What is wilful ignorance?

Wilful ignorance is when you decide, by yourself, not to see the inconvenient facts that are all surrounding you. It is when you think to yourself that it is not happening to my relatives, not to my family, not to my friends, so it is not of my concern. By thinking this way, you will never stand up for those who are being inflicted, enslaved, injured, for you don’t have affection or emotional bonds with them, no matter if they are also humans as you are. Presuming that you are human, ok? 


efgebwnnqzpzfql-800x450-nopadLost childhood

So many people, most of them are still children, are working as slaves, right now, in so many countries in Africa. However, since you have a Famous Brand, a good chocolate to enjoy, whether it is Hersheys or Nestle, you will never mind about the children working as slaves in cacao farms. Who cares about them? You just turn you face to the other side, not to face the problem. It is not your problem. It is none of your business. This is wilful ignorance.

apple-factory_large_extra_largeLost youth

So many people, most of them, young boys and girls with so many dreams and projects for their lives, are working as slaves, right now,  in so many factories which are basically slave labor camps in Asian Southeast. Once you have your iPhone or even another toy for you distraction or pleasure, you will never mind about how it is produced, in countries where slavery is quite normal. This is not your problem. This is not up to you. Ok, don’t feel guilty, you live in a free country. This is wilful ignorance.

fgm-4Lost femininity

So many women are being inflicted, right now, by the Female Genital Mutilation, and this is happening not only in about 26 countries in Africa, but all around the world in many communities formed by radical Muslims, in a rate of one girl at each four minutes. But this is not up to you, whether you are a man or a woman, is it? Nevertheless, this is only a cultural issue, isn’t it? Nothing to worry about. This is wilful ignorance.

story_sex-trafficking-2Lost dignity

So many young women, girls, and even children, are being kidnaped everyday in so many countries, including yours, right now, right before your very eyes, to be sold for sexual slavery purposes. Did you even heard about it? No, of course not. This is not an issue for the mass media. Once you have the Tell Lie Vision to distract and entertain you, the other’s children won’t be an issue of your concern. The wilful ignorance allows you watch sex videos while you masturbate yourself and feel absolutely nothing about the women (or children) who performs them, or even how this kind of dirty movies are produced, or even how many women die because of them. Nothing to worry about, ok. Just stay masturbating yourself.

human-traffickingLost lives

So many people disappear every year around the world, most of them are children. Best numbers are about more than two million per year, already uncounted the solved cases. Where do they go? Out of the planet? To the outer space? To the inner Earth? Are they being enslaved in underground secret instalations or facilities owned by a Military Industrial Complex? Are they being used to human sacrifices? Nobody knows. Nobody wants to know. The mass media doesn’t even talk about this issue. It seems that nothing is happening. Besides that, this is not of your concern. Nobody of your family or from your neighborhood has disapeared lately, so you have nothing to worry about. Just stay living your “romantic view of life”. Welcome to the Planet Earth.

homelesscount0101422561730Lost citizenship

So many people are becoming homeless, everyday, everywhere, in every country around the world, a phenomena that is happening in an exponencial rate, caused by a society structured on the basis of social Darwinism, where competition prevails rather than cooperation and as a result of a collapsing economic system. And this sick society calls them ‘the problem’. They are not the problem, but the consequence of the problem. We live into an economic system which was originally created not to generate opportunities of prosperity for all, but just for a few dozen privileged people. Everyone else has to work and pay bills for a lifetime. The irony of this kind of a sick society is that the real and cruel truth was never told to us:  the opportunities are just for a few and everyone strugles for a lifetime for those few opportunities and those ones who can not win this unfair fight, end up in the streets, with no job, no shelter, no money, no hope, no citizenship. But this is not of your concern, once you have a good job, a shelter, a family and some money to spend in futile things. This is wilful ignorance.

downloadLost hope

So many people commit suicide, all around the world, in a rate of one person at each forty seconds, more than one person a minute. This is almost 800 thousand people every year. The number varies from one year to another, sometimes it reaches one million people in a year. Most suicidal people desperately want to live, but they have lost all hope. Why? Most suicidal people give definite warning signals of their suicidal intentions, but others are often unaware of the significance of these warnings or unsure what to do about434323e88c6aff453cc46edee4bdbfeb them. Suicide is preventable. Most suicidal people desperately want to live; they are just unable to see alternatives to their problems. Talking about suicide does not cause someone to become suicidal. It actually helps to talk about suicide, and the feelings and thoughts behind it. Surviving family members not only suffer the loss of a loved one to suicide, but are also themselves at higher risk of suicide and emotional problems. If you identify someone next to you as a potential suicidal, make an special effort to save a life. Wilful ignorance is the worst attitude. Be human, save a life.

P.S. Some phrases above were excerpted from the following article:

What I (wish to) see ahead, not only for 2017, but forever

No more child slavery, no more youth slavery, no more slavery at all. No more female genital mutilation, no more profit headed wars, no more pople being kidnaped or disapearing without a trace. A word where we can live in real freedom. A world without homeless people hopelessly living in the streets. A world where people don’t need to faithlessly kill themselves. A world where we can raise our children with no fear. Is this utopia? No. It is quite possible. We just need to face the problems, instead of wilful ignore them. We just need to become more conscious of our own power to change the world. We can’t defend ourselves from threats that we don’t even know to exist. Do what is at your fingertips in 2017. Make 2017 not a new year, not an ordinary year, but the first year of a new period of achievements for us humans.

Eduardo Silva


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