Human sacrifices

This is not a text of mine. This entry was transcribed (and translated into English) in full from the blog whose link is below. I make this publication for spreading this information as much as possible.


oamordolírioCages full of children trapped like birds that can not defend themselves. The catch is made during the day. Use the appeal of false friendship. I suppose you know that children do not have the slightest responsibility for what happens to themselves. There is no karmic record that could support the argument that they are paying for something they did in the past. There is a lot of panic from these children. An unlimited fear. I can feel all the reaction in their bodies. The adrenaline running through the body, tension, rapid heartbeat. It seems that the hosts are very fond of it. They feel delighted with such a reaction. They feed on effluvia leaving form these children as we feed from water and food. They have an extremely refined sensibility. It’s like they have a lot of experience in what they do. For them no matter how the child is physically, but what it can provide energetically“. The more panic and fear better because it is food in greater quantity and quality. The most scared ones are the most tortured. The higher the torture the greater is food as the emanation of fear. Incredibly, they do not care about the pain. Incidentally, this is not what makes them move.

desaparecidos(1)If the child is stronger and exudes little afraid, it gets them less attention and for this child‘s death is quick. Usually, it is killed with a few hammer blows to the skull and now yes there is a lot of hate emanating from these satanic beings because for them this child did not serve the purpose. For them this child is a waste of time without end. Children who demonstrate they are the “weaker” so to speak, are seen as true gifts of the gods. And for these tortures have well developed refinements. Indeed these beings have real worship for these kids. They do not hate. Actually they feel for these children some sort of sick thrill of negative feedback. They are so strongly convinced that children are food as there is a strong belief that animals and fruits are food for us. So there is no feeling of guilt or remorse for what they do.

oamordolírioThe first torture is leaving them trapped. Always at the same time, nine brothers”, that’s how they see themselves, as brothers, go to jail of children, and recite the opening words. Consecrate to the gods the chosen children and thank for the food. They put clay on the eyes of the children and recite words that they have magical powers. They ask that children do not see more light but only darkness. They ask that they be victorious in this mission. They are receptacles of panic and fear in the world. I repeat: they are receptacles of panic and fear in the world. There is a great excitement in this rite at this very moment. Because children really panic and there is much weeping. The more panic most food and distorted force to these beings.

desaparecidas(3)Gigantic waves of panic of mankind unite by resonance to the waves of small children. They are pickup antennae. It is curious how they capture, intercept and store this emotion of fear and terror. The excitement comes in the form of feeling by the basic hakra. It is the reverse process of enlightenment when all chakras open like a flower. In this case, the chakras, if we may call it, of these beings, are systems captors of dark energy. They pick up, as said, fear and terror by the first chakra, the basic, and this feeling is very happy and horny. So they are encouraged to make such rites as well. First as a matter of survival, food, and second by pleasure and lust that it generates. After they capture this energy for basic mental pathway they store this energy in receptacles. So they can nourish themselves from this food if necessary.

oamordolírioThe energy is dark, sticky and shapeless. Vibrates and gets stored, but has a duration of 90 days. After this period it no longer serves. When children start crying, which is unbearable for them, not because they feel pity, but by pure feeling of annoyance, then this instant clay is placed in the mouth also of children, along with a tape. When children urinate, the urine is received with feelings of contentment and gratitude. Children nine in number are taken for the rite. There is a circle drawn on the floor. They are placed in this circle. In the center of the circle there dead birds in containers filled with blood. The stench is stunning, but it seems they are already used to it. The clay is taken from the children’s eyes so they can see. At this moment they become paralyzed and it seems that this sentiment was already anticipated. It’s like they know exactly what the kids will emanate step by step during the rite. The blood seems to acquire a specific shape and energy for them this time is greatly celebrated. They rejoice with a sense of paralysis. At this moment one of the members brings a basket full of live black rats. Children are trapped by the legs in straps so they do not run. The rats are sacrificed nine in number, one for each child. First cut the abdomen, then the heart and finally the head. This is the solar plexus, the heart and the crown. Attacked and disabled.

