcerting findings that occurred in these experiments is that there is, in a primate brain, three independent subsystems with regard to the sexual issue: erection, ejaculation and orgasm. Each of these functions is independent of the other two; thus, it was possible, through the commands, producing an erection at a time, one ejaculation at another time and an orgasm in another time, without an interrelationship between the three functions. Each occurred separately and in time, with no need to share any of the other two. This is so confusing that even today, the vast majority of men even accept that possibility. Our taboos and prejudice firmly rooted and deeply embedded in our conscious and unconscious minds through the millennia of sexual repressiontell us that orgasm and ejaculation occur simultaneously and for that an erection is necessary. No erection, no ejaculation, no orgasm. However, it is a fact in anatomy that erection is linked to the circulatory system, ejaculation is linked to muscular and glandular system and orgasm is purely neural. This is perfectly understood in terms of anatomy, but it is a taboo when it comes to sexuality itself. Obviously we’re talking about males, but females also have erection (the clitoris is swollen), ejaculation (many women report a feeling of urinating at the time of orgasm and some ejaculate visibly) and, of course, orgasms. Of course the male monkeys were chosen for the experiment because of the ease of observation.

orgasmoSixteen hours of orgasm!

But science is science, and the scientist is a curious critter, so Lilly decided to explore the endless possibilities’ of his experiments: developed a small box with a button (remote) where the monkey pressing the button, had a full orgasm. But the system was programmed so that the monkey could only push the button once each three minutes, ie, having an orgasm, the monkey had to wait three minutes to have another. Guess what happened? The monkey was pressing the control button every three minutes for sixteen consecutive hours and then slept. After sleeping for about eight hours, the monkey returned to push the button for over sixteen consecutive hours without interruption and then slept another eight hours and so on. The team had to stop the experiment because the monkey could not remember more to feed itself. Just wanted to push the little button.

macaquinho-doenteIt was all in the name of science

After awhile, Lilly decided to change the experiment: through the electrodes, he implanted a very strong pain in the monkey and this, every three minutes, had the opportunity to stop the pain by pressing a button. But had to wait three minutes, like in the previous experiment. The monkey pressed the button and the pain stopped, but after a while it came back and he had to wait three minutes to be able to stop the pain. Interestingly, the monkey endured this torture for sixteen hours straight and then surrendered and died because he had no more strength to push the button and stop the pain. Then it was discovered that the limit to endure pain also was sixteen hours, as in the case of pleasure, an interesting coincidence. Then, in subsequentmacaco-alegre-vibração-animal-222 experiments, before the monkey would die as a result of the experiment of pain control was replaced by orgasm. And here also held another startling discovery: after some time having orgasms every three minutes, the monkey was fully restored in their health completely healed, leaving no sign of all torture and all the pain he had suffered earlier by nearly sixteen consecutive hours. That is, even though it was tortured near to death, it was enough that the monkey had access to the pleasure for it to be completely healed, without any sequel. And with a happy smile.

A note to animal advocates: I am personally against this type of animal experiments, but we must remember that the year was 1953 and at that time there were no such strong movements in defense of animals, especially when used in laboratory experiments.

reichWilhelm Reich – (1897/1957)

Austro-Hungarian, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, pedagogy, biology, anthropology, sociology, astrophysics, meteorology. Expelled from the Communist Party and the International Psychoanalytic Society. Was bold and daring in the face of the structure of sexual repression in society. Some years before his death, publishers have consistently refused to publish his books, on charges that they were obscene’. He was forced under the circumstances to create his own publishing house. His experiments involving human sexuality, eventually led him to jail in 1956, where he stayed a year and a half and died of supposed’ heart attack. The implications of their research and experiments, were so threatening to the ‘system’ that he was chased by no less than FDAA (Food and Drug Administration Agency). While he was imprisoned, his office and his publisher were hacked and all his work was confiscated and incinerated. Inquisition in very 20th century! And it did not happen in a communist or dictatorial regime, even under a civilian or military dictatorship country. This happened in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the land of freedom of expression, the country of civil rights guaranteed in the constitution and whose constitution serves as a model and reference for everyone.

