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violencia_domestica1-Emotional and Psichic Violence

The everyday suffering of so many, inflicted to them by so few, has to stop! Every time a person hurts another one and says something next, the offended… Read more

deus_thumb[5]2-Mummy’s God

When we are still a little child, about three or four years old, is when we hear about God for the first time in our lives. At that time, we call this God as Mummy’s God, for a simple reason: mothers are usually not… Read more

bride-shrink3-Slavery Programming

The story of Creation (Garden of Eden) I will not tell the story here, because everyone already knows. What matters here are the psychological messages that are passed to the child upon hearing this story. This works as a program, which is implanted deep in the subconscious level of the child… Read more

 bar-da-boa14-Human Automation

See in this article how well placed advertising leads millions of people to a compulsive / obsessive behavior, whose main result is the rampant consumption of products that generate much higher profits for corporations. It all starts with theRead more

Sexual_slave15-Sexual Slavery Worldwide

A Dream that becomes a nightmare. This subject (slavery) is so vast that many posts are needed to scrutinize a little about it. Although many people think that slavery is a thing of ancient times, or in the case of Brazil, is a thing of the last century, the truth is that the thing is much more serious than you think. We think it’s okay, because much of the information that is released (or should be… Read more

0,,36210828,006-Female Genital Mutilation

When I made contact with this subject for the first time, many years ago, I thought it was just a cultural phenomenon restricted to a few tribes of any African country, that is, something small that would… Read more

pegadinhacarro17-Friends of women

Female psychology. After posting two articles talking about the violence being committed against the woman, now I’ll talk a little about how the woman (Western) is positioned in relation to men. With some humor, of… Read more

alienigenas_extra_terrestres8-The Great Mistake

So many people have faced a suchlike situation, so if you’ve got interested in reading this article, probably you have faced this too. You wake up in the night, aware, totally paralyzed, unable to move a muscle, breathing with extreme difficulty, taken by an absurdly… Read more

Irlanda do Norte, Barack Obama, Católicos, Protestantes-Fe-em-Jesus9-The Chief and The Shaman

Slaves from birth. People generally think that those who’rules’ are the governments. Certain mistake. Who really rules are the mega corporations. And citizens are mere property (slaves) of those companies, who see in the former, mere instruments of production… Read more

q-photo-we-the-people-american-constitution10-We The People!

Modern slavery. This is true, indeed, specially when who states that is the chairman of a big corporation. Corporations watch governments. Governments watch citizens. Citizens pay taxes to governments… Read more

11-Who Really Spoils Everything?voce-tem-culpa-de-que_TheWhiteLight

It is not humanity that has always made shit. Humanity is currently composed of about 7 billion and… Read more

programmed-to-die12-Programmed to Die

Continuing a previous post, SLAVERY PROGRAMMING, I’ll write a bit more about the people who received that basic programming, ie, that story called Garden of Eden“. This programming is usually inserted into the… Read more

Maquiavel13-Divide to Reign

Who wins? Who loses? This is the main objective of the ‘system’. Create dichotomies, opposing… Read more

TROLL14-Games People Play

To better understand this issue, we have to know what are ego states. In a normal human being, anyone, any nationality, language, or culture, there are always three ego states. Parent, Adult and Child. Parents… Read more

luz-e-trevas15-Light and Darkness

Prime Directive x Power Since I was a child I hear a statement, usually made by fanatical religious people who do not think and do not make use of reason: The Master will return.” When he comes back, there will… Read more

jesus-416-The Grand Master

I pondered long before writing about this topic because it is something very delicate since it involves values and beliefs that affect the vast majority of people in the Western world, and there are already too many supporters in most eastern countries. I will try to put myRead more 

30-willful-ignorance17-Unguarded Entries

Propaganda is the weapon’ of business! There are many unprotected entries in the human mind and they can be accessed at various levels. One of these ways is the use of archetypes. Images, sounds, situations and pre-existing conditions that are easily recognized by our… Read more

destaque-300x19918-The Mustard Seed

Awakening Awareness. Much has been said about awakening’ of humanity about humanity wake up and realize that is inserted into an exploitative and enslaving system, where only a small portion ofRead more

assedio-moral219-The Drama Triangle

The Karpman Drama Triangle. To write on this subject, I did some research on the internet and to my luck, I found a very well written, very didactic and instructive text about how toxic can be the relationships between… Read more

oamordolírio20-Where do Our Children Go To?

