(And they are the holders of 90% of all the assets and wealth of the world)


They are the “owners” of the planet and therefore all that is within the limits of ‘ownership’ of them belongs to them, and that includes the seven billion human. “They” shared the planet in ‘farms’ and create humans like cattle, only to meet their purposes.

At this moment there are more than 38 ongoing wars on the planet.

All funded by the same small group (banks, weapon industries) that do exactly equal to a certain ancient ‘Lord’. ‘Harden’ the hearts of opponents and sell them weapons. After the opponents are completely destroyed offer them funding for the reconstruction of their countries with money that will never come into the hands of the respective governments, it will dead ahead to contractors responsible for the reconstruction, whose shareholders are the same of that small group. But the bill … yeah, the bill! This goes straight to the people, oppressed and enslaved that will now have to work more, much more, to pay such an aviltant bill. Ok, but contractors generate jobs in these countries. Yes, they do! And pay wages of $2,00 a day, for enslaved workers, once the qualified personnel is brought from abroad.

No use talking in moral and ethical when the ‘enemy’ is within our home and has the power to use our ‘unprotected psychic and emotional entries’ to manipulate and lead us into wars and more wars, conflicts and more conflicts. Not to mention the consumption, consumption, buy, buy, obey, obey.

Who are these ‘less than a thousand’? Hybrid? Livestock owners? The owners of the world?

They determine who will have jobs and who will not.

They determine that about two billion slaves receive lower salaries than $ 2 a day and live permanently in sub-human conditions, to produce the electronic toys that will make the joy of the other five billion.

They determine how much unemployment there will be in each country, which is actually just a corral for some of the cattle, controlled by one or more of these ‘less than a thousand’.

They determine the laws that will be ‘voted’, always to benefit them in a theater well set that makes it seem to the cattle that are their ‘representatives’ who are voting.

They determine who wins and who loses the elections, in fact, those who will be ‘elected’ either are from among them or are indicated by them (from time to time they need to leave one of the people, a bearded one or a shrew, taking office, to legitimize the theater).

It is they who have been around for millennia, always hidden or out of reach, but tell stories very well prepared (the style of the film The Island) to make us believe that ‘they’ are ordinary people, born into the ‘common people’ and achieved their positions with ‘a lot of struggle and effort’ (who has worked on some multinational will understand what I’m saying).

The list of ‘they are’ is huge.

If you have to form a resistance, it should be against them and not against governments.

caminhao-boisImagine a livestock farm: the oxen may even find it strange that every week a certain slope truck in one of the farm points and after that in the following days several of his colleagues go away and never come back. But this is not conspiracy, it’s just the farmers doing what has to be done with their cattle: feed them sell them and direct them to a slaughterhouse. From the point of view of oxen, since there is always more perceptive individuals among them, something strange is going on, but it is not conspiracy.

boiada640Conspiracy is when some of oxen, bulls to say better, decide to join the staff of the farmer and, in exchange for privileges, start helping to choose the oxen that will go to the slaughterhouse. That is, conspiracy only exists even when individual of the same species or the same class decide to betray his comrades. From the farmer’s point of view, also there never was any conspiracy, only bulls ‘helpful’ and ‘orders abiding’ who ‘cooperate’ to the smooth running of the business.

im-telling-you-the-man-and-the-dog-are-working-togetherBut the oxen are always suspicious, and once there are among them some more aware, there will always be one or two of the latter that will begin to proselytize toward the other bulls and try to explain to them that there is something very wrong happening on the farm and always happens when comes the trucks and definitely bulls are involved in it. But as most of the oxen have had their brain washed by the “Big Bull Zebu”, there will always be in the middle of the group who is listening to ‘talk’, one smart stuck ox that will pronounce the magic words: “Yeah, this you’re saying there, friend, is conspiracy theory”! Ready! As the term “Conspiracy Theory” is associated in the collective unconscious to insane, paranoid and neurotic people, the other oxen immediately start looking at the proselyte with an expresion:” hmm, this guy is crazy, paranoid, full of theories! Come on, boys, let’s get out of here”. And immediately move away from him, leaving him talking to himself. Soon after ALL other oxen return to their grazing quietly and everything remains the same as always has been.

Conclusion: This stuff of “Conspiracy Theory” is about a kind of ox that has been brainwashed, do not like to think, and prefers to continue grazing.


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