mapa_mutilacao620When being born  as a woman is the worst punishment

When I made contact with this subject for the first time, many years ago, I thought it was just a cultural phenomenon restricted to a few tribes of any African country, that is, something small that would eventually disappear with time and the modernization of the world. But this is the role of the mass media: makeup or manipulate information so that it becomes less harmful to the viewer. There are even cases in which information is withheld.

11043080_704951989615832_1477422616555520812_nGOOD NEWS!

Last Week, May 2015 – A week to be remembered. A powerful sign has been sent to twenty six other African Nations where this practice remains prevalent. Still a little step to Africa, but a big step for all the women and humanity. Still too much to be done, a long journey indeed, but the first step was taken. See complete article in the link below:


Eduardo Lbm

0,,36210828,00A little girl every four minutes

I did a search and could not find reliable figures, but it is estimated that a little girl is mutilated every four minutes. This totals something like one hundred and thirty thousand little girls per year, but there are other sources that show much higher numbers. I will not here go into details on the subject, because there is a wealth of material on the Internet for the reader to do their own research. What I will do in this post is to question the reason for such cruelty and what are the roots of it.

8861496_Fe7YPMutilated by their own mothers

How such a fool and stupid procedure like this remains practiced so long and will continue to be practiced still for much longer? What is the physical, psychological, philosophical or religious mechanism that perpetuates this practice? Exactly the same that perpetuates the practice of telling the story of the Garden of Eden for children aged three, four or five years old in our Western culture. This mechanism is called tradition. Your grandfather told the story to your father, who told it to you, you told it to your child and your child will tell it to your grandson and so on. They are not outsiders or strangers who do this. They are fathers, mothers, uncles, grandparents, older siblings That is, they are people of the highest degree of affective and emotional confidence. Over there in their culture, who mutilates little girls are their own mothers, aunts, grandmothers … Quite right the people who are supposed to give love, care and protection. And they say to their daughters it must be so because it is good, because if it is not done that way they do not marry and they will be lost, etc., etc. A clear social and psychological message is passed to the child with this practice. The message is:

Here you do not have love, care or protection, no one to trust or to lean

muslim_marriageUnpacking the merchandise

What about the man who grows and lives in such a culture, how he experiences this? It’s obvious he does not know what is love, affection or protection. When he grows up, he will take a woman who has been crippled (if not crippled, not serving) and will rape her every day for the rest of her life. Yes, rape, literally, because on the first night he will have to cut the labia that were sewn when the girl was four years old and are now somewhat healed. For this, it uses a kitchen knife. Yes, a kitchen knife, without any care or hygiene, after all it is a commodity that needs to be unpacked in order to be used.

estuproContinued rape

What the notion of sex, this man has, if he make sex with a woman who feels nothing, who does not show him any feedback? This is the same as a rape. A continued rape. How that father will educate their children? What kind of values ​​will he pass on? How that mother will educate their sons? How will she educate the girls? If she has a daughter, as soon as the little girl grows a bit, she herself will mutilate her as they did the same with her, thus helping to perpetuate this practice. It is not a rapist, a pervert or a psychopath who does it with the little girl. It is her own mother!

 Note: the following video contains strong images. If you are very sensitive, do not watch it!

20circ6 2Enslaving a population

Over there they practice physical violence to infringe on women (and by extension the entire family) a sexual, psychological and emotional repression. It is a way of enslaving an entire population and blocking or delaying its social development, because this practice is endorsed by local religious leaders, rulers, etc.. Here (in the West) we are more evolved. We do not practice this kind of physical violence. Here we practice onlytrabalho-escravo the emotional and psychological violence: We tell a story. The final result is pretty much the same: sexual, psychological and emotional repression. So they enslave an entire population, preventing it from fully develop. Over there the practice of mutilation has no religious foundation, just traditional. Nobody dares to question precisely why: tradition. Here, the practice of telling a story, and so insidiously insert a slave program in the subconscious of the child, has a religious foundation. And, likewise, nobody dares to question because it is a belief system. And to give support to this practice, we use a very strong argument:

Should not tinker with beliefs!

Translation: we should never solve problems“, because, solving problems means freeing slaves and it is not convenient for a system based on profit and whose maintainers get their obscene profits in exactly the ignorance and incapacity of questioning of people and their incredible susceptibility to the manipulation and control (see my previous posts, HUMAN AUTOMATION and SLAVERY PROGRAMMING“.

 People who dLirio-Star-Gazero not respect women, are, on the evolutionary scale, below the barbarism

Author’s note: Whenever I review or add something to this article, I feel ashamed to be inhabitant of this planet and know that this kind of thing happens daily with our young girls, our sisters, who later will be our women, our mothers, our grandmothers. What kind of barbarians are capable of enslaving, mutilating and even killing a woman, regarding that we are all born of a woman?

I recommend you, reader, if you have not read it yet, read the other articles of this blog, because the main objective of those is the awakening of consciousness in people. Recommend to your friends. Feel free to share this widely by all means at your disposal.


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