Orgone_Energy_Accumulator_right-angle_openThe orgone chamber

 Reich believed that the energy emanating from a person at the moment of orgasm was so strong, it would be possible to store it for later use, since it would have the proper technology. With his knowledge of electronics he developed an adapted box, which he called orgone chamber. It was like a large capacitor to store energy. Inside the chamber, one or more couples (those who participated in the experiment), had sex and then Reich placed within the same chamber a sick person, or weak with cancer. After some time spent in the orgone chamber, one showed a visible improvement, a significant reduction in symptoms. Even people with cancer experienced a noticeable reduction or even a setback in cancer evolution. See more details about the history of this hero on the following link:

I strongly recommend watching the folowing video about sexual human instincts. You will see how we know so little about a very important function in our humanity: our sexuality. – Sexual Human Instincts – Robert Winston

vespeiroStirring the hornet’s nest

It is not difficult to understand why Reich have been persecuted and arrested and have had all of his work burned. Are millennia of sexual repression through (intentionally) mistaken religious dogmas. And Reich was just messing this hornet’s nest. Not to mention the structure that governs secretly behind the state (fascist state), which Reich referred very properly and knowingly in at least two of his works, The Psychology of Fascism and The Function of the Orgasm. This structure of the “systemencourages sexuality without commitment, without affection, in the total expense to the family values that is the mater cell of any civilized society. See my articles THE FASCIST STATE and THE R-COMPLEX (REPTILIAN BRAIN).

apple_menos_bugs-enThe structure of sexual repression

Here one question: Do you, the reader, know why the monkey pressed the button continuously for sixteen consecutive hours? Because no one ever told him the story of the Garden of Eden‘. In its reduced intelligence, the monkey never did and never will make a mental and psychological association between sex’ and ‘sin’, because in its world there are no pastors, priests or clerics. But if anyone could shove down the throatsof the monkey this concept of sex associated with sin, he would immediately become afraid of pushing the little button. He would feel guilty. And even if someone tells him that to ‘save’ itself it should push the little button, it would strongly react saying it is a sin and, ultimately, would die because it will feel guilty and o-grande-macaco-rhesusundeserving of making use of sexual energy to recover from the illness, ie, sixteen hours of torture and pain for which it just passed. It’s just a matter of concept. Imagine then, if one could shove down the throatsof the monkey, its greatest Master, the Great Ape Rhesus’, died after enduring long hours of torture and suffering, and that He did it to free their brothers monkeys from all their sins, you can be sure that the little monkeywill suffer rather die than fight for life, and will do so to followits Master.

evaAs time goes by

As you can see by the above experiments, there is a very strong healing power in sexual energy, still untapped. The simple fact of exercise a healthy sexuality, free of prejudices, taboos and guilt created by the ‘system’, it is enough to the individual has a good health that will last until its old age. Of course, if it is properly explored, like other forms of health maintenance, how would the labs increase their profits? Can you see, dear reader, that who chased and arrested Reich was nothing less than the FDAA (Food and Drugs Administration Agency)? Does a government agency that regulates and runs the production and marketing of food and medicines have police powers? No, of course not, but you can get a formal charge against a citizen and then the police will arrest him for that, after all, whom the police serve? Especially when it has a fascist state in full operation acting covertly behind an illusory democratic state’. In this case, everything is possible. And do you know where the organs and institutions that form the fascist state are? Institutions like CIA, FBI, NSA, and in the case of Brazil, the SNI and other Intelligence Agencies, whose intelligence is at the service of corporations and banks. erotizacao-precoceInstitutions related to religions, such as Opus Dei and ISIS are also part of this structure. Ultimately, the fascist state, is the corporations and banks. Everything else is below them, and something, I repeat something that might threaten their exorbitant profits, is fiercely suppressed. And to keep their profits, anything goes. Even destroy the values of a society, destroy the family, foster conflict between classes, scrapping the education system, scrapping the health care system, foster (indirectly) violence, spread fear through the media, to promote (indirectly) all sort of sexual perversions, foster (indirectly) the use of drugs, turn children into adults (early sexualization) and infantilizing adults (psychological feature extensively explored by the mass media, propaganda and marketing). Worth even turn the whole country into a whorehouse, so if it makes more money.

See the picture above the strong appeal to child sexualisation.

Because innocence is sexier than you think“.

An indirect stimulus to pedophilia.


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