desaparecidas-EUAThe blood of rats is passed in the belly, the heart and the crown of each child. They will kill them! Each is placed in a sort of concave seat. The feet remain stuck in the ground and now the hands are stuck in the chair. It’s all done with a lot of concentration as if each step was extremely important to be followed. A being is positioned in front of each child. Songs are sung in consecration for food. There is a synchronicity in their gestures. Everyone does everything the same way and at the same time. First the child’s abdomen is opened. The blood is very celebrated, appreciated and adored. The whole time they sing and thank for that moment of extreme pleasure and joy. The gods are happy with them. This is the most shocking. There is no question for them of doing something permissible. There is a great wave of pleasure that invade them all by basic chakra. Then is given a blow to the chest and the heart is torn still hot and hold in hands. The feeling of pleasure is extremely brutal. The blood, heart, horny. This instant boner waves unite them and that becomes gigantic and again they capture those waves and put them in containers to store them.

oamordolírioThe horny waves are very individuals. It is as if they had a unique and distinguished record as the mark of our digital that is single. Horny waves they use are those that have no record of coupled love. It’s hard to describe, but it is what I feel. They are waves with different shapes. Therefore, Líria insists in mention that we are sacred and that sex is sacred. Because this conception generates a different wavelength form that can not be used by them. Libido waves used by them are those produced by sexual act devoid of love and afect or waves produced by the sexual act arising torture as: sadomasochism, rape, feeling of rejection by one of his companions, when one wants intercourse and the other does not. It is very important to get these details, because with our thoughts and feelings about the sex act we can help or not children, since ultimately we feed or not such beings. When finally children’s heads are cut, they are placed on a rotating wheel. They place a kind of liquid so that the heads do not decompose quickly. For nine days they will prayers“. Every day the wheel is turned and the head of one of the children is at the top of the wheel.

desaparecidos(2)At the end of nine days, the heads are placed on the floor in a circle and are burned. Then the cycle begins again. There are many types of rituals. This what has been described is only one of them. And from what I understand one of the strongest. The only way we end this is to expand consciousness. It is vibrate in love. It is explain to everyone that we are all interconnected. What we do to others we do to ourselves. The only way we end this, is invading the world with the wave of Unity. The Whole. Love. Unification. Behold the Mandala of Love Lily. Express intention of being swamped by the love of God. Express the desire to send love to all children. Send love to all beings without judgment. Share the thought form of Love and Light. Be aware of your choices. Be attentive. Choose wisely what you will read, watch, listen. The intent of the negative is so clear, manipulate, manipulate, manipulate. Be conscious every second. Protect your thoughts and your emotions. At the slightest sign of negativity, drive away the first thought, the first word and the first emotion that negatively vibrate. Do not entertain negative. The first negative thought generates the first feeling of fear and fear breeds panic, and panic is selffeeder for satanic forces. Use the tools that support Conscious Love. Do not allow yourselves to get into the energies of fear, panic and depression. Seek to love all children who you meet. Look directly at their eyes and emanate love for them. Emit vibration of love and security also for your own inner children. Redeem your children with love and sweetness. Do not be hard with yourselves, be aware. Do whatever you can to evolve. Expand awareness in the energy of love. Only then you will succeed in changing your reality. It is time the Love of Lily manifest among you and change the sad and awful reality of these children.


mabelMabel Cristina Dias 19 de dezembro de 2012 12:12 (transcribed Comment)

Some have said: This is too heavy to talk! Some stood up when the teacher‘s lecture touched on the subject of human sacrifice. Will it be less burdensome not know the reality and therefore not having to stand by the facts? If our children and grandchildren were the next victims then yes, we cry out for justice? While problems do not knock on our doors is more comfortable criticizing those who denounce and mainly propose a solution to the problem. How the values of certain people are reversed! Revolt against those who do something similar and omit by front of the suffering of children, women, animals, because “it’s not our problem, we can do nothing against it,” this can not be true blah, blah blah. Go to Spiritualist church or center once a week makes no difference to the Creator, if there is no love in our hearts and coherent action. Mabel

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