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DSCF0506.resizedEduardo Silva

(Eduardo Pereira da Silva)

I was born in São Paulo/SP in 1959 where I lived until the age of five. For professional needs of my father, I went to Chapecó/SC in 1965 where I lived for nearly three years. In early 1968 I returned to São Paulo/SP where I stayed until 1995 In 1995 I returned to Chapecó/SC and since then, I have lived in several cities in southern Brazil: Jaraguá do Sul/SC, Guaramirim/SC, Joinville/SC, Paranaguá/PR, Pontal dochurrascoechimarrao Paraná/PR, currently living in Pontal do Paraná/PR. Photographer, electronics technician, industrial electrician, computer technician and now merchant trader in the area of photography. My father and mother are from southern Brazil, being the father from Bagé/RS, land of the International Barbecue Festival and the mother from Guaíba/RS, birthplace of the Farroupilha Revolution. Despite being born in São Paulo/SP, I have typical customs of Rio Grande do Sul. I like a good coffee, stylish São Paulo, strainer, strong, which flavor goes to the homes of neighbors, but also I like a good chimarrão(*) and a good barbecue, in the style of Rio café-2Grande do Sul. Since from an early age, I have always been an investigator, a researcher, a scholar. Almost all subjects interest me. Lately I’ve studied a lot about psychology. When reading my articles, you may think that I’m training the upper level, master’s, doctorate or some academic title. Not. I’ve Always been self-taught. Almost everything I know I learned alone and with much effort, much research, many hours of reading. Of course I did some courses and participated in some training, but none of them certifies me or gives me a higher level credentials. To learn more about my experience with the courses and training, read more in O QUE OS CURSOS E TREINAMENTOS NÃO ENSINAM.”cuia-de-chimarrao-personalizada-com-logo

(*) Chimarrão, or mate, is a typical drink of the Pampas region that includes part of Brazil, Uruguay and part of Argentina. It is a drink made of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) and that should be drunk hot. Very hot!

Important: I have observed that the number of accesses to that page comes up, which in a way is good because it shows that people who access my blog want to know who I am, my background, my education, my credentials, my professional experience or other information that identifies me. The blog now has more than thirty articles published in Portuguese and another fifteen published in English. The range of publications already spans more than 50 countries. For these reasons, I made some modifications to the content of this page, to better describe who I am and what I am. Some published articles also provide great information about me, for example:


automacao-industrialOccupational diversification

My professional life has been very diverse. One of my first jobs, at the age of twelve, was in a warehouse junkyard, separating materials. I’ve worked as Office-Boy, construction worker (electrician) and has also worked as self-employer as an electrician and as a salesman of electrical materials. I worked as an electronics technician in some large multinational companies such as Avon Products, Revlon Products, Bozzano, Embratel and I have also worked as a freelance for some other companies as Abbott Laboratories, Searle Laboratories and Perticamps Packaging, developing projects of industrial electronic automation.

jesus-6.cutNeither Religious nor Atheist

When reading my articles, the reader may think that I am an atheist. I’m not. I am also not religious. I decided not to follow any religion after belatedly understood the role played by religion in the control and manipulation of people. That does not make me better or worse than someone who follows a religion. My concept of God or deity goes far beyond those concepts which are imposed’ by religions. However, I respect the choice of people and my readers to follow a religion, whatever it may be. I am also not agnostic‘, though few know it, agnostic means against knowledge and this is not my case. In short, there is no label that applies to me. To understand a little better about my religious experience throughout life, see the article: UMA EXPERIÊNCIA RELIGIOSA

Lirio-Star-GazerPurpose of the Blog

This blog was created to be an extension of myself, my thoughts and opinions. Here I periodically will publish controversial articles related to philosophy, politics, economics, theology, etc. The main objective is to disseminate information to awaken the people of this hypnotic sleep in which we are living, this romantic view of life in which someone‘ will come and fix everything any day. The main intention is to tackle uncomfortable subjects and inconveniences such as: slave labor, sexual slavery, religious dictatorship, violence against women, economic system, structure of distraction and disinformation, targeted education that teaches nothing, psychology of mass manipulation, engineering of the consent, etc. When reading my articles, you can find pictures, concepts and opinions that can hurt emotional, philosophical, historical, scientific or religious principles.

Pyramids-voteIf you do not agree or are not comfortable with it, I strongly recommend you to not access the blog content.

But if you access, and after reading an article you want to comment, feel free. You can agree, disagree, may even combat the idea or concept, but can not deliver personal attacks on blog owner or other person who has visited this blog. Personal attacks and offensive comments will not be tolerated, will be summarily deleted. Treat your fellow blog as you wish to be treated. Concerning the sources, at the end of each post I will cite my sources of research, usually books in e-book format. If you are interested in reading any of the books, and are finding it difficult to get it, manifest it in the comments of the posts and I will gladly send free to your e-mail e-books for download.


By placing your comment, you invariably will be using an account (facebook, google, etc) and the email you used to create this account will appear in my editing area (administrative). Therefore, I have no trouble sending an e-book to your email. By accessing or not accessing other articles from my blog, welcome and thank you for your visit.


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  1. André

    Olá Edu.
    Há muito tempo acompanho seus comentários no Ovni Hoje.
    Gostaria muito de te fazer umas perguntas sobre um post que você fez recentemente sobre o carro com motorista preso ao sinto, poderia por gentileza me enviar um e-mail?

    Muito obrigado.

  2. Andreia

    Boa tarde! Necessito falar com você urgentemente,desculpe por escrever aqui, mas não encontrei outra forma de entrar em contato com você. obrigada. Andreia

  3. DORA


  4. Danilo Campos

    Muito Bom Dia,

    Eu estudo a Ufologia e tambem relacionada a espiritualidade e assuntos afins, tenho praticado o amor incondicional, fisica quantica, e me interessado em deixar a rede para viver off the grid, gostaria de indicações de artigos do Brasil, se existe alguma comunidade ou algum projeto neste âmbito.



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