Human sacrifices. This is not a text of mine. This entry was transcribed (and translated into English) in full from the blog whose link is below. I make this publication for spreading this information as much as possible. Cages full of children trapped like birds that can not defend themselves. The catch is made during the day. Use the appeal of false friendship. I suppose you know that children do not have the slightest responsibility for what happens to themselves. There is no karmic record that could support the… Read more

Templo-Salomao-IURD21-The Fascist State

First of all, it is neccessary to define what fascism is. Acording to Wikipedia, Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy in… read more

reptilian-bain22-R-Complex (Reptilian Brain)

Reptilian Brain is the most primitive part of our brain. It is responsible by most of what happens (90% average) in our body and mind in our daily activities as well as our relation with the environment … read more

Brecht glasses23-Bertold Brecht (Dual Language)

I have nothing to do with this! “First of all, they came to take the gypsies and I was happy because they pilfered. Then they came to take the Jews and I said nothing, because they were unpleasant to me. Then they came to take homosexuals, and I was relieved, because they were annoying me. Then they came to take theRead more

balao-airship24-Wind of Change

Spending no fuel, paying no toll, going wherever you want! This is the first article I write to talk about something that I have devoted myself since my youth: Technology. What I will propose is somewhat strange to many people, even those who deal daily with technology, designs and inventions. But this is… Read more

macaquinho-doente25-Lilly Experiment

The structure of sexual repression. Reich and Lilly, led in the early years of the 50, experiments that led to amazing discoveries about human sexuality. We know that they lived and worked at the same time and in the same country, but it is unclear whether one even has aknowledge the work of the other and vice versa, due to the fact that the entireRead more

john-forbes-nash26-Adam Smith versus John Nash

Social Engineering. In 1776 Adam Smith writes The Wealth of Nations “with the theory of the invisible hand that regulates everything on the planet. But Adam Smith did not become with it, only the father of modern economics with the emergence of social Darwinism that where such invisible hand that regulates everything” was the setting for the poor, blacks and women somehowRead more

Elite227-Conspiracies. Do They Exist?

LESS THAN THOUSAND PEOPLE CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD. (And they are the holders of 90% of all the assets and wealth of the world). They are the “owners” of the planet and therefore all that is within the limits of ‘ownership’ of them belongs to them, and that includes the seven billion human. “They” shared the planet… Read more

received_52225685458673728-Crimes Against Humanity (Financial System)

Creating inflation. When a bank lends a sum ten times using the same warranty, this is a crime in both instances. It is a common crime (larceny, unfaithful trustee) and is a crime against humanity, as this procedure inflates the market, devalues the currency and forces the… Read more

IMG_2620-cut229-Babel (Dual Language)

A tower to reach heaven. Marduk had been cut out of the most choice domains. Brooding over his losses, he decided to take a little covert action and conceived a plan to use the Lulus against the other gods. Performing austerities – intense focusing disciplines – Marduk activated his cobra-like will. Using cristal and frequency beams, he placed thought forms into the receptive… Read more

BURN-Paonia-jtthomasphotography-200330-Living Off-Grid (Dual Language)

While appearing more and more self sustainable communities in various parts of the world, much more the System tries to repress them and discourage them, sometimes using force and brutality by false accusations of illicit activities in these communities, now using the available laws of theRead more

poussin-amalekites31-A Tale Read as it Should be

Early human writers often portrayed mankind’s Custodial “gods” as bloodthirsty creatures prone to excessive violence. Sadly, those lamentable qualities did not improve with Jehovah. During the trek from Egypt to the Promised Land, Jehovah demanded unflagging obedience from the Hebrews. Many humans rebelled and Jehovah reacted with extreme cruelty. Jehovah reportedly killed up to 14,000 Hebrews at a time for disobedience. He used a variety of killing … Read more